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Grashopper Club / Legion Hut / Vet's Hall, Bluff Road @ Gills Creek: circa 2007   13 comments

Posted at 11:05 pm in nightclub

This delapidated bar is on Bluff Road just south of I-77 on the banks of Gills Creek next to the old Diamonds strip club. The whole area has had a lot of recent land clearing, and since I took these pictures, a real-estate sign has been put up on the property.

I didn't see any street number on the building and so wasn't able to google it to see exactly what it had been. I suspect that if I had gone in, some of the notices on the door or something else inside might have given me a clue, but from the state of the place I figured I would need a hard hat and steel toed shoes to be comfortable doing that.

Some of the bar fixtures and chairs are still in there, but the stuffed animals are something of a puzzle.

UPDATE 29 April 2014 -- I've updated the post title from "Bar" to "Grasshopper Club / Legion Hut / Vet's Hall".

Also, commenter BJ sends in this Vet's Hall playbill:


Now, there is not a year listed, but we know that 30 March fell on Friday in 2007, and that "Burns Out Bright" apparently debuted in 2004 and "Skull Baby" debuted in 2003, so I'm saying this has to be 30 March 2007 and not 30 March 2001 or 30 March 1990. Therefore, I'm updating the closing date to "circa 2007".


26 January 2014

Written by ted on April 22nd, 2014

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Tony's Restaurant, 3055 Bluff Road: January 2014   no comments

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Tony's is a small breakfast and lunch operation on Bluff Road just South of I-77, in the Cricket Plaza.

I'm not sure from the sign if this is a permanent or temporary closing. And I'm not sure if the "construction" is Tony's specific, or refers to the general land clearing going on in the old Diamond's area right now.

UPDATE 13 May 2014 -- Now Creekside Cafe:



Written by ted on January 28th, 2014

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Exxon, 2842 Charleston Highway: 1970s   1 comment

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This old service station, now a tire & brake center, is on the Charleston Highway, in that little corner in between I-77 and I-26.

I'm pretty sure it was an Exxon at one time (and may even have gone back into the Esso era). The vending machine bay to the left of the station is very typical of the old days -- a station generally would not like you hanging around inside, which was as much or more "the office" than a retail area.

I'm just guessing "1970s" as a closing date. It could have been much later, but that's when the classic "gas station" started to go into decline..

Written by ted on March 27th, 2013

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Hardee's, 5417 Forest Drive: Mid March 2013   10 comments

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I was quite surprised to see this Hardee's, more or less at the corner of Percival Road and Forest Drive, closed.

As far as I could tell driving by daily, it seemed to do a reasonable amount of business. What's more, this section of Forest Drive is now an Interstate exit zone, so it should have been drawing from more than just the local area.

My first thought was that the opening of Cookout just a few slots down the road was the cause. The problem with that theory is that Hardee's does a brisk breakfast business, and Cookout, as far as I know, doesn't have a breakfast menu.

The more daylight shots above are from commenter kholler: Thanks!

(Hat tip to commenters Mr. Hat and Kholler)

UPDATE 12 July 2013 -- As mentioned in the comments, this is to become a Sonic:






UPDATE -- The place opens for business this morning (9 Sept 2013) at 6AM. Here is some more of the work from a few weeks ago:

Written by ted on March 24th, 2013

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Marion Burnside Chrysler Plymouth, 7201 On The Sumter Highway / Jim Hudson Cadillac Sabb 7201 Garners Ferry Road: January 2012 (moved)   11 comments

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Marion Burnside Chrysler Plymouth was a constant breakfast-table presence while I was growing up due to their memorable commercials on WIS Radio. At this remove, it a little cloudy what the exact lyrics to their jingle were, but clearly they spelled out the word "Marion" and drove home the fact that they were at "Seventy Two Oh One on the Sumter Highway!". Here's the way several people recall it (as first seen on the Ads & Jingles page:

Mar-i-on is the name to remember,
7201 on the Sumter High-Way!
M-- "More Service"
A-- "Able to Serve You"
R-- "Real Value"
I-- "something something!"
O--"something something!"
N--"something something!"


M A R, I O N,
Marion Burnside Plymouth in Columbia
M for Marion Burnside Plymouth in Columbia
A at 7201 the Sumter Highway
R ready to serve you
I integrity
O opportunity
N now go!

(commenter Dennis)

M- Marion Brunside Chrysler Plymouth in Columbia
A- address 7201 Sumter Highway
R- ready to serve you
I- Integrity
O- Opportunity
N- Now Come

(commenter GB)

It's a bit hard to conceptualize now, but before I-77 and the growth of the metro area, this lot was way out in the boonies, or at least that's how I considered it. It was something we would pass on the way to the beach, and not something I considered as being "in town" at all. In the event, we were a Ford/Mecury family in those days (something 1970s' Mecurys cured us of), so I never actually paid a visit to Marion Burnside, and am a bit hazy as to when it closed. I'm thinking the late 1970s, but I could be wrong.

