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Utopia Food and Spirits, 3830 Rosewood Drive:July 2014 (moved)   5 comments

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Utopia in the old Doc's Gumbo Grille location on Rosewood has moved to 4330 Fort Jackson Boulevard, the old Pizza King location across from LaBrasca's.

According to their Kickstarter for moving info, they lost their lease here, which suggests that something new will be going in fairly quickly. The place has seen something of a revolving door set of restaurants since long term tenant Keg O'Nails moved out.

(Hat tip to commenter Travis)

Update 11 August 2014 -- Here is the new location:


Chocolate Nirvana Bakery, 1531 Richland Street: July 2014 (moving)   15 comments

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And I forget just why I taste
Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile

I think a chocolate Nirvana would definitely be my favorite kind, and Columbia's is moving from Richland Street near Bull to the much tenanted former Jesudi's location on Fort Jackson Boulevard, most recently home to Sammiches.

It hasn't been a hospitable spot for regular restaurants recently, perhaps a bakery concept will do better.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

Sammiches & More, 4405 Fort Jackson Boulevard: Late February 2014   8 comments

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(I see a lot of folks from Facebook stopping by this page today. If you like this kind of stuff, go to the Alphabetical Closings page for lots more defunct Columbiana -- Ted 28 Feb 2014)

24 December 2013:








15 January 2014:




27 February 2014:









Well, that didn't last too long, I'm afraid. Sammiches was the follow-on operation to The Diner in the old Jesudi's building across from the Kmart. They opened in January 2014 and closed after about a month.

I only stopped by once, and I'm afraid I wasn't too impressed. First, I was expecting.. sammiches, and there were actually very few on the menu (and not ones I would normally go for) and second, the place was freezing. I had my sweater and my windbreaker the one buttoned and the other fully zipped up and I was still cold. The menu was some stapled laser-printed sheets, and I was the only one in the building. I had the feeling at the time (early Feb) that the place was not long for the world.

After commenter CayceKid mentioned that the place seemed closed, I rode by this afternoon (27 Feb) and there was a U-Haul van in front and the place was obviously being stripped -- something a look inside later in the evening confirmed.

(Hat tip to commenter CayceKid)

Written by ted on February 28th, 2014

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The Diner, 4405 Fort Jackson Boulevard: September 2013   45 comments

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As reported by commenter Mike, The Diner on Fort Jackson Boulevard just behind the new Whole Foods is closed for "renovations". I believe this place has been open for a bit over a year and a half, launching in January 2012 in the old Jesudi's etc location.

Given that they did extensive renovations on the place before opening, it's hard to imagine what needs upgrading now. While I certainly hope it is not the case here, it seems to me that more than half the times a restaurant closes for "renovations", that turns out to be more of a hope than a plan, and the closure becomes permanent.

UPDATE 24 October 2013 -- Well, looks like that's it for The Diner:







I've taken the "remodeling" tag off the subject line.

Written by ted on September 24th, 2013

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Kmart #4043, 4400 Fort Jackson Boulevard: 3 June 2012   76 comments

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This Kmart, accessible from Fort Jackson Boulevard, Devine Street, Crowson Road and Wildcat Road has been there for my entire, remembered, life (it is technically a little younger than I am), and was a place I went many times with my Mother over the years (though probably not as many times as to the Two Notch store). In the beginning, the left side of the Kmart building was occupied by a Big Star grocery and then by an Old America Store. Finally, in the throes of the last good idea the chain had, Kmart converted to a Big-K format store and expanded into the old grocery space. This status-quo lasted a good number of years, but recently there have been signs of malaise like closing and trying to rent out the auto service bays.

I want to like Kmart as I have good childhood memories of the place, but their current strategy seems to be to not have a strategy, other than, perhaps, closing stores when Wal Mart opens nearby. Now, I'm not saying I know what a successful stragegy for them would be, but good heavens, they have to try *something*! Go 24 hours, get Martha Stewart back, co-brand with The Food Channel, open in-store bowling alleys -- something!

And hire some staff, yes, that's expensive, but if you're in a "bet the company" situation (and you are, whether you think of it that way or not) you've got to make shopping easy. The last time I stopped at this store, I was in a bit of a hurry and found my item quickly, but it was in a locked display case with nobody in the department. The staff I could find in other departments were very friendly, but couldn't leave their area and nobody ever showed up who could make the sale before I had to go -- so they didn't make that sale, and I'm not sure they can afford to not make sales.

Anyway, as of Memorial Day, the place was not completely picked clean and still had some reasonable looking bargins. I noticed in particular, that if you need some alkaline batteries, now is the time to get your "Die Hard" AAA, AA 9V & Cs (didn't see any Ds).

