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Cupcake Paradise, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard Suite G: January 2018 (moved)   no comments

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I'm not a cupcake (or really any kind of cake) fan myself, but if you are: Don't despair. Cupcake Paradise is no longer in this old Piggly Wiggly center at the corner of Lake Murray Boulevard & Columbiana Drive, but they are still around. They moved to 7512 Woodrow Street (Irmo, not Shandon) sometime in the January/February 2018 timeframe and are up and running there now.

(Hat tip to commenter James R)

New China, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard: December 2013   no comments

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Commenter Homer notes that this small Chinese restaurant in High Pointe Centre on Lake Murray Boulevard has closed.

He sends in his pictures here and notes elsewhere that the place was a true family operation with a daughter often taking orders and translating them for mom and pop.

I note that at this juncture, the plaza sign and spelling (note the 'e' on Pointe and the British Centre) seem rather more grandiose than the current tenant list warrants.

(Hat tip to commenter Homer)

Piggly Wiggly #60, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard: 2 February 2008   78 comments

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This Piggly Wiggly was in the High Point Centre shopping center at the north-east corner of Lake Murray Boulevard and Columbiana Drive. As far as I can tell, it closed in 2009, and seems to have pretty well put-paid to the whole plaza in so doing. I rarely get over to Lake Murray Boulevard (as you can see here, I still haven't managed to make it to this Pig in the daytime..) so I don't know the market too well, but this closing seems a bit odd to me.

This is one of the newer, larger, Pigs, so it's not one of the tiny old stores that they are trying to transition out of, and there's certainly no lack of traffic in the Harbison area. In fact, this store sounds as though it were a flagship of sorts, at least this story from 2005 paints it as the store chosen to do the public launch for PW's new "Pay By Touch" system.

This LoopNet listing has a daytime picture of the store with Pig branding (and confirms that it was built in 1994, which still seems pretty recent to me).

UPDATE 9 March 2011: Update closing date to 2 Feb 2008 based on comments.