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D's Wings, 920 Axtel Drive: 15 May 2021 (Moving)   10 comments

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Over the years I have eaten more often at the, vanished, franchaised, D's Wings locations than the flagship store in Parkland Plaza. I guess the last time I ate here was probably in 2018 or 2019 -- and it was fine, as usual.

This move, to 415 Meeting Street, has long been in the works, since they found out their lease would not be renewed. This still strikes me as odd, as Parkland Plaza is not exactly overbrimming with stable tenants.

Here is a story from The State about the move, and here is one from ColaDaily.

You can see the new building in the last two pictures, and there is clearly yet some work to be done there in advance of the posited 1 June opening. I have to say I agree with commenter Lone Wolf that parking will be an issue here.

Written by ted on May 17th, 2021

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All N Good Spirits, 2257 Charleston Highway: 2020 (Moved)   no comments

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While I was out looking at the Edenwood Bi-Lo, I noticed that in the adjacent strip mall All N Good Spirits (a name which I like) has moved to 1622 Airport Boulevard, which is somewhere need the old Cayce K-Mart.

Written by ted on March 1st, 2021

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Bi-Lo, 2453 Charleston Highway: 24 January 2021   no comments

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This store has been discussed several times in Have Your Say, but I had not yet gotten around to doing a closing on it. This Bi-Lo was out on the Charleston Highway not too far North of the I-26/I-77 interchange. As mentioned in this State story which I have linked many times, it was part of the package deal moving a number of local Bi-Lo stores to the Food Lion family. I did not drive by during the closing sale, but according to the article, the final day was expected to be 24 January, and as you can see, the Food Lion is now up and running.

Save A Lot #490, 1618 Airport Boulevard: 2019   3 comments

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Save A Lot was the follow on in this building to Food Lion, and opened in 2011. I'm not exactly sure when it closed (especially since the phone company seems to have stopped leaving me phonebooks), but I'm guessing 2019 is about right given we had several others close within a year or so of that.

At any rate, it has been gone long enough for another follow-on to start up: Ahora Abierto which is a panaderia pasteleria which google translate suggests is a bakery & cake shop.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Written by ted on January 13th, 2021

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Catch & Release, 906 Axtell Drive: Summer 2020   1 comment

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I wasn't aware of this sportsman's gun & thrift store in the old Gamecock Theater, but judging by the pictures on Yelp, it was an interesting place. Looking at the most recent google reviews, it appears they closed down towards the end of July.

I was in this place, once, when it was Resale Revue, and it was obvious that the big room had been a theater, what with the sloping floor and all. I expect that limits the kind of business that can move in without major work.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

Written by ted on September 2nd, 2020

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Carhartt / Red Wing Shoes, 988 Knox Abbott Drive: Early 2020 (Reflagged)   3 comments

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I've always admired this interesting building on upper Knox Abbott. I'm not sure if it was originally built as a Red Wing store, or something else started here, but it certainly catches the eye as you drive by.

Recently the owners have disaffiliated from Red Wing, saying:

Formerly Red Wing Shoes, we have changed our name to CB Forrest Workwear, and will have a larger variety of safety shoes!


We have been serving the Cayce area for over 30 years. (Formerly Red wing shoes) We have changed our name to CB Forrest Workwear, but will be managed by the same staff. Same service and custom fit as always, but now with more brands to choose from.

Written by ted on June 10th, 2020

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Sprint, 825 Knox Abbott Drive: Late 2019   2 comments

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This pebbly building on Knox Abbott was a Sprint cellphone store until apparently late last year (judging by online review dates). If you look closely in the window you can see a sign that says, I think, that they have moved, and to check Garners Ferry or another location that I can't make out. Anyway, since they give two locations, I think it's more of a consolidation than this operation actually having moved.

I have it in the back of my mind that the building reminds me of a chain style I have seen, but I can't quite place it.