UPDATE 6 June 2012 -- And, it's gone!







UPDATE 11 June 2012 -- Pix from 7 June. The Devine Street roadside sign is gone, and the marquee sign is about to go:











UPDATE 14 June 2012: Added full 7 June 2012 photoset.

UPDATE 20 June 2012 -- As these pictures from 8 June show, all the signage is now gone (also added full 8 June photoset below):













Photoset 7 June 2012

Photoset 8 June 2012

UPDATE 7 October 2019: Add map icon, update tags.

Fast Cash Payday Advance, 4464 Devine Street: 2010   11 comments

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Here's yet another Payday loan storefront that is no longer with us. This one is in the Bi-Lo/Staples plaza at the confluence of Devine, Cross Hill and Fort Jackson Boulevard. (Curiously, this strip mall does not seem to have a name, or at least not one on its marquee.)

Not that this closing leaves the place without a loan operation -- this is where Capitol Loan Office moved to from Main Street. And also note that if you lease this space, you apparently get a free MoneyGram neon sign, which is kind of nifty.

Written by ted on May 14th, 2012

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Bullwinkle's / RB's Sports Bar & Grill / El As De Oros / Bar La Movida: 4338 Fort Jackson Boulevard: 2000s etc   1 comment

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This little, much bar-ed, building is on Fort Jackson Boulevard, at Crowson Road, near the former Check World, and Jesudi's and across the street from La Brasca.

As far as I can tell, El As De Oros means "The Golden Ace", and Bar La Movida means something like "Party Bar" or "Groovy Spot Bar".

El As De Oros applied for their liquor license in 2004, which puts a timeframe on that operation. I am unsure of the status of Bar La Movida. When I took these shots, I was sure it was closed, but they applied for a liquor license in April of this year (2011), so it's possible I just never drive by late enough to see anyone there. The only data point I have on Bullwinkle's is that it was listed in the February 1997 phonebook and I don't know anything about RB's at all.

Written by ted on December 22nd, 2011

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Burger King, 4456 Devine Street: 30 November 2011   27 comments

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This has already been discussed a good bit on Have Your Say, but:

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce.. Looks like another Columbia Burger King has closed shop. This one was on Devine Street, just before it intersects in a triangle with Fort Jackson Boulevard and Cross Hill Road. It's certainly a less tony section than the bulk of Devine, and a number of businesses have come and gone in the general area over the years. It is, however, also just across from where the upscale Whole Foods will be going into the former Family Mart / Kroger, so it will be interesting to see what eventually ends up here. Or, it could just be those poor registers saying "Cannot Locate Fileserver" for years..

(Hat tip to commenter Frank)

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If You're Struggling... Don't Make It Hard for People to Buy Stuff   13 comments

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Retail 101, you might think.

I need a gift for this weekend, and thought a pair of binoculars might be nice. As I was eating lunch at Ruby Tuesday, I decided I might as well check out K-Mart since it was right across the street, and on my way home. I didn't really expect a good result, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The place was like an uninhabited cavern, with seemingly about 5 employees in the whole store. The binoculars, as it turned out, were in Sporting Goods rather than cameras and electronics, and the section was completely unstaffed. Of course the half-way decent looking ones were all in a locked case, and totally unmarked as to price. (And all, even the best looking ones, were blister-packed -- Not the "classy" effect I wanted, or as easy to wrap as a boxed item, but I was willing to live with it).

I stood for about 10 minutes with no employees in the area and no bell or buzzer for the counter. When I looked further, there didn't seem to be any employees in that entire quadrant of the store. Finally I gave up and started walking out. As I passed Electronics the guy there asked me if I needed help finding anything, at which point I complained I needed someone to sell me something. He called on the PA for an associate to Sporting Goods, so I went back there and waited another 10 minutes, then left. That's a purchase going to Target, Wal-Mart or at any rate someone else..

Written by ted on June 1st, 2011

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Check World, 4326 Fort Jackson Boulevard: 2010   no comments

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Here's another payday loan company that's moved or maybe closed. This one is next to the new Wristwatch Doc location and next to the Applebee's at the corner of Devine and Fort Jackson. The door sign is ambiguous as to what happened, but given that the Chextop location looks to have been there a number of years, I'm guessing that Check World went out of business and sold their accounts next door.

The building itself puts me in the mind of a number of similar buildings around town. One of them, I think, is the Typewriter Exchange on Two Notch, and another is the nearby Dollar General on Beltline though in that case the building is a good bit larger.

UPDATE 11 August 2014 -- The Check World building has been completely gutted:


Written by ted on May 19th, 2011

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