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Quick, Igor, Get the U-Haul!   no comments

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Written by ted on May 31st, 2010

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Happy Summer Everyone!   3 comments

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Get out there and have some fun -- and remember those who made it possible.

Written by ted on May 28th, 2010

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Ebert Sportswear Manufacturing / Irmo Sportsgym, 4608 Fernandina Road: late 2000s (moved)   11 comments

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Fernandina Road seems to have been pretty volatile lately with a number of closings and moves. This particular storefront is between the Piney Grove and Harbison exits, and is pretty visible from I-26 though I had never driven down that stretch of Fernandina before. It appears that The Sportsgym has moved to 5000 Fernandina Road, behind Home Depot. This building still houses a thrift store for a very worthy sounding charity.

UPDATE 29 September 2011: Finally add Ebert Sportswear Manufacturing to the post title. (Although my Feb 1997 phonebook gives that as 5000 Fernandina Road).

Written by ted on May 27th, 2010

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Elbow Room, 2020 Devine Street: 25 May 2010   10 comments

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Well, moving a bit further into Five Points than yesterday, today's posting is "ripped from the headlines", which is to say I was reading The Free Times at lunch today and ran across a breaking story by Patrick Wall to the effect that Elbow Room was closed as of Tuesday night. He has an update on his blog that the new operation in that building will honor the existing Elbow Room bookings, which is nice if a bit odd seeming.

I've written about this building before when it was Dodd's / Von Henman's / Monterrey Jack's / Agave / Nacho Mamma's / 5 Points Pub. To be honest, I wasn't really aware that 5 Points Pub was gone and Elbow Room had moved in. In fact I'm not sure what the last show I saw in a nightclub was. Perhaps The Swimming Pool Qs at Doc's Gumbo Grille if you want to call that a nightclub. Anyway, I wish the new operation luck -- it's starting to look like anything going into that storefront is going to need it.

Written by ted on May 26th, 2010

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Liberty Tax Service, 946 Harden Street: mid-2000s   no comments

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Here's another storefront in the strip with Clydes / This That 'n'The Other and Miss Sun Fun Headquarters. The last tenant was apparently Liberty Tax Service, a tax preparation chain which still has a number of Columbia offices.

Before that, it's a bit murky in that I can say something that wasn't in this storefront, but not anything that was.

In 1998 (or perhaps late 1997) a party store was trying to locate here, but the liquor license application was contested. According to this SC Administrative Law Court Decision, the applicants apparently gave up on that idea before their appeal and rented the property to someone else. That "someone else" could plausibly have been Liberty, though no name is given.

Liberty had to have been gone by 2006, when tattooing became legal because Cap City Ink applied for a zoning exemption to establish a tatoo parlor at 946, but later changed their minds (something usally harder to do when tatoos are concerned..)

Written by ted on May 26th, 2010

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Shandon Florist, 3019 Millwood Avenue: 2009 (Moved)   2 comments

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I had noticed several times that this very interesting building on Millwood was vacant, but somehow never got around to taking any pictures until recently. This is the former location for Shandon Florist, an 80 year old area stalwart which has since moved to 2733 Millwood Avenue.

This real estate listing (which also has an aerial photo) says the building was built in 1962, and in a few of these shots it appears to me that there might be some roof issues which might have factored into the move. Still, I quite like the building. It seems to draw on the same period inspirations that went into the old Eggroll Station and Silver City buildings.

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Written by ted on May 25th, 2010

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Rugged Warehouse, 262 Harbison Boulevard: 2010   26 comments

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Rugged Warehouse never really caught my notice while it was in the Barnes & Noble plaza on Harbison Boulevard. I hit B&N fairly often, and Outback and Chili's from time to time, but I guess I never go over to the back part of the plaza. I'm not even sure how long it was there. For some reason I can't find my 2009 phonebook, but it's not in this year's, and it's not in 2008. However, I can't find the Forest Drive store in there either, so maybe I'm somehow looking in the wrong place.

(Hat tip to commenter RM.)

