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Southern Essence Distilling, 904 Frink Street: 2020s   1 comment

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As I was driving up from Henry's the other week, I passed this building, which has featured here before as Mote's Store, Frink Street Tavern & Frink Street Pub, and noticed that it looked to have been set up as a distillery, and to now be vacant.

A little googling established that it was Southern Essence Distilling, established in 2018 & operating alongside an art studio, and that during the pandemic, they stepped up with a hand sanitizer production and donation operation. You can read about that here on WLTX. I'm unclear if they were able to re-open for normal business after the pandemic, and I don't see any articles on that, or on the place closing.

One notable feature of the place (now gone) was apparently a large wire sculpture of a Star Wars Imperial Walker. You can see a picture of that here and watch a story about it here.

Here is an archived copy of their web page.

Written by ted on February 12th, 2024

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  1. It was always hard to figure out if the place was open or closed. I wanted to go many times, but you really couldn't tell. I believe they moved out to Gaston, because they couldn't do a lot of remodeling to the building.

    Mr. Bill

    19 Feb 24 at 7:08 pm

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