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Verizon Call Center, 501 Spears Creek Church Road: January 2022   2 comments

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I got out here last year to take some pictures based on information from commenter Joe Shlabotnik, but couldn't get close enough to the actual building to see if it were in fact closed as the Verizon signage was still up at the road and it was a weekend. Unfortunately I no longer have those pictures, so the ones above just show the current sign for Southeastern Esthetics Institute (albeit clearly poster-ed over on top of the Verizon sign). I'm not sure what they do, but it seems to me they probably have more parking lot than they need.

(Hat tip to commenter Joe Shlabotnik)

Written by ted on February 14th, 2023

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Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries, 2558 Main Street (Elgin): December 2022   1 comment

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I have seen Hwy 55 operations pop up here and there in the area and on the coast, but I have never gotten around to trying one. Apparently it's a North Carolina outfit that started out as Andy’s Cheesesteaks & Cheeseburgers. Not that I get to Elgin often anyway, but it looks like I won't be trying one here.

The Free Times has a bit on the closing of this location, saying that it is to become a fast-casual Greek operation, Gyromania Grill sometime in February or March.

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

Written by ted on February 1st, 2023

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Veranda Grill, 566 Spears Creek Church Road Suite 104: Early 2021   1 comment

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Veranda Grill was at least the third restaurant in this Elgin-ish spot on Spears Creek Church Road. I wasn't really aware of it, but apparently it was a well regarded Chop House. Based on the timing, I would guess it was a late casualty of Covid-19.

The spot is now occupied by a Peruvian Tapas Restaurant, Ratio, whose fixtures you can see on the paito. (For some reason, I barely got a shot of the actual restaurant storefront -- it's on the right).

County Line Pottery, 11045 Two Notch Road: Circa 2007   5 comments

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Written by ted on August 17th, 2016

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La Costena Mexican Restaurant, 2470 Main Street (Elgin): late 2011   1 comment

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I leveraged a trip out to Sandhill the other day to go past Clemson Road and into Elgin. This is a little town (the kind where you will find an IGA) just over the county line that we used to drive through all the time down US-1 on our way to Hartsville -- before I-20 came through (ie: It's been a while!). At that time, the points that stuck most in my mind were the ramshackle looking pottery outlet (still there..), the Elgin Watch factory (the reason the town is not now called Blaney) and the Blaney Drag Strip.

I would still drive through from time-to-time when I lived in Fayetteville, and the double-nickel was still in force making the non-Interstate time penalty less than it is now. On one memorable late night drive, I found an overtuned car and had to ride off to summon help.

All of which is neither here nor there except to the point that I haven't gone through there much in the daytime since the 60s, and I was a bit surprised to find that I-20 has put it almost in the metro area. In particular, I saw a branch of a Columbia Mexican chain San Jose on White Pond Road heading to I-20, and I wonder if that had anything to do with the demise of La Costena on Main Street.

Commenter Miz T says:

They closed down a couple of months ago, which is quite sad. We frequented the place quite often and the workers knew my youngest daughter ever since she was a baby and called her by name. They had a mural of the history of Elgin painted on the side of the building. It is now a fruit and veggie stand.

You can see the produce stand in these pictures, though it is not clear to me if it is using the whole building or just the porch.

(Hat tip to commenter Miz T)

Written by ted on February 7th, 2012

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Shag Bistro, 566 Spears Creek Church Road Suite 104: 8 August 2010   no comments

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I wrote the first closing on this location when it was Mangia! Mangia!.

Shag Bistro opened not long after Mangia! closed, and while I never went there, I got the impression that it was an attempt to establish a place with more mass appeal than a somewhat upscale Italian restaurant. The name suggests something very casual and beachy, or at least the Shag part does. I've never been entirely certain what Bistro is supposed to connote in a restaurant name, but inasmuch as I have any impression, it goes in the opposite direction of casual and beachy.

Why didn't I ever get to Shag Bistro? Well, it's pretty much the same reasons I only got to Mangia! Mangia! once: location and presence-in-mind. That is to say, it's an awful long way to drive, and I usually would forget it even existed.

Of course, it's not a long way for people already in the area, but I suspect both Mangia! and Shag were just a little ahead of their time. I think everyone expects the metro area to hit Pontiac at some point, but while it might have already happened in the old economy, I suspect it will still be a while before the recession passes and the metro area starts building out again. The move of the Verizon call center from Richland Mall to Spears Creek will probably help area restaurants, but I guess it was too late for Shag.

(Hat tip to commenter Cheryl)

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Mangia! Mangia!, 566 Spears Creek Road Suite 104: December 2009   12 comments

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Well, it seems that the second location of Mangia! Mangia! is now history. I believe I ate there only twice, once in West Columbia, and once, very recently, in the new Spears Creek location.

I don't recall much about the West Columbia visit, but I chose pizza at the Spears Creek venue, and found it pretty good. Not necessarily "drive almost to Elgin" good, but nice.

I have no idea what happened to the place, but I suspect the "drive to Elgin" factor did have something to do with it. In the first place, "out of sight, out of mind" -- I only visited recently because I kept forgetting that the place existed. Second, timing. It's clear that the area is going to experience the eastward drift of the metro area as the Two Notch Corridor and Sandhills already have, but the recession has probably pushed that back, and the density just wasn't there yet. Or I could be completely wrong, though it sounds like the new operation there, Shag Bistro is thinking along similar lines, in antipation of the dining business from the Verizon call center relocation..

Added bonus, interesting clouds and sunset driving back from Spears Creek.

(Hat Tip to commenter Stewart)

UPDATE 22 February 2022: Updating tags and adding map icon. Also adding suite number to the title.


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