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Integrity Tax & Bookkeeping (moved) / Arch Paging, 1724 Broad River Road: 2000s   no comments

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This vacancy is in the little strip mall across the street from Dutch Square, and just north of Palmetto Fine Cleaners.

You can see that the marquee is kept water-tight by reversing a sign for Integrity Tax & Bookkeeping. As far as I can tell, they are still around at 1230 Broad River Road (and in this year's phonebook) after having moved to another Broad River Road location in-between. I'm not sure when they would have been here, but it was probably a good while ago as googling for 1724 turns up Arch Paging instead. I think they have been gone a good while as well though, as in the phonebooks I have available at home, they are listed in the Feb 1997 one, but not the Feb 2007 edition. Of course, it's probably not a coincidence that the pager market essentially disappeared during that interval..

Written by ted on April 1st, 2011

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Palmetto Fine Cleaners, 1718 Broad River Road: 19 February 2010   1 comment

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Palmetto Fine Cleaners was on the East side of Broad River Road, more or less across from Dutch Square and Boozer Shopping Center (though not exactly across from either). It's the outbuilding of a little strip mall there, and has a really nice logo, and interesting facade. It appears to have been an orderly closing, with stored clothes passed on to another cleaner.

They also had a location on Sunset Boulevard.

Written by ted on March 10th, 2011

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Gabby's Pizza, Dutch Square: early Feb 2011   21 comments

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Gabby's Pizza replaced D'Avino's Pizzaeria (which closed in September 2009) in the little doorless corner spot across from the former Chick-Fil-A. On the face of it, this seems like one of the better spots in Dutch Square, as it sits just down from the movie theaters so that you could grab a slice before your show, but in practice apparently no so much.

While I don't know this for a fact, the name "Gabby's" is unusual enough when associated with pizza that I'm sure this outfit was connected with Gabby's Pizza & Buffet which recently closed at Fashion Place on Decker Boulevard.

(Hat tip to commenter Kc)

Written by ted on February 14th, 2011

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Boardwalk Plaza / Bum's Factory Outlet (Bum's Bummers) / Shamrock Haircutters, 1023 Bush River Road: 1984   25 comments

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Boardwalk Plaza was an odd little shopping center down the hill from Dutch Square on Bush River Road. At this point, my memories of the place are very hazy (for instance, I distinctly remember a Book Dispensary location there which I cannot verify in any directory..). However, my memory is that the "boardwalk" part of the name came from the fact that the "plaza" was really a bunch of trailers which sat above street level and so were connected with a wooden walkway rather than concrete sidewalks.

None of these pictures are actually the Boardwalk site. As far as I can tell, the address 1023 no longer exists on Bush River Road. The last block before I-26 is 900, with the Days Inn / Comfort Inn at 911 Bush River Road apparently being the last building before I-26. That leads me to think that I-26 coming through blew away the 1000 block. However, my memory is that I-26 was completed well before 1984.. Also, I used to walk to Boardwalk from Dutch Square, and thought it was closer than that.

Anyway, the 1973 City Directory, only listed one business at 1023 Bush RIver Road: Ray C. Parker Package Stores, Inc.

By the next year, while 1023 had no shopping center name attached to it, the sole listing for Ray C. Parker Package Stores, Inc. had expanded to:

Ray C. Parker Package Stores, Inc.
Bicycle Center of Columbia
Etc Bath & Boudoir
Leaf 'n 'petal
Whit-Ash Furnishings
World Of Sounds & Sights Inc

In the 1975 City Directory, 1023 Bush River road is first identified by the name Boardwalk Plaza and has building numbers identified. It had the following tenants:

Ray C. Parker Package Stores, Inc.
3) Leaf & Petal
4) Orange Owl gifts
5) World Of Sound & Sights Inc
World Of Turquoise & Imports
7) Vacant
8) Bicycle Center
10)Aquarium Pools Of Columbia
The Different Drummer ("joke products")
12) Vacant
15) Dutchbrook Interiors
16) Dan Dee Toys & Gifts
17) Vacant
18) Design Studio Inc

By 1979, the City Directory indicates a nearly total turnover:

1) Ray C. Parker Package Stores, Inc.
2) Cheap Joe's Jeans & Sportswear
4) The Final Touch
5) Vacant
6) Adams Tailor & Alterations Shop
7) Underwater Works Ltd
8) Muldrows Bar-B-Que
10) Muldrows (Overflow)
11) Vamps
12) Vacant
13) Vacant
14) Shamrock Hair Design
15) Rosco Recreation Store
16) Vacant
17) Bum's Shirt Factory Outlet
18) Korner Keg
19) Celsios Foam Insulation

