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Amoco / Midway Cleaners / Wright Choice Auto Sales / T & T Lock And Key, 1125 Meeting Street: 2017   1 comment

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Some time ago commenter April Blake reported that this former drycleaner in West Columbia was setting up to be a King's Pizza location. Like the one slated for the former Chickadee's location, that seems to have fallen through and the place is currently for rent.

What I can find out is pretty scant, but it has been a dry cleaner, a used car dealership (how many cars could they actually fit under that canopy?) and a locksmith. The locksmith does have a (good) review from 2017, so I'm using that as the overall date.

Clicking streetview on the map icon is interesting, as it shows a now demolished glass-box office on the canopy side of the building.

UPDATE 10 AUgust 2019: Adding Amoco to the post title based on the comments.

Written by ted on August 9th, 2019

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Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, 929 Gervais Street Suite C: January 2019   no comments

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Rocket Fizz is a franchaised soda & candy operation that to some extent puts me in the mind of The Candy Cottage at The Hammock Shops and a place that used to be on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach (which, gradually over the course of several years, transitioned into an all things Celtic shop..).

The place opened in August of 2018, and here is an article republished from Coladaily about the opening, with lots of nice pictures which make me think it would have been more at home on Market or King Streets in Charleston..

As far as I can tell with all the newest reviews being dated "seven months ago", the place seems to have closed in January 2019. I suspect that there wasn't a lot of Winter foot traffic, which may have factored in.

(Hat tip to commenter Payne)

Written by ted on August 8th, 2019

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The Captain's Kitchen / Skipjack / Children's House, 2030 Charleston Highway   4 comments

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In the comments of the closing for The Captain's Kitchen on Decker, commenter Paul Armstrong offers the following information about The Captain's Kitchen:

The first Captain’s Kitchen opened in 1964 at 2628 Decker Boulevard advertising as “Columbia’s First Exclusive Seafood Restaurant”. It was owned and operated by Charles V Godwin and J D Hammond. In 1969, Hammond and Godwin formed a national franchise chain and the first franchise was built in Kentucky. In September of 1970, the second Captain’s Kitchen in the Columbia area opened at 2030 Charleston Highway in Cayce. There were also corporate owned Captain’s Kitchen restaurants in Augusta, Charleston, and Greenville. The Cayce location closed in 1975 and, in 1976, Skipjack opened in the same building, which is still standing, but now empty, at 2030 Charleston Highway. The original Captain’s Kitchen closed in 1984 and, in June of 1985, Zorba’s opened their second area restaurant in the old Captain’s Kitchen building on Decker Blvd.

I had forgotten it was a chain, and had another midlands location. Zillow confirms this building was a restaurant, and LoopNet suggests it was sold for taxes in 2012. If so, it does not appear anyone has done anything with it since.

It seems a rather odd location for a restaurant as there is not much in the area to this day.

UPDATE 8 August 2019: Add map icon.

Written by ted on August 7th, 2019

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One Stop, 2020 Gervais Street: July 2019 (remodeling)   no comments

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I noticed today that the One Stop / Shell at the corner of Gervais and Harden streets is remodeling. A lot of Circle Ks have been doing this recently -- I don't know if this is to compete, or if it was just time.

Written by ted on August 6th, 2019

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South Carolina Book Store, 801 Main Street: Summer 2019 (moved, refocused)   10 comments

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I'm not sure how much USC still uses "textbooks" in the old sense. I haven't discussed it with anyone now in college, but my impression is that a lot of the books now are in ebook form. Since it sounds like the South Carolina Book Store is really getting out of the textbook market, that may be what happened.

At any rate, when I was in college this place was a sure visit every semester. In those, pre-internet, days this store and the USC owned textbook concession in the Russell House had a duopoly lock on the student book market. I usually tried to get all my bokos on campus, but invaribly there were one or two that were sold out and had to be tracked down here. They would also buy back textbooks, and from time to time growing up, my father would take me here with boxes of books that he had been sent in the hopes he would choose them for his classes, and would sell them, giving the proceeds to my sister and me. (I think he felt it wouldn't be quite right to take the money himself).

