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Anytime Fitness, 111 Sparkleberry Crossing: mid 2014   no comments

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This Sparkleberry Crossing gym is listed in the 2014 phonebook, but not the 2015 one, so it must have closed before listings closed. I'm guessing mid-year. One online review notes that it was nice because there were no crowds. That can be a double-edged sword unfortunately.

Written by ted on March 19th, 2015

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The Little Gym, 2005 Beltline Boulevard: 21 October 2014 (moved)   2 comments

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Kids' exercise and gymnastics center The Little Gym has moved out of the suite on Beltline adjacent to the old Sulley's and over to the Sounds Familiar location on Rosewood. As of today, they are open:





New LIfe Fitness World, 110 New Life Fitness Drive, 31 December 2013   no comments

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I believe this is the final New Life Fitness World closing, after this, this, and this.

As the Two Notch and Irmo locations favored each other, so this location, off of Hardscrabble near Clemson, favors the Lexington site, right down to the tattered flag atop semi-circular entryway. LoopNet has a nice aerial view of the property, which as of yet is still fully equipped as a gym.

Attractive as the building is, you have to wonder how the next tenant will feel about being on New Life Fitness Drive..

Written by ted on April 10th, 2014

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New Life Fitness World, 265 Charter Oak Court: 31 December 2013   3 comments

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Well, the post on the Irmo location seems to have gotten a bit of traction today, so why not make a clean breast of it and post the final one?

The Lexington New Life Fitness World is off of Charter Oak Road, which connects US-1 and US-378 which are more or less parallel at that point. The gym is on a little court that seems to have some sort of failed building showcase on it, which I may post another day, though it is well behind the set of empty foundations.

This building is done in a completely different style than the other two, and seems to have had at least one other business co-located inside. There is something rather sad about the forlorn swim-noodles.

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Written by ted on January 27th, 2014

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New Life Fitness World, 7000 Saint Andrews Rd: 31 December 2013   8 comments

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Comparing the Irmo New Life Fitness World with the Two Notch one, you can see that the chain had a well defined aesthetic.

It's also quite a large building, and presumably mostly hollow in the middle. It's hard to think what could go in there without extensive remodeling. (Recall that Columbia Athletic Club had to be completely gutted to become Trader Joe's).

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Written by ted on January 24th, 2014

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New Life Fitness World, 8911 Two Notch Road: 31 December 2013   1 comment

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I first wrote about this lot in the closing for North 1 Drive-In, a location that had a certain notoriety amongst teenage boys. Interestingly, the address given during the theater days is 8757, which is two blocks off of the current number. But then this was pretty much the boonies back then.

Not being a big exercise fan, what I constantly noticed about the New Life incarnation was the electronic banner on the top of their roadside sign. This normally ran a digital temperature reading, and it was never right -- Generally it wasn't even close.

Like Columbia Athletic Club before them, New Life has apparently lost the local battle against the (very fit) 500 pound gorilla that is Gold's Gym. Curiously, apparently the only New Life location remaining is in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

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Written by ted on January 16th, 2014

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Curves, 6030 Saint Andrews Road Suite G/H: 2011 (moved)   24 comments

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Women's gym Curves moved out of this little strip just past Piney Grove Road sometime in 2011, to set up shop down the street at Seven Oaks Shopping Center (6169 Saint Andrews Road). As of last week, I believe this storefront was still empty.

Update 26 January 2014 -- The new location:



Written by ted on October 10th, 2013

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Ultimate Fitness, 1603 Broad River Road: Early 2012   2 comments

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This 24 hour gym was in Boozer Shopping Center on the Bush River Road side just a few slots down from Dunkin' Robbins. This is not too far away from the former Curves gym on Colonial Life Boulevard.

Written by ted on September 7th, 2012

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Piggly Wiggly / Harris Teeter, 9710 Two Notch Road: 2000s   31 comments

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LoopNet says this store was once a Piggly Wiggly, but it's the Harris Teeter label-scar most visible on the side of the building next to CVS.

For some reason, I always get Harris Teeter and Winn Dixie confused, and I had it in my mind that HT had abandoned South Carolina when that was actually WD. However, it does appear that Harris Teeter has abandoned Columbia. Their store locator shows the closest location as being around Rock HIll.

Currently this whole plaza is mostly empty except for the CVS and some sort of bank back-office-looking building. That's a little surprising given that it serves Polo Road, which I tend to think of as an upscale area, and not really in line with the Food Lion which anchors the next plaza on Two Notch, on the other side of Polo.

UPDATE 27 February 2014 -- This is to be a Planet Fitness gym:







Written by ted on April 8th, 2011

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Brickyard Shopping Center (Old Timey Meat Market / Gold's Gym / Macarena's Mexican Buffett / Creel Tax Service / Howle & Howle / Donna Nails / Garrett's & O'Carroll's Grille & Bar / Boral Bricks Studio / Peddler's Porch / Check Into Cash / Don Pedro / etc), 9940 Two Notch Road: 4 June 2010   8 comments

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I wrote about this place before, or at least it's main building when I did a closing for Piggly Wiggly Store 62. After The Pig closed, the building became a Gold's Gym which with this demolition moves to the old Sofa Express slot at Sandhill (apparently with plans for the old Ashley Furniture Homestore storefront as well).

As of Sunday 20 June 2010, the site is in sort of an odd state. From the front it almost appears untouched, but most of the back side has already been completely gutted or torn down, leaving the facade as sort of a potemkin shopping center.

According to commenter "mg", Dick Smith Nissan will be locating here eventually.

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Written by ted on June 21st, 2010

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