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Ya Food, 10050 Two Notch Road Suite 8: October 2012   4 comments

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Over the last year or so, there's been some question whether Ya Food in the Walmart plaza on Two Notch was trying to change it's name, or emphasize the hibichi identity, but a few weeks ago, a commenter (whose comment and name I have unfortunately misplaced) pointed out that it was now entirely closed, and indeed that seems to be the case.

Written by ted on November 3rd, 2012

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Golden Skillet / Good Day Chinese Restaurant, 5128 Fairfield Road Suite C: 2011   5 comments

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Good Day Chinese Restaurant in North Columbia Square on Fairfield Road reminds me a bit of the old Chung King restaurant in Intersection Center, at least as far as having painstaking, attractive, woodwork nailed to the bricks.

The building itself obviously predates Good Day and it's on the tip of my tongue what it must have been originally, but for some reason I'm drawing a blank.

UPDATE 30 September 2012 -- Tender as Quail! Tasty as Pheasant!

Commenters have identified the original tenant of this building as Golden Skillet and pictures like this one confirm that. I don't know when that closed, but it was before the February 1997 phonebook, and Wikipedia suggests the chain went into decline after 1981.

Written by ted on September 28th, 2012

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China Royal Restaurant, 5100 Two Notch Road: 1970s   5 comments

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It seems unlikely that this building, which is partly a car wash and partly a barber shop, at 5100 Two Notch road is the one which originally housed China Royal Restaurant, especially as the 1976 yellow pages ad says that they could seat 250 people. It is however at the same address.

It's interesting that this stretch of Two Notch used to have a number of restaurants, including aside from this one The Ranch and Huddle House

UPDATE 26 March 2012 -- Interesting. Commenter Mike says that in fact China Royal was in the same building that also housed The Ranch and is now This Is It! Video on one side and a nightclub on the other:

The address of that building is now 5024 Two Notch Road, and the current asignee of the 5100 address (above) seems to make sense as it comes right as a new block starts..

Written by ted on March 26th, 2012

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McDonald's Hamburgers / King's Chef Chinese Restaurant, 1217 Sunset Drive: January 2012 (open again)   12 comments

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Driving down Sunset to North Main the other day, I noticed that King's Chef Chinese Restaurant is closed -- closed and fenced off, to be exact. I'm not entirely sure when this happened, but I drove by a number of times in December and didn't notice anything wrong, so I'm guessing January.

Just from looking at the building, it was evident that it had been a chain fast-food place of some sort before King's Chef moved in, and a glance at my 1997 phonebook confirms that the original tenant was McDonald's. I don't recall when that closed (and don't have the directories at home to research it), but I think King's Chef has been there a good while, so I would guess early 2000s.

King's Chef is not the only re-purposed fast food in the area. Almost directly across the street is a Long John Silver's which has been turned into a TitleMax. (And of course, the Family Dollar next to King's Chef is a re-purposed Eckerd Drugs.)

UPDATE 6 February 2012: Commenter Thomas notes that there was a fire here and that they are rehabilitating the building, so I have appended "temporary" to the post title.

UPDATE 18 September 2012 -- It's open again (and has been for a while):


Written by ted on February 6th, 2012

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Splendid China Buffet, 7461 Two Notch Road: September 2011   13 comments

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I've written about this building before in a closing for D'Lites / Miami Sub Grill. Splendid China Buffet has occupied the space since then, and seems to do a good business. The door sign is a little vague about what is going on. Certainly the construction is happening (and seems quite thorough..), and I don't doubt that something with the same ownership will open here again, but it's not clear it will still be Splendid China -- It looks more like a total refit.

BTW, does anyone have the definitive name for the sidestreet between Splendid China and Lowes? I've see that I've used both "Firelane Road" and "Fire Lane Drive" in the past. Google Maps seems to think "Fire Lane Road", Mapquest goes with "Firelane Road", and I'm sure I got the "Fire Lane Drive" from some source..

UPDATE 17 October 2011 -- Wow! There's *remodeling* and then there's this:

(also added a night picture of the place still operating at top)

UPDATE 16 July 2012 -- It pains my sense of order to stick this update in the middle of the post, and above the 1 February 2012 update, but I have run across these pictures on my drive that predate the pictures in that update. (They are from 27 December 2011):





UPDATE 1 February 2012: Took the temporary? notation off the post title. At this point it is clear that Splendid China is not coming back, but that instead the place will now be known as Jasmine Buffett as these two poorly composed drive-by shots show. Presumably with that name it will still be an Asian buffet:

UPDATE 16 April 2012 -- Jasmine looks pretty close to completion:


UPDATE 15 May 2012 -- Jasmine Buffet is up and running:



Written by ted on September 25th, 2011

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Sunbeam Thrift Store, 7311 Parklane Road: June 2011   2 comments

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It seems to me that there used to be a number of "day old" bakery thrift stores around town, but I can't recall seeing any recently. This one on Parklane not from from the old Sounds Familiar location was completely unknown to me. It appears from the signage and construction permit that it will reopen as Panda Chinese Restaurant, which will make three (that I know of) in the general area.

