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Burger King, 10030 Two Notch Road: late September 2011   19 comments

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Written by ted on September 30th, 2011

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Leonardo's Screen Printing & Embroidery: 1314 Leesburg Road: 2011 (moved)   no comments

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I was having lunch at The Pizza Palace a bit ago when I noticed that the storefront next door was vacant. Leonardo's is in this year's phonebook (February 2011) so I'm saying the move was this year (and I'm pretty sure it was still there a few months ago). I don't know anything about the custom clothing business, but I imagine that it has been another area impacted by the Internet as you can now upload your designs and get them delivered without leaving the house. (You can even have M&Ms custom printed!)

Written by ted on September 29th, 2011

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A Minor Mystery   3 comments

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And by that, I mean it's a mystery to *me*. I'm sure there was something in the paper or posted at Town Hall, or something, but it's the case that for the last year or so fire hydrants all over Forest Acres have been opened and spewing in the streets kind of at random. You'll be driving along on a dry day, and suddenly see a torrent headed for the nearest drainage grate and tracing backwards every time you'll find an open fire hydrant. I don't ever recall seeing that more than once in a blue moon until recently...

Written by ted on September 29th, 2011

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Palmetto Parent Magazine, 1624 Broad River Road: 2009 (moved)   1 comment

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I recently noticed this little strip on Broad River Road, a little north of Boozer Shopping Center and on the other side of the road. It is mostly offices and services rather than retail.

Palmetto Parent Magazine seems to have started here around 2007. They are still very much around and putting out magazines, with their current office being at 6027 Garners Ferry Road. I have to say I really like their covers.

Written by ted on September 28th, 2011

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STL Group / Surgiform Technologies / Polyeon: 610 Clemson Road: 2011   no comments

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I noticed this building on the East side of Clemson Road the other day as I was heading from I-20 to The Village at Sandhill. I'm not sure when all the various businesses left, but Surgiform Technologies is listed in this year's (February 2011) phonebook, so I'll say 2011. Surgiform, at least, has moved (to Lugoff) so the others may have as well.

It's a pretty bland, warehouse-like building, but I like the fact that someone nonetheless took the time and trouble to put of a birdhouse on a power pole by the road.

Written by ted on September 27th, 2011

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Dems House of Diamonds, 1601-B Broad River Road (Boozer Shopping Center): 2004 (moved)   no comments

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Dems House of Diamonds goes back to 1969, and I recall hearing the radio commercials constantly on WIS probably as early as the early 1970s. Of course there is no spelling on the radio, so I always got a kick out of them because, well, Diamonds are sparkly, not dim!. And then there was that whole mental image of a house made out of diamonds.. I guess it helps to be 11 to find all that funny.

I'm kind of surprised to notice that the store was right next to the old Book Dispensary as I went to that store constantly, and have no memory of Dems being there. I guess my eyes kind of slid right over anything jewelry related.

In 2004, Dems moved to 1068 Lake Murray Boulevard, where they are still open as Dems Fine Jewelers.

UPDATE 30 September 2011 -- Commenter Andrew sends this picture of the new Dems location on Lake Murray Boulevard:

Written by ted on September 26th, 2011

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Splendid China Buffet, 7461 Two Notch Road: September 2011   13 comments

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I've written about this building before in a closing for D'Lites / Miami Sub Grill. Splendid China Buffet has occupied the space since then, and seems to do a good business. The door sign is a little vague about what is going on. Certainly the construction is happening (and seems quite thorough..), and I don't doubt that something with the same ownership will open here again, but it's not clear it will still be Splendid China -- It looks more like a total refit.

BTW, does anyone have the definitive name for the sidestreet between Splendid China and Lowes? I've see that I've used both "Firelane Road" and "Fire Lane Drive" in the past. Google Maps seems to think "Fire Lane Road", Mapquest goes with "Firelane Road", and I'm sure I got the "Fire Lane Drive" from some source..

UPDATE 17 October 2011 -- Wow! There's *remodeling* and then there's this:

(also added a night picture of the place still operating at top)

UPDATE 16 July 2012 -- It pains my sense of order to stick this update in the middle of the post, and above the 1 February 2012 update, but I have run across these pictures on my drive that predate the pictures in that update. (They are from 27 December 2011):





UPDATE 1 February 2012: Took the temporary? notation off the post title. At this point it is clear that Splendid China is not coming back, but that instead the place will now be known as Jasmine Buffett as these two poorly composed drive-by shots show. Presumably with that name it will still be an Asian buffet:

UPDATE 16 April 2012 -- Jasmine looks pretty close to completion:


UPDATE 15 May 2012 -- Jasmine Buffet is up and running:



Written by ted on September 25th, 2011

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Tropical Smoothies, 1150 Bower Parkway #F2: 14 September 2011 (moved)   4 comments

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This little smoothie cafe was tucked away in a corner of Columbiana Station off of Bower Parkway near Wild Wing. I can't say I ever noticed it before as I don't get there too often, and am not a big fan of smoothies anway. It's right next to Hobbytown USA which seems to be undergoing.. something as well.

(Hat tip to commenter Ellen)

UPDATE 6 November 2012 -- As noted in the comments, they are open again at 150B Harbison Blvd.

UPDATE 29 November 2012 -- Here is their new location:




Written by ted on September 24th, 2011

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T-Mobile / First Cellular, 549 Knox Abbott Drive #B: 2011   no comments

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Well, here is yet another cell-phone store closing, featuring both reversed and reversed-upside-down name placards. (This is not uncommon, apparently you want to keep the sign-boxes closed to the elements, without having to buy blank signs). I'm not sure exactly when this place closed, but it is in this year's phonebook (Feb-2011/Feb-2012), so I'm going to just say "2011". This little strip mall is on Knox Abbott a little west of Parkland Plaza, and just about across the street from Silver City.

Written by ted on September 23rd, 2011

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CMC Construction Services, 500 Huger Street: 31 August 2011   7 comments

Posted at 12:17 am in closing

Written by ted on September 22nd, 2011

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