1984 is the last City Directory to have an entry for Boardwalk Plaza at this point, the founding store, Ray C. Parker was gone. The tenant list was:

1) Vacant
2) Bum's Bummers shirt outlet
4) Wise Floor Covering Inc
5) Vacant
6) Adams Tailoring & Alteration Shop
7) Underwater Works Limited
8) Vacant
10) Columbia Shaver & Appliance Service
11) Vacant
12) Sims Music
13) Columbia Flag & Banner
14) Shamrock Hair Cutters
15) Direct Mailing Service
16) Vacant
17) Vacant
18) State Farm Insurance
19) Quick Print Center
The Frame Shop

I would have still been living in Columbia at this point, prior to taking a job in North Carolina in September of 1985, so you would think I would have some memory of the place closing and being torn down, but apart from radio ads for Bum's Bummers it was apparently totally off my radar screen..

UPDATE 15 March 2011: Folks, I am able to present this major picture update courtesy of one of the owners of Bum's Bummers, Barbara Summers, and the good offices of her son Lane. All these photos are property of Barbara Summers, and I use them with her kind permission. (I see in "preview" it turned out a bit confusing -- the captions for a set of pictures come after those pictures). [D'Oh! Had "Lane" as daughter rather than son -- fixed!]

Here's the plaza sign. At this point, the plaza's original entrance had been blocked off by construction of the motel that would replace the plaza.

Here are various views of the old plaza itself, already in somewhat of a disassembled state in some of the shots.

Here is Barbara herself standing on the boardwalk which gave the plaza its name.

Here is Bum's Bummers getting ready to go to 2700 Broad River Road.

Bum's is on the move, heading out then crossing I-20 moving north. Note the "Coming Soon" sign -- no kidding! Finally touchdown at the new location. (Also note the classic look Rush's in the background of two shots).

Here are Bum's and Shamrock in their new location.

Here's some notices of the move. (Note the Broad River Road Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.)

Business resumes after the move.

Construction starts on the permanent buildings at 2700 Broad River

Written by ted on December 1st, 2010

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Burger Time Chargrill & Bar, Dutch Square: 4 September 2010   6 comments

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Burger Time opened late last year, or early this year in the old Annabelle's space in Dutch Square, behind a very nice new entranceway. I never got around to trying it out as what I had heard from commenters here was not encouraging. It was never entirely off my list of places to try, but it was pretty far down, and I see from these pictures that had I gone, I would only have gotten as far as the door as I don't eat at "B" places. (Heavens knows that "A" places can be dodgy enough!).

At any rate it's not an option anymore. After taking the Intersection Center pictures in the previous post, I hopped over to Dutch Square in time to see the Burger Time fixtures being carted out the doors and into a waiting truck. The easel says that they are relocating, but no address is given, which is not a good sign.

This closing puts Dutch Square down three restaurants in the past year (Chick-Fil-A and PIccadilly being the other two -- I'm not counting D'avino's Pizza since it was quickly replaced with another pizza operation)

Written by ted on September 8th, 2010

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Something's Happening Here (Intersection Center)   11 comments

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What it is ain't exactly clear..

I'm kind of bummed over the Chung King remodel. I took lots of pictures of that figurine, and half promised myself I'd pry it off some night.

The whole Intersection Center complex has been for sale for years. I didn't see those signs on 4 Sept 2010 when I took the "new" pictures here, so perhaps it finally did sell. I would have expected in that case however that the new owner would have bulldozed the whole place, not started renovations on 40 year old buildings that were in poor repair to begin with. I wonder what will happen to the stalwarts like Hook 'n Needle that have remained open on Diamond Lane against all odds?

UPDATE 30 Sep 2010 -- Well, they're also (possibly without meaning to) got the Service Merchandise sign turned on for the first time in 8 years!

More changes:





UPDATE 21 Jan 2011: Intersection Center is to be the new campus for Word of God Church Ministries, and the old Sam Solomon/Service Merchandise building will be a 3000 seat Sanctuary. I'm glad to see this place rehabilitated!

UPDATE 28 June 2011: Added complete 4 September 2010 photoset.

UPDATE 22 September 2012: Added pictures above of the conversion of the Service Merchandise store into the chapel, and the two Intersection Center signs being converted into church signs. Added 23 October 2011 photoset.

UPDATE 24 September 2012: Added third picture of (finished) Broad River Road sign. Added 30 August 2008 photoset.

