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If You're Man Enough..   2 comments

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Written by ted on May 21st, 2015

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Wright's Eatery, 2538 Two Notch Road: Spring 2015   2 comments

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It appears this little building on the L'il Cricket lot at the corner of Two Notch & Covenant has changed hands again.

It is now K-Wayzz Corner Grill.

Written by ted on May 20th, 2015

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Qdoba Mexican Grill, 2006 Devine Street: 9 May 2015   7 comments

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This is the third Qdoba in Columbia to close fairly recently, the other two being on Garners Ferry and Two Notch. WLTX has the story here.

I think the chain may be having troubles in general as google finds a number of closings nationally, and I have also noticed the Surfside location close. I will say that the few times I have tried Qdoba in general (I did not try any of the Columbia stores), I have not been too impressed. In particular, my burrito always fell apart.

I'm not sure whether the architecture of this building is meant to suggest Southwest or Brick Train Station...

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

Written by ted on May 19th, 2015

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R. H. Lee & Co. Auctioneers, 2305 Two Notch Road: early 2000s   1 comment

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LoopNet says this building is mostly one huge open space, which makes sense for an auction hall. R. H. Lee lists here as late as the February 1997 phonebook, but were gone by the February 2005 phonebook, so I'm guessing early 2000s for the closing date. I'm not sure what happened to the front of the building -- whether it's just boarded up, or someone has stripped the exterior for some reason.

Written by ted on May 16th, 2015

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Coldwater Creek, 630-17 Promenade Place: May 2014   2 comments

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While I was out taking pictures for La Bag Lady, I noticed this empty storefront across the street. It turns out to have been women's clothier Coldwater Creek, and WLTX has the story of how the whole chain went bankrupt in April of 2014.

Apparently they had a Columbiana Mall location as well.

Jordan's Modern Bride & Groom, 224 O'Neil Court #17: May 2015   no comments

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Planning a June wedding? Maybe you can find some good deals. Jordan's Modern Bride & Groom in The Shops Of O'Neil Court is closing soon.

For some reason, this little plaza has never really thrived. I used to like Stellini's and stop by Capitol News Stand from time to time, but that's been years ago, and I've never found anything compelling there recently. (Although, unfortunately, I probably will have to go to the DMV sooner or later).

(Hat tip to commenter James R)

Written by ted on May 14th, 2015

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Kentucky Fried Chicken #7, 7228 Parklane Road: 1990s   15 comments

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This KFC was gone as early as the February 1997 phonebook, which is the earliest I have at home. As you can see from the ad in the 1976 phonebook, at one time this was store #7 for Kentucky Fried Chicken in Columbia, and at this remove, it's easy to forget that the picture in the ad was that of a living man who still toured the country promoting Kentucky Fried Chicken, despite being unhappy with what corporate had done with his gravy.

(Hat tips to commenters Andrew & Sidney)

Written by ted on May 12th, 2015

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La Bag Lady, 631-13 Promenade Place: April 2015   no comments

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I was never sure if this store name were LA Bag Lady as in Los Angeles and California chic or La Bag Lady as in French chic. After actually seeing the sign, I'm going with France.

This is not the only bad news for Sandhill lately, but there has been a bit of good news in the announcement that Sam's Club is coming.

(Hat tip to commenter Tom)

Shakespeare Fish Market, 6301 Shakespeare Road: Early 2015   no comments

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I've written about this building before here and here, though sometimes the address is given as 6303 Shakespeare instead of 6301 Shakespeare.

Driving by the other week, I noticed it was vacant again. I'm not sure when Shakespeare Fish Market closed, but there are reviews posted up through October 2014, so I'm erring on the side of caution and saying early 2015.

According to those reviews and this WLTX Golden Spoon video profile, the place was a takeout seafood operation, sourcing fresh seafood from Georgetown.

Written by ted on May 9th, 2015

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We Buy Gold, 7132 Parklane Road Suite G: 2015   10 comments

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This We Buy Gold replaced G. G's Artistry In Flowers in 2009 and is now a cellphone store.

When I think of a Cricket phone, I can't help but remember those little chirps the Star Trek Communicators used to make when Kirk or Spock would flip one open. Amazing that a lot of our everyday technology is now better than what The Federation had. Still waiting for the Transporter though..

Written by ted on May 8th, 2015

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