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Diamond Lane: 2020   3 comments

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Diamond Lane used to be a moderately popular shopping destination, leading to Sam Solomons, as well as having a number of strip mall businesses facing the road. It also offered convenient back access to the Broad River Road facing businesses.

I noticed recently first that all the Broad River Road businesses' parking lot through-access to Diamond Lane had been cut off by gating. More recently I noticed that access to Diamond Lane itself is blocked from Dutch Square Boulevard. I understand that Word of God Church & Ministries has bought up the old Intersection Center complex, but I'm a bit puzzled, as I thought Diamond Lane was a public road.

Written by ted on May 14th, 2021

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Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 1935 Broad River Road: December 2019   4 comments

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“Our business is doing extremely well, so it’s a funny time to be getting out of the business,” Sanderson says. “I’m starting to work on my 80th birthday and it’s beyond retirement time.”

I suppose I'll be featuring all the former Sandy's locations here before too long. This is one I actually ate at at least once, and probably a few more times after shopping expeditions to Dutch Square. This store is part of the row of restaurants and other businesses that fronts on Broad River Road and backs on (or has access to) Diamond Lane in the former Intersection Center. I see now that (presumably) the church which bought all the back property has put gates cutting off through access to Diamond Lane, which I can understand -- it was kind of an odd setup.

The State has more details on Sandy's history and closing.

UPDATE 4 February 2021 -- As mentioned in the comments, this building is to become Asian Express:


UPDATE 24 June 2021 -- The Asian Express appears poised to open:



Jiffy Lube, 2121 Broad River Road: March 2019   no comments

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I was going the wrong way to get into the parking lot when I noticed this Broad River Road Jiffy Lube was closed, so these pictures are shot from a distance and against the sun, but the building looks exactly as you would expect.

This location is directly across the Intersection Center entrance from the Church's Chicken which recently closed and re-opened.

I've been to Jiffy Lube (though not this one) a number of times with no problem, but recently I have found I like the faster places like Express for simple oil changes.

Written by ted on April 23rd, 2019

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Distinguished Gentlemen Barbers, Dutch Square: 2018 (moved)   no comments

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I noticed this empty storefront recently when I turned into the parking lot here to fiddle with the stereo.

Distinguished Gentlemen was the follow-on operation to Baskin Robbins in this outside-access-only Dutch Square storefront. I believe they were setting up shop here in 2011 when I made that post. Now, if I am drawing the right conclusions from what google is telling me, they have moved to the church complex in the old Intersection Center as Frontliners at 118 Diamond Lane, Suite 17C.

The first picture amuses me a bit when I see how small the Planet Fitness sign is compared to the behemoth Belk's building they moved into.

Written by ted on September 27th, 2018

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Church's Chicken, 2001 Broad River Road: March 2018 (Open again, again)   3 comments

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Well, one less now..
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Carolina Title Loan, 1929 Broad River Road: Winter 2016   3 comments

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This former Pizza Hut in front of Intersection Center had been a title loan operation at least since 2012 and is now again vacant.

Since these old Pizza Hut buildings are so distinctive, I guess you have to decide whether people referring to you as "that place in the old Pizza Hut" as a plus or a minus..

(Hat tip to commenter Toby)

UPDATE 24 June 2021 -- This is to be K Seafood Market:


Also adding map icon.

Written by ted on February 10th, 2017

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Indian Supermarket, 2009 Broad River Road: September 2012   2 comments

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This small Indian market was the follow-on operation to Groucho's Deli in this Broad River Road storefront. It started sometime before November 2011 and I'm pretty sure I saw it still open in early September 2012.

Written by ted on October 1st, 2012

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Taco Cid / Sammi's Deli, 1931 Broad River Road: August 2012   14 comments

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Sammi's Deli still has a Broad River Road location in Irmo near the Publix plaza, but this one in front of the old Intersection Center has changed hands and will become a Nick's.

Nick's seems to be using the Lizard's Thicket "hermit crab" strategy of moving into buildings which were already set up as restaurants. This will be the third new location they have opened or will open over the past year. They have already opened in the old Taco Bell location on Decker and appear close to opening in the old Tony O's Pizza on Saint Andrews.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 17 September 2012 -- The comments have reminded me this used to be a Taco Cid so I have added that to the post title. I have also copied commenter Melanie's matchbook scans here:

UPDATE 30 August 2022: Updating tags and adding map icon.

Hook 'n Needle, 28 Diamond Lane: 2011 (Moved)   14 comments

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Sewing & crochet shop Hook 'n Needle was a long-time retail stalwart at Intersection Center. In fact, I'm pretty sure they were the last shop there to either go under or move. Happily, the latter applies here, and at some point this year, Hook 'n Needle moved to the North-West corner of Boozer Shopping Center.

The first three pictures of the old location are from 29 August 2008, the fourth is from 4 September 2010 and the last three are from 24 September 2011.

The church rebuilding Intersection Center continues to make good progress, and hopefully I'll have some pictures of the repurposed Service Merchandise and the new fountain up soon.

UPDATE 22 January 2020: Add map icon, update tags.

Groucho's Deli, 2009 Broad River Road: December 2010   2 comments

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I eat at Groucho's from time to time -- most often at the Forest Drive or Pawleys Island locations. (Curiously, I've never been to the Five Points original store). I never made it to this location, on Broad River Road at Intersection Center.

This particular strip of Broad River, with easy access from the Diamond Lane in the back, used to have quite a number of fast food joints. Some like Sandy's and Church's are hanging on. Others like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have moved. Others like Taco Cid have simply closed.

The care someone took to line the old signs up with the checks on the floor is rather touching.

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

UPDATE 22 November 2011 -- It's now an Indian grocery as shown in this not very good pic:

Written by ted on December 15th, 2010

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