UPDATE 26 September 2012: Added 27 June 2009 photoset.

Photoset 30 August 2008

Photoset 27 June 2009

Photoset 4 September 2010

Photoset 23 October 2011

Gamestop, Dutch Square: 27 June 2010   25 comments

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Well, back to Dutch Square for another closing...

Gamestop was in Dutch Square on the south side of the main corridor just down the hill from customer service, and the Eckerd's/Piccadilly side corridor.

I don't know a lot about modern video gaming (give me Galaga, Gorf, Joust,Pengo any day..), but this is the third such store that I am aware of closing in the past year (after Game Crazy on Garners Ferry, and Play N Trade on Forest Drive). On the other hand, the Gamestop on Harbison is still going, so it's more likely an artifact of the continuing downward spiral of Dutch Square than anything else.

(Hat tip to commenter Jason.)

Written by ted on July 16th, 2010

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Morrison's Cafeteria / Piccadilly Cafeteria, Dutch Square: June 2010   14 comments

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Well, another original Dutch Square merchant bites the dust. This cafeteria started with the mall as a Morrison's back in 1970. At some point, Piccadilly bought the Morrison's chain, and the place stayed open with mearly a nameplate change, so I do consider it the same operation over the whole period. The place was on the north side of the mall, on the west entrance corridor, the one where Edkerd's used to be.

I don't believe I have eaten in a cafeteria since the early 1990s. In my mind, they were always associated with visits by elderly relatives, and involved liver, weird rice that didn't stick together like it should, and various carrot concoctions. I do believe the last one I ate in was, in fact, a PIccadilly. I had just started working in Augusta Georgia, and for some reason or other we needed some maps at the office to plan a trip (this was pre Mapquest), so a co-worker and I drove down to the ill-fated Regency Mall on the Gordon Highway to visit a bookstore and eat lunch. I could tell the minute we stepped inside the mall that it was on its way down (what can you expect when the anchor store was Montgomery Ward?), but nonetheless we got our maps and stepped into the Piccadilly. I saw enchiladas, and made the mistake of thinking that cafeteria enchiladas would be like mexican-restaurant enchiladas -- man, they were bad! (To go even further afield, I was probably the slowest guy this co-worker knew, and he was the fastest guy I ever knew. Not on this trip, but on one of our lunch trips, he locked me into his car and was already back into our building before I even realized the inside locks wouldn't work without a key..)

Anyway, with the closure of Piccadilly, I believe only Radio Shack and The Rogue remain from the original contingent of Dutch Square stores.

(Hat tips to commenters Andrew & Joe.)

Written by ted on July 12th, 2010

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All Breed Dog Grooming Shop, 19 Diamond Lane: 2000s   7 comments

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I continue to have a bit of a fascination with Intersection Center. The whole property has been up for sale several years now, but (rather unsurprisingly) it has yet to sell. Fairly recently, the owner (I assume) went as far as to blank out the "Intersection Center" sign on the Broad River Road entrance to the complex, though it is still up on the Dutch Square side.

Despite the rapidly increasing decrepitude of all the buildings in the area, a few stores (or storefronts anyway, I think one may be some sort of church) do hold on. All Breed Dog Grooming Shop is not one of those. I do know it was open as recently as 1998, so I've simply listed the closing date as 2000s.

We used to get our dogs sheared evey summer, but we never had one groomed. It sounds like kind of a poodle thing to me (not that there's anything wrong with that..)

Written by ted on May 15th, 2010

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Kitty's Hallmark, Dutch Square: Feb 2010   6 comments

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I believe this Hallmark store in Dutch Square occupied the same space as Browz-A-Bit.

I used to go into Browz-A-Bit all the time, but I can only specifically recall going into Kitty's once. As you may have gathered if you have read a lot of these posting, I'm a big fan of The Beach Boys, and for reasons which probably only make sense to them, they released a CD of live recordings and member solo tracks, Songs From Here and Back exclusively through Hallmark stores a few years back, and I picked up my copy (it's reallly pretty good) at Kitty's.

This story from The State says that sales at the Dutch Square location had declined from a million dollars a year to two hundred and fifty thousand, a decrease of 75%! Given that, I can see how closing the store made sense. Obviously this is bad for the struggling mall though. It's recently lost two national brands with this and Chick-Fil-A closing. On the plus side, it has gotten two new local restaurants, though the re-opening of the D'Avino's space as another pizzeria probably really only counts as restoring the status-quo from a mall point of view.

Written by ted on March 6th, 2010

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