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Chapman Dodge, Northwest Corner of Harden Street & Gervais Street: 1970s   1 comment

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I think there have been a few mentions of Chapman Dodge here over the years, but I have absolutely no memory of it, despite the fact we must have driven past the lot often. Currently all that seems to be left is the faded name painted on the back of the building abuting the lot (which I presume was the repair shop).

While this lot has been vacant for many years, it's not uncommon for temporary truck-based businesses to pull in and set up shop for a weekend.

Written by ted on January 28th, 2015

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Bruster's Real Ice Cream, 202 Graces Way: Mid January 2015   1 comment

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This closing was noted last week on Have Your Say where there was some speculation that Bruster's would have done better on Two Notch than tucked away by Carabba's on Graces Way.

I'm not sure I agree as the Graces Way lot effectively fronts Sparkleberry, and sits right across from Spring Valley High School, which had to be, I think, a factor in the store's siting. Given that all the other Bruster's in Columbia have shut down, and that the only Grand Strand location has as well, I tend to think the whole "no inside seating" concept is iffy. Think about it. The fact that Baskin Robbins has seating gives it a whole season (plus rainy summer days) during which it can draw and Bruster's can't. Where are you going to take the kids' basketball team for ice cream after the game in January? Probably not to a place with outside tables only.

I took the daylight pictures on Saturday 24 January 2015, at which time a crew was actively getting the equipment out of the store. As you can see in the night pictures, the menuboards are already gone.

And just as an aside, I *do* think the Graces Way siting works against Carabba's. They have just reduced their hours, which is Sign #1.

(Hat tip to commenter Mr. Hat, making it a Hat hat tip..)

UPDATE 6 October 2016 -- Now a Pelican's SnoBalls:






Written by ted on January 26th, 2015

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Custom Car Stereo, 9557 Two Notch Road Suite O: 2014   1 comment

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This little strip mall is on the downhill side (north) of Two Notch near Sesqui. Custom Car Stereo is listed in the February 2014 phonebook, so it either closed in 2014 or 2013 after listings closed.

Written by ted on January 20th, 2015

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Za's Brick Oven Pizza, 2930 Devine Street: January 2015 (temporary)   no comments

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I've always liked Za's, though I go there less since they stopped being open to 11:00 on Thursadys. The only things I would change would be to make the individual pizzas a little larger, and to brew stronger tea. I suspect, however, that more than that is slated to change as the place is now closed for revamping as The New Za's. Commenter David suggests that it will then be under the same ownership as Cantina 76, a place I have somehow never gotten around to.

(Hat tip to commenter Dennis)

Written by ted on January 18th, 2015

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1 Stop Hand Car Wash & Auto Detailing, 2434 North Main Street: 2014   1 comment

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Commenter Justin pointed out this place on Have Your Say a while back, but I misread the comment and blogged about the business on the other side of Confederate instead.

This place looks to be an old gas station of some sort, and in this latest incarnation, stuck with an auto theme. Personally, though I know my car gets scalding in the Columbia summers, I find being behind tinted windows makes me uneasy.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

TransSouth Financial / Beep One -- Morris Communications, 1301 Elmwood Avenue: Fall 2013   1 comment

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I had to carry a beeper once in the 80s for a few months. It was an unpleasant experience, but not one I thought anyone still had. To my surprise, there are still half a dozen or more companies in the Paging section of the Yellow Pages, although it looks like there will be one less in next year's book.

UPDATE 17 January 2015: Changed the closing date from 2014 to to 2013 and added TransSouth Financial based on the comments.

Written by ted on January 16th, 2015

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Steak Mart, 2773 Rosewood Drive: 24 December 2014   1 comment

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I generally like my steak in ground-beef form, but I have certainly noticed Steak Mart on the corner of Rosewood and Maple since it has been there for my entire life. As commenter Robert S pointed out though, they have closed up shop as of Christmas Eve after a 54 year run.

(Hat tip to commenter Robert S.)

Written by ted on January 14th, 2015

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Tremont Motor Inn / Riverside Inn, 111 Knox Abbott Drive: September 2014   3 comments

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The first phonebook listing I find for The Tremont Motor Inn is in the July 1958 book where the address is given simply as Hwy No 21 Cayce and the phone number is the old style AL 4-5121.

Later phonebooks would give the address with more specificity as 111 Knox Abbott Drive and update the phone number to 254-5121.

From its inception through 1984 the Tremont did not purchase a Yellow Page ad. In fact, the first one that I saw was in the February 1985 phonebook. This one, pictured above, gave the new phone number as 796-6240, indicating, I believe, a change of ownership.

The last listing I saw for the Tremont was in the February 1994/1995 phonebook. This was followed by the first listing for the Riverside Inn in the February 2002/2003 book, leaving an eight year gap. I presume the building was run under another flag during those years, but I would have to consult a city directory to find what it was, and did not have time on my last visit to the library.

The building was in a great location on a large property close to the river with a park-like expanse of walking paths, and I suppose it was quite nice for many years. Unfortunately, by the time my cousin booked a room in the fall of 2013 (to be close to USC for some seminars), she found it dirty and run-down to the point that she felt unsafe.

The actual tear down was quite leisurely, extending over a period of about four months. On my initial walk-through, I was unsure how much of the property was actually the motel, as there were some buildings out back that appeared to be in use by other businesses, but in the event it appears everything was demolished. For some reason, every time I went out to get pictures, I either got there late just as the sun was fading, or the day would be heavily overcast. There are a few bright shots, but that was the exception.

I'm not quite sure what the green carpeted area by the pool was. It almost looked like the motel had a little putting green, but I didn't see a hole there. Of course now the whole place is more or less a hole...

29 September 2014:

7 October 2014:

29 November 2014:

26 December 2014:

UPDATE 2 February 2015 -- Commenter TahoeChic pointed out an old Tremont postcard on Ebay, which I have bought and scanned, putting the image at the top of the page. Notice the differences in the property from the time of the postcard (which gives the "AL" prefix phone number, so it probably dates from the early 1960s) to now. For instance the big roadside sign was gone, the short brick wall along Knox Abbott drive had yet to be build, there was a canopy in the parking lot, the pool area was not enclosed and had a diving board, and it does not appear the the final front-office building had been built.

Commenter fourlizards found a Tremont key and took a picture, I have added that under the postcard.


Photoset 28 September 2014

Photoset 7 October 2014

Photoset 19 October 2014

Photoset 29 November 2014

Photoset 26 December 2014

Written by ted on January 12th, 2015

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Discount Cars & Trucks, Inc., 7450 Two Notch Road: Fall 2014   no comments

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Discount Cars & Trucks was the follow-on operation to Go Used Tires in this old Esso building in Dentsville.

I have to say I can't actually recall seeing any cars or trucks there, though I know there must have been some.

Written by ted on January 8th, 2015

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Fast Food / Greek Restaurant / Dish & Design Catering, 420 Meeting Street: 2010s   3 comments

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This small building in Capitol Shopping Center at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Meeting Street in West Columbia ha
s been a number of things over the years.

Judging from the look of the place, it started as some sort of fast food chain outlet, but I am unable to recall which. Somet
ime after that, I believe I recall a Greek restaurant setting up there. Most recently it was Dish & Desing Catering u
ntil sadly the owner passed away and they had to close.

These pictures were taken not too long after Halloween, as you might infer from the deflated Jack O'Lantern somebody left in t
he parking lot.

Written by ted on January 7th, 2015

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