Aside from the texts, this place also had a heady mix of pencils, pens, notebooks, art supplies and drafting paper. There was a certain very specific smell when you walked in from all the paper and pencils. If I recall correctly, I had to get all my drafting supplies for my all-time least favorite class: Introduction To Engineering Drafting (or some similar name). I had a compass, gum erasers, drafting pencils, drafting paper and straight-edge. All of that, and after trying all day, I still could not draw a bolt in 3D perspective.

Despite driving past this store many times since college, I don't think I have been in since the 1980s, and I now it's too late to see if it still smelled the same..

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

Written by ted on August 5th, 2019

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J Peters Grill & Bar, 139 Willbrook Boulevard Suite G (Litchfield Beach): Mid July 2019   no comments

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When I did a closing for the Beltline J. Peters a few weeks ago, I linked to this Greenville News story which led me to believe that the J. Peters locations on the coast would continue unchanged.

This turns out not to be the case as the Litchfield Beach location closed, apparently a between one and two weeks ago. I can see why this location might have been on the block as it is not visible from US-17, and there is a Pawleys Island location directly fronting on US-17 just a few miles south (in the old La Playa storefront).

If this storefront looks familiar, it may be because I did a closing on it in 2014, which it was Carolina Wings & Rib House.

The Thirsty Parrot, 734 Harden Street: (Oops! Not closed)   2 comments

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This bar in the Old Parthenon location is another casualty of the drive to enforce liquor license terms in Five Points establishments.

I don't know anything specific about The Thirsty Parrot, but it did make the news in 2018 when there was a shooting in the doorway.

UPDATE 23 July 2019 -- Commenter Sidney points out this place is not closed. I had read this State story which mentioned the building was being sold, and jumped to the wrong conclusion. D'oh!

Written by ted on July 23rd, 2019

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Fifty Years From One Small Step: 20 July 1969   4 comments

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Received: by xxxx.xxxx.xxx.xxx (5.54/5.00) id AA15191 for xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxx.xxx; Wed, 19 Jul 89 22:58:18 PDT
Message-Id: <8907200554.AA02284@braggvax>
To: xxxx@xxxx.xxxx.xxx.xxx
Subject: July 20 1969
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 89 01:54:40 EDT
From: ted@braggvax

Twenty years ago, a boy of eight sat in front of a decrepit black and
white TV and tried to make out the suited figures walking across that
desolate surface. If he thought hard he could remember Gemini. His
father could remember Lindbergh. He couldn't appreciate how
immeasurably far the world had come since Kitty Hawk, how impossibly
great an effort had been expended since 1961, but he knew what was
important and he was there watching. He heard the words that everyone
knows, and he watched until that strange buglike craft lifted and
returned the men whom history had just rendered immortal to their
companion in orbit and from there back to the embrace of the mother
planet. He knew where he was going when he grew up.

Twenty years later, when the future he had planned on has been bargained
away, he's sure of fewer things. He does know that he had the
privilege that July day in 1969, of living through the event to which
all previous human history will be just a footnote. And he knows too
that whatever else may happen, there will still be ...

footprints on the Moon.

Written by ted on July 19th, 2019

Wild Birds Unlimited, 4711 Forest Drive Suite 11: 2019 (Moved)   1 comment

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I noticed yesterday when I took the pictures for the J. Peters post, that 2005 North Beltline is also the new location for Wild Birds Unlimited. I first noticed them when they moved from 3304 Forest Drive to this location in the Forest Park shopping center (If they still call it that) around 2010.

Now, they have moved on again, and this is the new storefront:


Written by ted on July 18th, 2019

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J. Peters Grill & Bar, 2005 North Beltline Boulevard: 14 June 2019 (Reflagged)   8 comments

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I was driving down Beltline today, and noticed that J. Peters Grill & Bar in the old D's Wings location was gone.

In its place was J.R. Cash's Grill & Bar. A little google work found this story from Greenville establishing what happened. It seems that J. Peters was run by a partnership which has just split up. One partner retains the name, and most of the stores. The other partner gets four of the stores (including the two here in Columbia), but must rename them. The "new" business retains the same phone number, and according to the google reviews most of the menu. I'll note that the linked story is a little odd in that it only names one partner.

As for this particular J. Peters -- I only stopped there once. I spent an hour waiting for a cheese-burger. Apparently the only cook in the kitchen had just quit by walking out the door. I know that was atypical, but there are enough places for cheese-burgers that I never got around to going back.

Written by ted on July 17th, 2019

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