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Yogo Novus, 110 Clemson Road: May 2017   4 comments

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I used to eat frozen yogurt from time to time, but have pretty much quit. If I am getting a cold treat, I don't want a "fat free" anything, I want a "fat full" experience. Be that as it may, if froyo is your thing, it's not your thing here anymore.

(BTW, you always hear that the three most important words are 'I love you', but really it's 'Hot Doughnuts Now').

(Hat tip to commenter Mr. Hat)

Written by ted on May 18th, 2017

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Fujiya Japanese Restaurant, 4430 Rosewood Drive: April 2017   no comments

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Apparently I never got around to doing a formal closing, though I did mention it in one of the flood posts, but Sakura Japanese Restaurant has been closed since they lost their storefront behind Coplon's to the great flood of October 2015.

Now it seems that they will be making a comeback in the former location of Fujiya Japanese Restaurant at the foot of Rosewood Drive. The State has the story here.

Here is Sakura in operation at its old location:

and here are a few pictures from not long after the flood:

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

Written by ted on May 15th, 2017

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Northern Style Pizza, 7210 Broad River Road: Summer 2016   1 comment

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Northern Style Pizza replaced Touchdown's Wings & Things in this little Broad River Road endcap location, which had previously been a Sammi's Deli and probably a few other things before that.

The last Yelp review is from June of 2016, so I'm going with a "Summer 2016" closing date. The replacement operation, Papa Gio's, is also a pizza & Italian restaurant. Their sign says "Established 2007", so they must have moved here from another location, but not one I am familiar with.

Written by ted on May 8th, 2017

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D. L. McLaughlin's, 10400 Broad River Road: 29 April 2017   11 comments

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There's been a bit of speculation on Have Your Say about whether D. L. McLaughlin's in Irmo is closed or not. Judging from the signage on the building, both of the practical "For Sale" and the sentimental "Thanks for the memories" type, and adding in the Facebook page, I think I can say that it definitely is.

In the event, I think I only ate here once. I was a fan of the old Sub Cabin in West Columbia, and this was either the follow-on or sibling to that operation, but even though it was good, it was just too far for me to go.

Anyone know the story of the archer on the coat-of-arms?

Written by ted on May 8th, 2017

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Hard Rock Cafe, 1322 Celebrity Circle (Myrtle Beach): 1 October 2016 (moved)   1 comment

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Speaking of Myrtle Beach megastructures, one of the most iconic was knocked down last fall: The Hard Rock Cafe pyramid at Broadway At The Beach.

There are tons of articles about this online. Here's one about time time capsule, here's one about the final days, and here's one about the demolition. I've seen it claimed in more than one of them that nothing was wrong with the pyramid, but you have to wonder: to abandon such a well known landmark just seems odd if there were no pressing issue.

In the event, I only ate there once, probably a year or so after it opened, and to be frank, I remember very little about it -- just that I thought it was overpriced for a pretty standard burger given that sitting close to Joan Jett's pants or whatever didn't do much for me. Sort of like Planet Hollywood in that respect I guess.

The new location a few doors down opened on 7 October 2016, but I have not seen it yet.

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, 494 Town Center Place Suite 1: 8 April 2017   4 comments

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Ultimately I can't go regularly to any place that does not have fresh brewed ice tea. Somehow or other I ended up going to this Which Wich twice however. I forget what brought me back the second time -- perhaps I was thinking my subpar first experience was a fluke. In the event, they managed to get my order wrong both times, despite having a system based on minutely specifying orders in writing. That, along with the tea and the odd decor means this chain is just not a concept that's up my alley.

(Hat tip to commenter cheryl)

El Burrito, 934 Harden Street: 24 April 2017   1 comment

Posted at 11:53 pm in closing

Well, today was the final call at El Burrito on Harden Street. In the event, I think I only ate there once or twice. It was good, but somewhat out of the way, and I tend to go to places with parking lots. Still, 16 years is a good run for a restaurant, especially in Five Points, and they went out on top of their game.

The Free Times has an interview with owner Suzi Sheffield which talks about the early years and the history of the building (which was originally a twin to the much remodeled Schiano's on Forest Drive).

Apparently it is still up in the air whether the developer who bought this and neighboring buildings will raze and build or just re-purpose.

Written by ted on April 24th, 2017

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Harper's, 700 Harden Street: 19 April 2017   10 comments

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Well, this is a surprise. I had not eaten at Harper's more than four or five times over the years, but it was always perfectly fine. In fact, the last time I went, probably just a year or two ago after an absence of a dozen years or more, it seemed a good deal more upscale than I recalled. The dedicated parking lot was also a nice touch, as parking in Five Points can be a hassle.

Judging from the WLTX story flagged by commenter ED, the chain itself is OK, and continues in Charlotte & Greensboro, so there was apparently some issue specific to Columbia here.

It will be interesting to see what happens to this site.

(Hat tip to commenter ED)

Written by ted on April 19th, 2017

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Chef Aaron's Southern Cuisine, 1301 State Street: 2015(?)   2 comments

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This was the follow-on operation to J. Patrick's Southern Kitchen on State Street. I'm not quite sure when it closed as I can't find it in my phonebooks. After two similarly themed closings, perhaps this is just not a good location for a down home restaurant.

Written by ted on April 5th, 2017

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Hardee's / Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 825 Main Street: January 2017   16 comments

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For some reason I haven't had a Sandy-dog in years. Ever since I started working from home again, I figured one day I would drive down to main for lunch and do it, but someshow there always seemed to be a deadline or some urgent problem that would make me reluctant to go that far. I guess if I want to do it now, it'll have to be Broad River and on a weekend..

According to The State this Sandy's had been open since 1989. I believe that before that, it may have been a Hardee's though I'm not sure. It was some sort of fast food at any rate. This closing is a bit curious as in March 2016 The State was reporting that after a student housing scare they had just put a good bit of money into the building and planned to stay for the long haul, while by December 2016 they had sold the property to the USC Development Foundation.

You can see a good picture of the place in operation here.

UPDATE 18 April 2017: Added "Hardee's" to the post title. Apparently this was the Hardee's franchaise that later moved to the corner of Blossom & Assembly.

Written by ted on April 4th, 2017

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