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DeLoache Flowers / Branham Florist Supply, 2927 Millwood Avenue: 29 February 2024   no comments

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"Flowers by DeLoache" is the way I recall the advertising being done when I was growing up, but now this longtime Columbia florist is gone. After a 70+ year run (incorporating Branham's since the 1970s and consolidated since 2011), the owners decided it was time to take one of the offers for the property and retire. You can read the story in The State, or watch it on WLTX or WIS.

For some reason, these pictures didn't come out very well and I meant to go back for some more, but that's not going to happen now, other than getting some post-closing shots perhaps.

Written by ted on April 18th, 2024

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Buttercup Ice Cream, Auman's Flowers & Crafts, 204 South Main Street (Society Hill): 2012-ish   1 comment

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This old-style retail storefront is on Society Hill's main drag, next to an insurance agency. As far as I can tell from looking at Google Streetview, it may have been open as late as 2012. You can check there for a view of the "Buttercup" sign, which is no longer present. There is also a nice one taken in 2018 here. The flickr link says that Buttercup Ice Cream started in Hamlet NC in the 1920s and lasted into the 1960s, surviving as Mello Buttercup. Here's one of the whole building from the same photoset, and a much better shot than any of mine.

It's not clear to me if the ice cream operation was part of the flowers, craft & framing business, but it is on that end of the building, and the main sign does call out Coca Cola, and the Pepsi coolers inside, so beverages were also sold there.

This stretch of road does the neat trick of being US-401, US-52 & US-15 all at the same time.

The Flower Botique, 7832 Two Notch Road: 2017-ish (Moved)   no comments

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When I took these pictures, I was thinking this spot was PC Corner, but it turned out I had already done a closing on that, and anyway, it was two suites over. This looks to have been The Flower Botique, which has apparently moved to 8816 Two Notch. It turns out I did have a picture of that from a different closing, it's just not a very good one:


(Click through and look all the way to the left..)

Pampered Plants Florist, 8816 Two Notch Road: 2020   no comments

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I noticed the other evening that this florist, on Two Notch near Spring Valley Antique Mall was gone. I go to florists probably less than once a decade, and never went to this one, so there's not much I can say. I do find the name a bit curious, as it sounds more like a nursery than a flower shop.

Written by ted on October 19th, 2020

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Rosewood Florist, 2917 Rosewood Drive: December 2015 (moving?)   2 comments

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We were having one of our many gray December rainy days while I was trying to get pictures of Rosewood Florist so I couldn't really frame anything except out the passenger side window without getting my lens wet.

Commenter Frank reported this store closed in early December, and it does seem to be up in the air at the moment. Their Facebook page reports, in a comment, that they are moving, but there are no details as yet.

(Hat tip to commenter Frank)

Written by ted on January 14th, 2016

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A Florist & More, 10509 Two Notch Road Suite A: Spring 2015   no comments

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I don't get out to Pontiac very often, so I was only vaguely aware of this little strip mall near Pontiac House Of Pizza, but it looks like there are a couple of vacancies right now.

(Hat tip to commenter cheryl)

Written by ted on June 17th, 2015

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Written by ted on June 17th, 2015

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Branham Florist Supply Company, 2923 Millwood Avenue: 2011 (consolidated)   no comments

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Driving down Millwood the other day, I noticed that longtime fixture Branham's appeared to be closed. Closer inspection reveals that while the building is indeed up for sale, Branham's has consolidated operations with the next door DeLoache.

Written by ted on September 18th, 2013

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Grand Divas Hair Salon / Carolyn's Flower & Gift Shop, 3106 Two Notch Road: 2011   1 comment

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I was driving along Two Notch near Beltline the other day and noticed a For Sale sign in front of Auto Zone, and at first thought that large space had been vacated. In the event it was a much smaller storefront next to Auto Zone in the strip.

As far as I can tell, Grand Divas Hair Salon occupied this address until sometime in 2008 when they moved out to 5350 Farrow Road (where they still are as of the Feb 2012 phonebook).

Carolyn's Flower & Gift Shop was listed on 3306 Millwood Avenue while Grand Divas was here, moved in when they left, and then last year, moved back to Millwood at 2917 1/2 Millwood Avenue (2917½ Millwood Avenue).

Written by ted on March 8th, 2012

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Shandon Florist, 3019 Millwood Avenue: 2009 (Moved)   2 comments

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I had noticed several times that this very interesting building on Millwood was vacant, but somehow never got around to taking any pictures until recently. This is the former location for Shandon Florist, an 80 year old area stalwart which has since moved to 2733 Millwood Avenue.

This real estate listing (which also has an aerial photo) says the building was built in 1962, and in a few of these shots it appears to me that there might be some roof issues which might have factored into the move. Still, I quite like the building. It seems to draw on the same period inspirations that went into the old Eggroll Station and Silver City buildings.

Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ted on May 25th, 2010

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G.G.'s Artistry In Flowers, 7132 Parklane Road Suite G: 2009   7 comments

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I like to eat lunch at the Schlotzsky's on the corner of Parklane and O'Neil Court sometimes, and the last time I was there, I noticed that several of the suites in the little corner strip it occupies were vacant. You would think that it's a visible high-traffic location, but I guess being near Columbia Mall isn't the draw it used to be.

If you click through to the large version of the picture, you can tell that there was originally some other writing between "G.G's" and "Flowers", but I can't make out what it would have been. I'm putting 2009 as the closing date here, but honestly I can't recall if I ever saw the place open or not. I guess florists don't really impinge much on my attention.

UPDATE 26 Feb 2011: Changed the title to give the full shop name "G.G's Artistry In Flowers" given in the comments, and in the main marquee for the Corner Shoppes of Parklane, which I somehow totally missed when I took the initial picture above. Here it is:

UPDATE 28 March 2011 -- It's now a We Buy Gold place:

Written by ted on December 22nd, 2009

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