UPDATE 4 April 2012 -- As mentioned by commenter Andrew, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse is in the offing:



Written by ted on May 24th, 2010

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First Cellular, 4712 Forest Drive: 2010   no comments

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This little cell-phone storefront was in one of the more vintage strip malls left on Forest Drive, more or less across the street from Frank's carwash. I see in these pictures a sign on the door that I didn't notice while taking them, and which I should have gotten out and looked at. It probably either explains where they've moved to, or directs customers to another existing store. (There's probably an ap for that..)

UPDATE 15 February 2014 -- This is to be a Jimmy John's:


UPDATE 26 March 2014 -- Jimmy John's is open:



Written by ted on May 22nd, 2010

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Baker Bros American Deli, 601 Main Street Suite A: Spring 2010   10 comments

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According to this press release Baker Brothers American Deli came to South Carolina on 29 November 2007, with the opening of the Lexington store. That was to be the first of three stores in the Columbia market. I believe this store, beneath the upscale Adesso condos (themselves built on the site of the former mini-mall housing Pappy's and Robo's Video Arcade) was the second Columbia location. A google search suggests the third store was at 1730 Main Street, but I can't bring that one to mind without driving by.

At any rate, according to the franchaise map here all the South Carolina stores are now gone. The map is actually rather interesting in that persuing a Texas, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky stragegy seems a bit unusual. Things could apparently be going better though, since apart from Texas (which is the home state and has 12 locations) each other state has only one. I never ate at Baker Bros. From the menu and web site, it seems sort of like another McAlister's Deli, a restaurant I never really warmed up to.

As mentioned by commenter Dave, the next business in this slot looks to be a yogurt operation called Yog Hut. My impression based on peering in the corner entrance is that Yog Hut will not be using the full Baker Bros space though.

UPDATE 21 May 2010: Commenter ChiefDanGeorge says the Yog Hut entrance is a different space, so I've added a picture of the Main Street doors. He also suggests that the Yog Hut opening is stalled.

UPDATE 8 July 2010 -- Well if it was stalled, it's unstalled and open now:

(Hat tip to commenter Mike)

UPDATE 28 June 2019: Add tags, map icon.

Written by ted on May 20th, 2010

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Bayou Bar & Grill / Rupert's Wing Inn / Crazy Zack's / Clydes Sportsbar N Grill / This, That 'n' The Other Caribbean Restaurant, 948 Harden Street / 950 Harden Street: 1999   21 comments

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Actually, I don't remember this place as a Caribbean restaurant at all, but that's what google is turning up for it. Apparently it was an attempt at doing well by doing good, as this 1999 ABC permit hearing decision notes:

This matter is before the South Carolina Administrative Law Judge Division ("Division") pursuant to an application filed by Charlotte Francis, M.D., owner of This, That 'n' The Other Homeless Ministries, d/b/a This, That 'n' The Other ("Petitioner"). Petitioner made application with the South Carolina Department of Revenue ("Respondent" or "Department") for an on-premises beer and wine permit and a sale and consumption (minibottle) license. Representatives in support of, as well as in opposition to the application rendered testimony at the hearing.
This, That 'n' The Other's meal service is two-fold. Lunch and dinner service is provided to the general public at the restaurant, and the same is provided in a community outreach capacity. The restaurant provides meals to the homeless patrons of local churches and shelters.

The permit was granted despite some misgivings by a neighbor business, but as far as I can tell, the restaurant did not last long at all. I have not verified that by any phonebook research, but note that the only "Five Points Association Member Sticker" in the window is for 1999. The building certainly has not seen much if any work since then, and appears to be in a fairly advanced state of disrepair.

Now, despite not finding any online evidence for it, what I remember this place as is some sort of night club which used the roof as a deck. You can see the hutch that presumably terminates a staircase from the ground floor, and the roof is also directly accessible from the side street as the building is more or less cut into a hillside. I can remember thinking that it was pretty neat though I never visited the club.

I did find this 1998 zoning board minutes which implies that the place was some sort of restaurant in 1990 which was forclosed on at some later point, but no other details are offered..

I think I also remember some sort of drumming studio here as well.

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Written by ted on May 20th, 2010

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