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Chocolate Nirvana Bakery, 1531 Richland Street: July 2014 (moving)   15 comments

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And I forget just why I taste
Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile

I think a chocolate Nirvana would definitely be my favorite kind, and Columbia's is moving from Richland Street near Bull to the much tenanted former Jesudi's location on Fort Jackson Boulevard, most recently home to Sammiches.

It hasn't been a hospitable spot for regular restaurants recently, perhaps a bakery concept will do better.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

15 Responses to 'Chocolate Nirvana Bakery, 1531 Richland Street: July 2014 (moving)'

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  1. The area around Fort Jackson Blvd. and Devine Street is doing quite well after the addition of Whole Foods Market.
    It's just that the area in general has not stretched out all that far down Jackson Blvd. as it has going east and west on Devine.

    I can see where this may be a good move for Nirvana,
    especially once something is done with the old K-Mart building.
    My opinion is that there are already an over abundance of restaurants in the area, and that may be why Sammiches did not survive, just a little to far out at the moment for the people who shop at and around Whole Foods.
    A Bakery though, should pull people in that direction.

    Remember Cribb's Bakery in Five Points? And what was the name of the bakery on Forest Drive, just down from the Providence Hospital? People certainly went a little out of their way to patronize those two.
    Good luck to Nirvana, I'll stop in and see what's tasty.


    16 Jul 14 at 12:16 am

  2. Tasty Bake Shop, Artistry In Pastry.


    16 Jul 14 at 12:39 am

  3. Rick plans call for a shopping development called Rosewood Crossing at the former Kmart. I was thinking that the goal was to have it open by the time the Christmas Holoday shopping season gets here but it's looking less an fleas likely that it will happen. I wonder when the construction will begin but once complete it will feature PetSmart, Marshall's and Michael's.


    16 Jul 14 at 1:15 am

  4. The news feed on the site that Andrew linked now says that the Rosewood Crossing development is slated to be complete by May 2015. Also, now they've added a Five Below to the anchor stores, never heard of it.


    16 Jul 14 at 7:21 am

  5. Ted thanks for reminding me about Tasty Bake Shop.
    My subliminal mind was obviously trying to pull up the name of Tasty Bake Shop, stored somewhere deep in the hippocampus or perirhinal cortex of my brain, when I said "I'll stop in and see what's TASTY". As in Tasty Bake Shop.


    16 Jul 14 at 8:46 am

  6. Andrew thanks for the link, it was very interesting. I still remember my family shopping at that K-Mart back in the 1960's. We bought a parakeet there when I was around eight years old, I named him Tweety. They also sold aquariums and the fish to go in them, and hamsters. I purchased a mini bike from that K-Mart in 1970, it had drum brakes on the rear, $135.00 bucks. K-Mart also had a nice record section with all the latest albums. In 1972 I purchased my first 8-Track Tape Player from the Automotive section. It was called a Mini Eight due to the small size, I mounted it under the dash of my 1972 Mustang my Dad bought me as my first car, a couple of Bass 48 rear deck mount speakers and I was "The Man".
    I believe the first 8-Track tape I bought was by the Ventures. They did a song called Wipe Out with a really cool drum solo. Then of course when I started dating I had to get the David Gates and Bread Tape. Out at night with my girl, pop in the tape, play a little "Baby I'm a Want you" and the good times began.

    As Ted mentioned in another post, 1973 does not seem that long ago, It does and it doesn't. I remember some of those times so well it seems like last week, but when I dwell on those thoughts for a moment.... It was such a long time ago.


    16 Jul 14 at 11:17 am

  7. I had envisioned Five Below making it to Columbia as I have seen one in Glen Allen, VA near family I have there...I think they're like Dollar Tree except for they sell stuff with a price range of $1-$5...I haven't been in one but they seem to sell various toys, crafts and a few tech items as well (per their site)...perhaps I'll have to check it out when I'm up there next...

    Rick's comment of 1973 not being long ago has me wondering what he remembers about the big blizzard of that year. I have a friend whose youngest son was born that year and she made it home just as that blizzard was starting and she was happy to be riding it out at home vs. the hospital...


    16 Jul 14 at 5:30 pm

  8. Andrew, I have some great stories to tell about the blizzard that I will post later, just now I am ready to go to bed after a hard day. But I will think about all the things that happened back then and lay them out tomorrow. Maybe you will remember some as well.


    16 Jul 14 at 9:08 pm

  9. For some reason, I don't have many memories of the '73 blizzard. I was in the 9th grade and by the time they dismissed school there was already about 6 inches on the ground. By the time it was all said and done we had between 18 and 24 inches on our property. We were out of school for about a week. I probably spent most of the time in my room listening to music or watching TV. Hell, there was nothing to do in Irmo in 1973.

