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Sears, Columbia Mall: September 2017   25 comments

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As I remarked to my sister, they have been closing this store for years. You could say it started when they did away with the roasted nuts counter, part of the classic heritage that had followed them from Harden Street, but that half-joking aside, it was really apparent in recent years that the store was being hollowed out: there was less and less stock, and more and more empty space. It never got as bad as Belk at Dutch Square with a whole floor abandoned, but it was impossible not to notice. Then, several years ago, they decided it wasn't worth keeping the store open for all the hours that the mall was, and you'd find the mall doors drawn during normal business hours. This year, Sears as a whole finally put Going Concern language in their financial report, and when the latest list of store closings came out, I can't imagine anyone was surprised to see this store on it.

The closing of Sears will leave Columbia Mall with only one anchor store, and Macy's isn't looking that robust either lately.

Written by ted on June 23rd, 2017

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Bank of America, 7373 Two Notch Road: Spring 2017   no comments

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I've always thought it odd that there were two Bank of America locations on Two Notch so close to each other. This one is on the west side of O'Neil Court, and the other is at 7405 on the east side of O'Neil Court (and in the Lowe's parking lot).

Apparently they have recently regularized the situation by closing this one down, with the exception of ATM service. It's not clear to me if two ATMs will remain on the lot. The day I noticed that the drive-through lanes were closed and took these pictures, something was going on at the "back" ATM and access to its drive-up lane was blocked though the machine appeared to be running.

The lot itself is fairly big, and opens on both Two Notch and O'Neil Court -- I can't imagine that they plan to leave it vacant with just ATM(s) for long. I expect they will put it on the market at some point.

Written by ted on June 6th, 2017

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Applebee's, 245 O'Neil Court: 12 March 2017   8 comments

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I like Applebee's pretty well. For a late night burger, it's one of the better options, and they usually actually cook them "well done" when I ask.

We used to go to this particular Applebee's store fairly frequently for Sunday lunch years ago. Then there was a period where it had a 'B' or 'C' rating and fell off our list. They fixed that, but we had mostly moved on. The last time I can specifically recall eating here, was during one of the most torrential downpours I had ever seen. We asked for, and got, permission to leave through the side door as it was much closer to the car.

Speaking of rains, I believe this store was badly beset by the October 2015 flood, so it rather surprises me that they have closed it after recently putting so much money into it to get it open again. According to the note on the door, which I will post when I get my daytime pictures uploaded, this store has the same ownership as the one out Two Notch towards Sparkleberry (and which I eat at probably once a month or so) and the one on Killian Road, and those are still open.

Appropos to none of this, specifically, one of the more funny and surreal dining experiences I ever had was at an Applebee's in Florence when the kitchen had stopped talking to the servers and only the bartender was on speaking terms with both sides and ended up passing orders and tense communications back and forth.

(Hat tip to commenter JB2)

UPDATE 21 March 2017 -- As mentioned, the daylight pix:









Written by ted on March 20th, 2017

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Bi-Lo, 2230 Decker Boulevard: 15 November 2016 (reflagged)   8 comments

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Not long after closing the Forest Drive store, Bi-Lo continues to make changes in the Columbia market. As mentioned by commenter James R, and explained in this State story, three of Columbia's Bi-Lo's are being reflagged as Harveys. That brand is still associated with the chain, but targets a more value-conscious shopper. To me it seems a little awkward to admit your flagship stores aren't value-conscious, but there you go.

This store in High Point On Decker is already fully converted, with a new facade and even a marquee on the High Point street sign tower. Though I could have sworn I drove that stretch very recently without noticing any work.

According to The State, the other two local stores switching over are the one at the top of Saint Andrews Road and the one, which I can't bring to mind at all, on Monticello Road.

(Hat tip to commenter James R)

Written by ted on November 18th, 2016

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Kings Kingdom Ministry Worldwide, 2205 Decker Boulevard Suite C: 2014   1 comment

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I noticed this empty storefront on Decker the other day. Judging from their Facebook page, it seems this church may have wrapped up operations in 2014, although the door sign suggests it might have been as recently as last month.

Written by ted on October 12th, 2016

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Image 360, 7364 Two Notch Road: 2016 (moved)   no comments

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I noticed this weekend that sign and wrap store Image 360 is no longer in their Northeast location in Tillman's Plaza. Actually, I don't ever recall seeing the storefront before open or not, but then I've not been in the market for any signs.

They appear to have moved to 6904 North Main Street.

Written by ted on October 10th, 2016

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Nic & Pic Gift Shop, 1945 Decker Boulevard Suite 22: 2013 (?)   no comments

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It appears to me that this litle gift basket shop in one of the many strip malls on Decker is gone. According to a probably no longer available cached page, it was a mother/daughter operation specializing in gift baskets, trinkets and keep sakes.

The follow-on operation is Superior Scentz.

Written by ted on October 3rd, 2016

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Ride Solutions, 1509 Percival Road: 2015(?)   no comments

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Ride Solutions was the follow-on operation (after the building was vacant for a good while) to Dentsville Auto Upholstery. I'm not exactly sure what Ride Solutions was -- it sounds like a used car dealer, but I don't recall ever seeing many cars out front, so perhaps it was a garage. At any rate, I noticed the other day that it is closed, and judging from the grass growth, seems to have been for a while.

UPDATE 6 October 2016 -- Here are some shots I just dug up of the place in operation:




Written by ted on September 29th, 2016

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Budget Mobile, 6908 Two Notch Road Suite E: 2015   no comments

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This storefront is in the Two Notch strip mall that almost abuts Best Buy. I've always thought it was a little curious that Best Buy never worked out some sort of deal to bring a lane around behind their building to get access to the traffic light here as they have none.

Anyway, this cellphone operation seems to have closed in 2015 judging from my phonebooks.

Written by ted on August 12th, 2016

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First Care / Palmetto Health USC, 2406 Decker Boulevard: 1 April 2016 (moved, changed)   no comments

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I'm not sure this started as a First Care but it has been that since at least 1997, and some sort of urgent care center since back into the 1980s. I remember I went there once while I was living in Fayetteville and was back in Columbia for the weekend -- it was efficient and effective. It sounds like they were caught up in the ongoing remaking of the health care industry.

Written by ted on July 14th, 2016

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