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Don's Marching & Music Society / The Library, 805 Harden Street: 8 November 2013   17 comments

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Having a bar called The Library is an old tradition in college towns. Whether it actually happens, or just the notion is enough to hang a name on, the idea is that the hard partying student will truthfully tell his parents he's spending a lot of time at the library.

Recently, in Columbia, that tradition is reported to have taken a nasty turn. Five Points has been having a terrible year as far as crime goes, and according to The State, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lot called out The Library by name:

Lott says he sent both uniformed and undercover officers to Columbia's Five Points on Oct. 26. He says the officers found a number of gang members hanging out at a bar called The Library and other people hanging out looking for fights or to rob people.

Shortly thereafter, The State reported:

The owner of a Columbia nightclub that the sheriff says is a hangout for gang members says he could be forced to close.

Justin Kershner of The Library nightclub says he was told by the state revenue department that he must pay $18,000 in back taxes by 2 p.m. Friday or give up his permits to sell beer, wine and liquor.

Finally, The State Reports:

The Library nightclub is closed indefinitely


The decision to close came a day after he said paid his back taxes and was trying to figure out how to get back into the good graces of local law enforcement.

Because of trees, it is difficult to get a good picture of The Library building from across Harden, and even on the right side of the road, the view is still a bit obstructed. When I took the first set of pictures, the signs for The Library were still up, if not easily visible. When I took the night pictures, the signage had already come down, and there was a crew inside that looked to be cleaning the place out.

UPDATE 7 December 2013: Added Don's Marching & Music Society to the post title, and check the comments for a not from the original "Don"!

Written by ted on November 14th, 2013

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Mucho Margaritas / San Jose Mexican Restaurant, 819 Harden Street: Early October 2013   13 comments

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To the best of my recollection, I've never eaten at any establishment in this Five Points storefront, to include San Jose, though I have certainly eaten at other local San Jose locations, and found them to be perfectly OK.

Commenter MB noted the closing, and pointed out that until fairly recently it was Mucho Margaritas, something I must have driven by many times without it registering at all. Already today the sign was down and folks were carting off the fixtures. With the recent closure of Dreams Of Bombay, there are now two adjacent restaurant vacancies in this building. (I don't know what, if anything, is in the upper storey).

(Hat tip to commenter MB)

UPDATE 1 July 2014 -- This will next be the bacon themed restaurant Sizzle. Mmm, Bacon!:




Written by ted on October 8th, 2013

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Good For The Sole Shoes and Accessories, 631-D Harden Street: May 2013 (moved)   4 comments

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I noticed last month while eating with relatives on the sidewalk at Yesterdays that Good For The Sole has moved from the corner suite at 631-D behind the sculpture to the old Leon's Books / Five Points Nails & Spa location at 631-C.

(And, yes, we did get panhandled..)

Written by ted on June 24th, 2013

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Greek Store & More, 745 Saluda Avenue: Early 2013   2 comments

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I'm not exactly sure what a Greek store would sell. Items branded with the logos of popular fraternities and sororities, I guess. Or it could be actual products from Greece, but I think I would have noticed that.

Anyway, the adjacent Petal Botique at 743 Saluda Avenue will be expanding into this space.

Written by ted on May 10th, 2013

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Pop's NY Pizza, 707 Harden Street: April 2013   11 comments

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Well, it appears that Pop's NY Pizza on Harden Street is no more. However, it also appears that this was more a re-flagging than a complete reboot as the new operation just switches out the first word to become Liberty's NY Pizza.

In either case, I've never been enthralled with the New York style of pizza, so I never got around to Pop's and though I wish them luck, probably won't to Liberty's either.

Written by ted on April 16th, 2013

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Your Mom's House / Good Times, 2006 Senate Street: late 2012   5 comments

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It's really uncanny how many times this little locaation on Senate Street, tucked behind Food Lion and Cookout has opened and closed. In fact, I completely missed the closing of Your Mom's House (the follow-on operation to The Cock Lounge) and both the opening *and* closing of Good Times.

I have to say, looking in the windows, that for having hosted so many clubs, the interior looks quite Spartan..

One constant as the club names come and go, is the magnificent Magnolia tree in the side yard!

UPDATE 1 July 2014 -- It's to be Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant:





Written by ted on January 29th, 2013

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Dreams of Bombay, 817 Harden Street: late 2012   no comments

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I like Indian food, but somehow never got around to trying this new Indian place in Five Points. Of course the parking situation for that location is not ideal, which is perhaps why nothing seems to get a toehold there.

(Hat tip to commenter MB)

UPDATE 1 July 2014 -- It's now Fast Eddies Calzones:


Written by ted on January 26th, 2013

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Urban Thread & More, 610 Harden Street: Late December 2012   no comments

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Urban Thread & More opened in the old American Apparel location on 16 April 2011 and closed sometime around the end of 2012. Or at least this expansion store (the "& more") closed. There is still the original Urban Thread on the other side of the street at 613 Harden, and it appears that this location has been consolidated back into that one.

(Hat tip to commenter MB)

UPDATE 19 February 2014 -- It's now Copper Penny:


Written by ted on January 20th, 2013

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Rum Runners, 724 Harden Street: October 2012   no comments

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Well, that didn't last long.

Rum Runners replaced Jungle Jim's in Five Points early in 2012. Now, in late 2012, it has been replaced with ConCOCKtions sports bar.

So far, it appears the nautical mural remains.

Written by ted on November 5th, 2012

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Master Clearners & Laundry, 1907 & 1908 Blossom Street: October 2012   3 comments

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Here is another Master Cleaners location. This one is rather interesting because it comprises two buildings on either side of Blossom Street. The odd location is the drop-off point, and the even location is the actual cleaning, storage and pick-up point. I suppose I have driven past this spot at least once a week for the past decade or so without noticing this!

Currently, it being Five Points, the drop off location has quickly become a de-facto free-parking lot.

Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ted on October 31st, 2012

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