Jim Hudson moved into the Marion building sometime later, and had been there quite a while by the time they got caught up earlier this month in the general flight to Blythewood that has already taken Dick Dyer Toyota, Lexus of Columbia and a surprising number of other dealerships.

After a long series of days when I could only take pictures as the sun went down, or when the day was completely overcast, I had some hopes for these pictures. In particular, the sidelot with all the little plastic flags strung up was quite photogenic as they glittered in the early afternoon sun. Of course, the instant I got out of the car, the sun went behind the clouds, and I got yet another gray set of pix. The only partial benefit was that shooting against the sun as I had to do for most of these was a little less bad (Less bad, but still *bad*).

(Hat tip to commenter Frank)

Written by ted on January 15th, 2013

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The Cricket Club / Larry's Lounge / Pleasers / Pleasers 2 / Diamonds, 3028 Bluff Road: 2009   4 comments

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I noticed this defunct strip club on Bluff Road the other day, on the west side of the road just south of the I-77 exit.

According to what I can find, it has been several clubs, the last of which Diamonds was in business as recently as 2009, but from the state of the building, nobody has done any maintenance since then. (Though it is still in better shape than Liquids).

The names raise some interesting questions. For instance, there was a Diamonds on Berryhill Road. Is there a connection? And: If this was Pleasers 2, where was Pleasers 1?

It is next door to a building even more decrepit about which I will try to find something out so I can eventually do a closing for it as well.

UPDATE 29 October 2012: Commenter tonkatoy says that back in the 70s, this was The Cricket Club. Bit of a sticky wicket, that!

Update 5 November 2012: Well one of the questions above is answered. Commenter BMJae says that the club was named Pleasers and then was closed due to fire, taking the name Pleasers 2 upon reopening after repair and remodel. I have added the name Pleasers to the post title.

Written by ted on October 29th, 2012

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Shoe Town, 6790 Garners Ferry Road: 2012   4 comments

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As far as I can tell, the opening of I-77 hasn't really helped Landmark Square much. It's nice they got one of the new Krispy Kremes, but the rest of the place still could use a good makeover.

Looking back in the Feb 1997 phonebook, says that this little shoe storefront was founded some time after that (though there was a "Shoe City" on Garners Ferry back then..) and lasted until this year.

Written by ted on July 11th, 2012

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30th Anniversary Heroes Convention, Charlotte Convention Center: 24 June 2012   1 comment

Posted at 12:28 am in events,out-of-area

Written by ted on June 25th, 2012

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Thompson's Grand Rental Station, 7809 Two Notch Road: 2011   2 comments

Posted at 12:48 am in stores

I noticed recently that this place, next to the old Galaxy World arcade was vacant, but had no memory of what it was.

The sign was inside propped up against the window, but I didn't want anyone thinking I was fooling around with their car, so I didn't get out. Google says it was a party rental store, Thompson's Grand Rental Station.

I'm sure that wasn't the first tenant though. The building is another one of those buildings "of a certain age" in Columbia with rock facades, and the odd little bay-window nook on the back side looks as thought it may have been a drive-up window at some point.

According to my fuzzy memory, this little stretch of road, now elevated above Two Notch proper was once Two Notch itself before I-77 was cut through. I also think there was a little locksmith kiosk up there for a long time, even after Two Notch moved.

UPDATE 12 September 2012 -- It's now a Harley store:



Written by ted on November 18th, 2011

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Garage / (La)Berne Equipment(?), 819 Leesburg Road: 1980s(?)   8 comments

Posted at 11:36 pm in business

I figured I could at least get a street address by tracking down the Colliers Keenan listing for this Leesburg Road property just east of I-77, across from Greenlawn Cemetary and alongside Pringle Road, but for some reason, I can't find it on the Colliers site.

That being the case, I know essentially nothing about this building other than it is in poor shape and looks to have been a car repair garage. The trussed arched wood roof is very nice although open to the sky in most places now, and there are a couple of mysteries posed by the coat hangers and the jaunty mascot.

UPDATE 1 November 2011: Added the full street address to post title.

UPDATE 21 January 2014: Commenter badger suggests the correct street address is 819 Leesburg Road. I don't have any better guess, so I have changed the post title to use 819 instead of 821. He also suggests the business was either Berne or Laberne Equipment, so I am adding those as well.

Written by ted on October 28th, 2011

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