Written by ted on May 19th, 2020

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Knight's Inn, 1987 Airport Boulevard: 2 October 2019   3 comments

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You have to wonder how bad things are when The State story on the closing of this motel doesn't even list prostitution as one of the problems:

There have been 169 calls to law enforcement about incidents at the hotel in the past 90 days, city officials said. In 97 of those calls, charges were filed for crimes that included drug trafficking (meth), strong armed robbery and attempted murder, according to the release.

On Sept. 12, Cayce officers filed a report about an alleged rape of a juvenile that occurred at the hotel.

I have actually stayed in a Knight's Inn once. It was somewhere in Florida, and in my opinion was a real dump. The table seemed to have been picked up from the side of a road somewhere and everything was sticky. However, I never felt unsafe, or worried about my car. It was just a very basic, low-end experience.

There is a hearing on 24 October to determine if the business license should be permanently revoked. Whatever happens, I see a re-flagging in the future for this location.

Written by ted on October 15th, 2019

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The Captain's Kitchen / Skipjack / Children's House, 2030 Charleston Highway   4 comments

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In the comments of the closing for The Captain's Kitchen on Decker, commenter Paul Armstrong offers the following information about The Captain's Kitchen:

The first Captain’s Kitchen opened in 1964 at 2628 Decker Boulevard advertising as “Columbia’s First Exclusive Seafood Restaurant”. It was owned and operated by Charles V Godwin and J D Hammond. In 1969, Hammond and Godwin formed a national franchise chain and the first franchise was built in Kentucky. In September of 1970, the second Captain’s Kitchen in the Columbia area opened at 2030 Charleston Highway in Cayce. There were also corporate owned Captain’s Kitchen restaurants in Augusta, Charleston, and Greenville. The Cayce location closed in 1975 and, in 1976, Skipjack opened in the same building, which is still standing, but now empty, at 2030 Charleston Highway. The original Captain’s Kitchen closed in 1984 and, in June of 1985, Zorba’s opened their second area restaurant in the old Captain’s Kitchen building on Decker Blvd.

I had forgotten it was a chain, and had another midlands location. Zillow confirms this building was a restaurant, and LoopNet suggests it was sold for taxes in 2012. If so, it does not appear anyone has done anything with it since.

It seems a rather odd location for a restaurant as there is not much in the area to this day.

UPDATE 8 August 2019: Add map icon.

Written by ted on August 7th, 2019

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Wristwatch Doc, 534 Knox Abbott Drive: Early 2019   4 comments

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Wristwatch Doc used to be in Forest Acres where Marco's Pizza is now, but moved to Knox Abbott in April of 2014.

When the old Oscar de la Renta watch my father gave me in the 1980s started losing time, I took it here and they fixed it pretty quickly. (Well, I think they just replaced the guts, but that's fine with me, I'm a George Washington's Hatchet kind of guy.)

Unfortunately, I dropped it again a few months ago, and it's losing time again. Not sure where I'll take it this time.

Several folks in Have Your Say talking about watch batteries. If I'm in town, I take mine to Roof's on Forest Drive, and have never had a problem.

The wierdest time I ever had replacing a battery was when my watch stopped while I was spending a week working in DC. There's a big mall on the, um, blue, I think, line, Pentagon City or Crystal City, something like that. I metro-ed down to that and found a jeweler who told me: No problem! We'll send it off and have it back to you in two weeks. I asked if anyone had, in fact, ever taken them up on that, and apparently the answer was no.

Looking further there, I found something like the Watch & Sunglasses Hut, which did not inspire confidence, but I was there and didn't have any better options. The guy took the back off easily, and replaced the battery fine. Then he was having a dickens of a time getting the back on again, and I started to worry that he was going to bend it, or break the crystal with all the pounding he was doing. Finally he turns around to his counter and says, I guess I'm going to have to use this thingamajig that puts the puts the backs back on. He puts the watch in it, works a screw and presto: the back is on. I'm like, well, I dunno, but if I had a device for putting the backs of watches on, that might have been my first option..

(Hat tip to commenter badger)

Written by ted on June 11th, 2019

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