(Hat tip to commenter Miz T)

Written by ted on August 29th, 2011

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China One Chinese Restaurant, 5718 Farrow Road: 2009 (moved)   1 comment

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I thought I had already posted this one. I distinctly remember taking a bunch of pictures of the vacant building, but apparently I never go around to uploading them and making a post.

Anyway, this Chinese restaurant moved from its rather delapidated building up the street to 5432 Farrow Road. In the meantime, between when I took the original, missing, pictures, and when I took this one in January 2011, Pari Mini Mart & Deli has moved in. This makes (at least) two non-Chinese places with Chinese decor in town. (At least three if Grandma's hasn't changed their sign yet).

UPDATE 10 January 2012 -- A better picture of the new location:

Written by ted on May 25th, 2011

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Golden City Restaurant, 1729 Charleston Highway: 2010   10 comments

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Golden City is listed in this year's (Feb-2010/Feb-2011) phonebook, so it can't have been closed for too long. I find it a little interesting however, that Loopnet describes the place as "recently renovated" while work is clearly currently ongoing.

I'm not sure how long Golden City was there. Without going to the library, I can confirm that it existed in 1998, but not in 1976. Again according to Loopnet, the building was built in 1970, so there must have been other operations there over the years. And, speaking of the building -- it's rather an interesting one. The back part is fairly standard looking, but the trapezoid in front is quite unusual.

I wonder how accurate the English name is. If each Chinese glyph equates to a word (or idea) then there are four words getting squoze down into the two word "Golden City". Can anyone translate?

Written by ted on October 22nd, 2010

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Kentucky Fried Chicken / Taste of China Hut, 1825 Rosewood Drive: late 2000s   7 comments

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A couple of people have mentioned this former KFC building on Rosewood Drive. According to commenter Beth, it closed as Taste of China Hut about 3 years ago, and is still owned by the same folks. I see that there are still Taste of China Huts on Decker Boulevard and Main Street.

This setup is interesting in that the dumpster alcove is freestanding and brick. I came up on it from behind and couldn't figure out what in the world it was until I got to the other side.

Notice the sign for Football Parking stowed behind the building -- It seems like a long way to walk from there to the stadium, but if you're crazy enough to brave a game day anyway, I guess it's not out of the question.

(Hat tip to commenter Beth, and some others I've forgotten..)

UPDATE 11 July 2014 -- This building is gone:










Written by ted on March 16th, 2010

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China City / Little China Buffet, 2500 Decker Boulevard: Jan 2010 (closed again)   9 comments

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I believe this Chinese restaurant on a Decker Mall outparcel has been there in one form or another ever since Decker Mall opened, making it much more durable than any of the stores inside the mall.

I'm not really sure when it closed. I was driving by today around noon and noticed that there were no cars in the lot, which I thought was odd, so I stopped to take a look. There is absolutely no indication that it is closed, other than the fact that it was not open. There was no "Sorry, Thanks for X Wonderful Years!" sign or anything like that, and all the fixtures still seem to be in place as well as third party items such as the gumball machines.

I'm saying "Jan 2010" then since that is recently enough to look fresh but far enough in the past that the phone being disconnected (which it is) makes sense.

This place is almost across the street from the old Jumbo Asian Buffet which is also defunct, but there is another Chinese restaurant just up the hill on Decker a bit, so the neighboorhood is not totally bereft.

UPDATE 19 Feb 2010: Added "China City" to the post title based on the comments.

UPDATE 5 June 2012 -- Somebody has been working inside this building recently after years of no activity at all:


UPDATE 12 July 2012 -- Open again!



UPDATE 14 November 2019: Updating the post status to "closed again". As I mention in the comments, I had taken new pictures and actually updated this post at one point to reflect the second closing, but lost it in a database crash. The pictures at least I should be able to dig up again if I remember to make an effort. Also updated the tags and added a map icon.

UPDATE 28 February 2020 -- Here are some pictures I found from 12 April 2015:







Written by ted on February 19th, 2010

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