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Frank's Discount Tire, 1607 Fairlane Drive: 2018   3 comments

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I noticed recently that Frank's Discount Tire on Fairlane Drive is now Mavis Discount Tire. I don't have any experience with either business, but I have to say Frank's had the nicer sign. Of course I'm a sucker for neon.

Written by ted on March 12th, 2020

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Tire Kings, 5447 Two Notch Road: Summer 2018 (moved)   1 comment

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I have noticed for the past few months that Tire Kings on Two Notch near Fontaine is preparing to move.

Their new location will be 2230 Two Notch Road, which is by the AARO Rental Center. I hope they keep the crown logo sign which is nice.

UPDATE 13 June 2018 -- The move is complete:



UPDATE 29 August 2018 -- The new location:


Written by ted on May 11th, 2018

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Cheap Chuck's Tire / Buy & Save Tire Center, 2420 Broad River Road: 2016   7 comments

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I noticed that this tire center on Broad River Road was vacant last time I drove by. For now you can see a good picture of it in operation as Buy & Save in Google Street View here.

The sign proclaims that it will soon be another tire operation: Tires & Beyond. Beyond *what* I'm not sure.

Written by ted on December 14th, 2016

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Snider Tire, 501 Clemson Road: 2016 (moved)   no comments

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If you have two and a half million dollars to spare this 77,400 square foot warehouse could be all yours. Seems like it would be good for a skating rink.. if it were 30 years ago.

In the meantime, it appears that Snider Tire has moved to 1010 Idlewild Boulevard.

Written by ted on August 16th, 2016

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Bundrick's Kar Kare / Pope Davis Tire & Alignment, 2368 Taylor Street: Summer 2014   9 comments

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Commenter Matt points out that the Pope Davis on the corner of Taylor and Millwood has closed.

This was one of those open-air auto operations that you don't see much anymore -- certainly no more in this style are being built. (And some, like this have been knocked down.)

You can stll see the Bundrick's label scar on the awning. The building is still apparently owned by Pope Davis as it has not been emptied, and as yet there is no For Sale sign.

(Hat top to commenter Matt)

Written by ted on November 14th, 2014

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Go Used Tires, 7450 Two Notch Road: February 2012 (moved)   13 comments

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I have written about this building on Two Notch near O'Neil Court before, as an old Esso station.

When I did that closing, I noted that the building was for sale despite being occupied by Go Used Tires. I don't know if they just got tired of living with that Sword of Damocles over their heads or if there is an actual prospective buyer for the property, but Go moved last month to another place I've done a closing on, the old Vintage Motors a mile or so up Two Notch and next to the old Lizard's Thicket / Perkins that's now Hero Korean / Japanese.

Written by ted on March 15th, 2012

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Esso / Exxon, 7450 Two Notch Road: 1970s   1 comment

Posted at 11:04 pm in closing

This old-school Exxon on Two Notch near the I-20 interchange, and O'Neil Court is currentl Go Used Tires, but apparently that will only last until the sale of the building, which is currently on offer.

This is a classic look for an Esso/Exxon of that era. Here is a similiar one (which I believe stayed open longer) in Yulee Florida:

Hopefully the Two Notch building will not be razed, but given the age, I wouldn't bet on it.

UPDATE 5 December 2011: Added Esso to the post title based on the comments.

UPDATE 10 October 2016 -- The Two Notch building continues to deteriorate. I don't see how the next operation won't raze it. I also note the sheltered area looks to have been something of a homeless campout:














Written by ted on December 4th, 2011

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Patterson's Texaco / Tires Unlimited, 2053 Two Notch Road: around 2009   6 comments

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I don't know anything about Tires Unlimited other than that they sold used tires and were located in a very neat little building that was obviously once a service station.

It appears to be of an early '60s vintage, similar in some ways to the old Bill DuBose 66 station on Covenant.

The building now seems to be an impromptu parking lot for Blue Ribbon, and looks like it could use some TLC.

UPDATE 18 March 2011: Added "Patterson's Texaco" to the post title based on the comments.

UPDATE 25 May 2016 -- This place is to be a gas station again, albeit with a convenience store rather than service bays this time. Cheap Way is coming:




Written by ted on March 18th, 2011

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Tire America / National Tire & Battery, 7201 Two Notch Road, Suite 900: mid 2000s   12 comments

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National Tire & Battery (now a Tire Kingdom) was in this Columbia Mall outbuilding more or less behind the old Penny's location. I actually did go there once a few years ago when my car started really thinking about things before turning the starter over. I usually put Die Hards in my cars but for some reason or another I was not able to get served by Sears that day. I'm not building up to anything here -- it was perfectly acceptable service and a battery that lasted several years. (I've actually had much worse luck with alternators than batteries anyway). I guess I would have been hosed if I had needed to take advantage of the battery warranty as they closed fairly shortly thereafter, but in the event it wasn't an issue.

I don't believe the building was vacant long at all as Tire Kingdom moved in shortly thereafter. I find it a little amusing that this large, freestanding building has only a suite number, while all the little suites at The Shoppes at Meeting Place have full street numbers.

Written by ted on January 22nd, 2011

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Kershaw Tire Inc #1, 3300 Main Street: early 2009   7 comments

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Written by ted on May 28th, 2009

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