    Here are a couple of short clips I found on Youtube....


    16 Jul 14 at 11:43 pm

  10. I have much clearer memories of the 1979 storm.

    My most vivid memory of the '73 storm is that I thought since I was wearing rubber boots to walk in the snow anyway, I could wade into a local pond -- I got my boots stuck in the mud with my shoes inside them and had to walk home in the snow barefoot..


    17 Jul 14 at 12:21 am

  11. 1979 is much clearer to me as well. I got stuck at work over the weekend. Had to sleep in chairs or on conference room tables. Had to break into the cafeteria to get something to eat. Had 2 cases of beer in the trunk of my car and couldn't get to it because the doors and trunk of the car were frozen shut. Not a fun time.....


    17 Jul 14 at 1:08 am

  12. It was March 31st 1972 and I was fourteen years old. It was a very exciting day for me because tomorrow was my birthday, I was turning fifteen. I had not looked forward to a birthday this much for several years. My Dad was taking the day off from work so we could go to the Highway Department on Shop Road, I would be taking my drivers test.

    Being able to drive was very important to me, I had girl friends, and I was not happy riding my bike to their house when I could be driving.
    I guess one might say I was older, or thought I was older, than my fifteen years. I was biting at the bullet to drive so I could date, among other things. The big day came, I would be taking my drivers test in Dad's 1972 Gran Torino. I almost failed due to a sorry 3 point turn I attempted. I was granted a learners permit anyway, with the instructors brow beating that I need to be more careful.

    April 1st 1972, a date that has been a datum point for many events that have occurred in my life. I remember getting my first car, a 1972 Mustang. Ever since I have been a Mustang fan, having owned a total of seven and I still own two today, a 1967 my son and I restored and a 1998 COBRA. The COBRA has a "Off Road Use Only" exhaust system and just sounds awesome, you'll know it when you hear one, it SNARLS.

    Looking back, the year of the great blizzard in SC, I wasn't even old enough to wipe my own ass yet, even though I thought I knew everything.
    The first day the snow began to fall, I went for a ride, WOW it was so much fun cutting donuts in the parking lot of the old A&P grocery store on Garners Ferry Road. I think now how my Dad would have killed me if he knew what I was doing, or if I had wrecked the car.

    At fifteen, I did not fear or worry about what may happen next, I looked forward to what was going to happen.
    The next day of the big snow I could not get my car out of the driveway, the skinny 2-ply tires the car came with were treacherous enough in rain much less snow and ice.
    So off I went on foot. My girlfriend lived about two miles from my house so that was a short walk at fifteen. We had a blast playing in the snow, it must have been 24 inches at that time. She was ticklish and I remember tickling her so bad she fell in the snow and was completely covered up.

    We then started heading back towards my house traveling Leesburg Road. There was a slight incline going east on Leesburg in front of Saint Marks Wood subdivision, cars were getting stuck, sliding backwards and unable to make it up the hill. My girlfriend, some friends of mine and I started helping the cars up the slop by pushing. That was so much fun as a young teenager, I would not be caught doing that now for any amount of money. We almost got run over by cars sliding out of control or sliding sideways or backwards while we were pushing. That just made it even more fun.

    After we tired of pushing cars , she and I walked to Asbury Methodist Church. The playground there had large concrete pipes for kids to play on, well these two kids played in the pipes instead of on the pipes. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. After having so much fun in the pipes, we started walking back towards her house located behind the Veterans Hospital.
    We cut through Greenlawn Cemetery and went inside the Scottish Rite Temple that was under construction at the time, located just across from Marion Burnside Chrysler Plymouth, formerly Jim Hudson GMC. There is a large auditorium in the building that resembles a movie theatre. Floor slopping, movie theatre type seats and a large stage at the bottom. I still ride by there today and think about that one time I was in there.

    As I mentioned earlier, those days seem like last week, but then again, so long ago. And for those of you that stayed with me through my complete post, yes, I am an April fools baby.


    17 Jul 14 at 11:28 am

  13. 5 Below is huge here in Atlanta with kids and tweens. Lots of cheap pop culture merchandise, and other stuff marketed to those age groups.


    18 Jul 14 at 2:31 pm

  14. Bummed about this! I work downtown and we used to pop over for yummy chocolate goodies every few weeks. Had not realized they were moving!


    14 Aug 14 at 12:53 pm

  15. There is a new business opened in this location now called Spotted Salamander. It appears to be a catering operation.


    1 Dec 14 at 9:33 pm

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