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NBSC / Synovus Bank, 9370 Two Notch Road: Spring 2019   no comments

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Here's another de-branching, this one on Two Notch more or less across from Spring Valley. You can see the NBSC signage up at LoopNet, and I find the area description from RealtyTrac rather interesting:

For the surrounding community of Columbia, SC 29223, the nearby schools are above average and include Windsor Elementary, E L Wright Middle and Richland Northeast High. The overall crime risk for this area is slightly high with 4 criminal and sex offenders residing within 1 mile. The natural disaster risk for this area includes very low earthquake risk, very high tornado risk, and minimal flood risk.

Written by ted on May 16th, 2019

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Russell & Jeffcoat / Coldwell Banker, 5599 Sunset Boulevard: 2018   no comments

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LoopNet says this old Russell & Jeffcoat building is off the market, but there was still a real estate sign out front when I drove by a few weeks ago. These buildings have such a distinctive look that it always seems odd to see non Russell & Jeffcoat tenants in them.

Written by ted on April 26th, 2019

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Jiffy Lube, 2121 Broad River Road: March 2019   no comments

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I was going the wrong way to get into the parking lot when I noticed this Broad River Road Jiffy Lube was closed, so these pictures are shot from a distance and against the sun, but the building looks exactly as you would expect.

This location is directly across the Intersection Center entrance from the Church's Chicken which recently closed and re-opened.

I've been to Jiffy Lube (though not this one) a number of times with no problem, but recently I have found I like the faster places like Express for simple oil changes.

Written by ted on April 23rd, 2019

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Auto Money Title Loans, 700 Crowson Road: 4 October 2015   no comments

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Many of these pictures were originally part of my Great Flood of 2015 entry Devine / Crowson / Fort Jackson Boulevard. I have decided to break the Auto Money Title Loans building (and later the Subway) out as separate posts to make them easier to find in the future as these two building, along, and even moreso, with the TitleMax building have become somewhat iconic images of the flood. The old posts will remain, and some photos are duplicated.

Anyway, both of these buildings sat on the bank of Gills Creek and in the 1000 Year Flood were filled with water up to the roofs. In addition the creek bank under the backs of the buildings was undermined to the point that with everything, the buildings were total losses.

21 October 2015:

Here we see the buildings a couple of weeks after the flood, when I got back to town from the beach and the roads were open enough for me to go picture taking.






19 June 2018:

Here both buildings have been fenced off, but have not yet been torn down as the FEMA process was still ongoing.


13 March 2019:

Here the Subway has been taken down, and the Title Loans building is next up.


18 March 2019:

Here are some driveby photos of the Title Loans building coming down.







28 March 2019:

Here is the current vacant state of the lot. The Free Times says:

"After extensive information gathering and a lengthy application process to FEMA, the city received Hazard Mitigation Grant Program assistance from FEMA to purchase afflicted homes and the former Title Loan property," a police department release said. "In purchasing the properties with federal grant funds, the city is required to demolish the structures in accordance with FEMA’s conditions, and return the land to green space in perpetuity."

That link also has a good picture of the pre-demolition state of the back side of both buildings.


Wells Fargo, 3500 Forest Drive: March 2019   5 comments

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The de-branching of American banks continues with this Wells Fargo location at the southeast corner of Forest Drive and Beltline Boulevard being the latest example to feature here.

I had actually been inside this bank, as my sister and I took care of some shared business there. It was what you would expect, and a perfectably acceptable experience. The place is also actually a little easier to get in and out of than you would think, as there is a back exit to a road paralleling Forest drive behind the mirror buildings that brings you back out at a more convenient location.

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

UPDATE 1 May 2019: Updated tags.

Written by ted on March 25th, 2019

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Bodysmith Fitness, 2110 Clemson Road: 2018   no comments

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Bodysmith was the follow-on operation in this former Food Lion plaza to Blockbuster Video. Now the whole strip is being upfitted, and I believe someone said a Planet Fitness will be going in. At any rate, Bodysmith is gone with all the other tenants (if any were left). It appears that there are other Bodysmith locations in the area, but it's not clear to me if this location moved.

Written by ted on February 18th, 2019

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Merritt Veterinary Supplies, 1520 Pineview Road: 2017   no comments

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I noticed this empty building on Pineview a few weeks back. It turns out to have been Merritt Veterinary Supplies which was a Columbia based company:

Merritt is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, and was founded in 1938 by veterinarian Dr. Lloyd Merritt and his wife. Merritt has about 150 employees and offers a comprehensive line of products, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and equipment, some on an exclusive basis.

Merritt was bought last year by Henry Schein with the purchase finalizing in October 2017. I'm guessing the local office closed not long after that. Currently the building is vacant, but has been sold, so perhaps something else will be coming in soon.

Written by ted on November 12th, 2018

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Ultra Tan, 7546 Garners Ferry Road Suite 600F: 2016   no comments

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I think my dermatologist would prefer I dig a tunnel to the mailbox and not come out into the sunlight at all, so I have never really understood the allure of tanning studios, but there are still a number of them around. This one is next to the former Springleaf Financial Serveices at Garners Ferry Crossing, and you can see it in operation in the first picture above. They listed in the Feb 2016 phonebook, but not more recently, so I'm guessing this storefront has now been vacant for at at least two years. (And the same plaza Hibachi Grill P&G Buffet has now been vacant over five years.)

Springleaf Financial Services, 7546 Garners Ferry Road Suite 500-E: 2018   no comments

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This storefront in Garners Ferry Crossing was once Springleaf Financial Services, as you can see in the first picture (especially if you click through to the large version). At some point recently, Springleaf was acquired by One Main Financial, at which point it seems they consolidated offices leaving a vacancy here. (Actually there are two adjacent vacancies at this time; I'll do the other one at some point).

Distinguished Gentlemen Barbers, Dutch Square: 2018 (moved)   no comments

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I noticed this empty storefront recently when I turned into the parking lot here to fiddle with the stereo.

Distinguished Gentlemen was the follow-on operation to Baskin Robbins in this outside-access-only Dutch Square storefront. I believe they were setting up shop here in 2011 when I made that post. Now, if I am drawing the right conclusions from what google is telling me, they have moved to the church complex in the old Intersection Center as Frontliners at 118 Diamond Lane, Suite 17C.

The first picture amuses me a bit when I see how small the Planet Fitness sign is compared to the behemoth Belk's building they moved into.

Written by ted on September 27th, 2018

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