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Family & Friends Car Sales, Llc / C J's Used Cars Inc, 2500 North Main Street: 2010s   1 comment

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You can look at the corner view in the LoopNet listing for this building at North Main & Confederate and see a portrait format marquee on the side.

Somewhere I have a picture of that marquee up close with the name of the place visible, but as is often the case, knowing I have a picture and being able to put my hands on it in a timely fashion are two sadly different things. Commenter Justin believes this was a window tinting business, and that sounds plausible to me. What google pulls up, however, are references to two different used car operations. If that's accurate, I think they both would have to be from some years ago, as I cannot recall the lot being anything but empty in recent years.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

Bert's Grill & Diner, 6820 North Main Street Suites E&F: 2000s   21 comments

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Anyone know what this restaurant in Greenview Plaza on North Main at Wilkes Road was? The plaza marquee isn't any help, and I'm not getting any definitive google hits on the address + suite numbers. (There is another restaurant/club in the plaza, which doesn't help).

UPDATE 1 April 2014 -- Based on commenter badger's ID (and picture, see the comments..) I have changing the post title from "Restaurant" to "Bert's Grill & Diner".

Written by ted on March 28th, 2014

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Spirax Sarco, 20/21 Business Center: 2011 (moved)   2 comments

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OK, let's enlarge that one and turn it around..


I had never been back in this little office/industiral plaza off of North Main/Wilson at the I-20 interchange. It's a bit hard to figure out how to get down in there at first, but once you do, the place is fairly non-descript, though it does seem to have a pretty high vacancy rate. I can't find an actual street address, but the over all complex is 20/21 Business Center.

From what I can tell, Spirax Sarco is a steam technology company that moved to SC from Allentown after a union dispute back in 1998. Then in 2011, they bought a building in Blythewood and are now located there.

Written by ted on February 7th, 2014

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Grocery, 2600 Main Street: 1950s   8 comments

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LoopNet says this building at the corner of North Main & Summerville Avenue was a grocery and dates from the early 1940s. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been a grocery in my memory, but I can't bring to mind anything that it *was* either.

I have to say it's kind of a grim looking building. Perhaps it would look more cheerful with fresh paint, but I don't think so.

UPDATE 9 June 2016 -- Now Royal Priesthood Ministry Center:



Case Plants, Old State Farmers' Market / 2720 North Main Street: late 2012   2 comments

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With the closing of the State Farmers' Market (seen in the first picture), Case Plants relocated from there to North Main Street on the former site of Jacob's Automotive Group, and next to the old Varsity Restaurant. It's certainly a good drive from their old location, and that may have made a difference.

(Hat tips to commenters Justin & Matt)

Written by ted on February 6th, 2013

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Gas Station / Latimer Seafood, 6102 North Main Street: 2000s   2 comments

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Here's another case where a phonebook search turns up no information, but I'd guess Latimer Seafood has been gone for at least several years. The place was obviously started life as a service station, but the architecture isn't bringing any particular brand to mind for me.

Written by ted on December 21st, 2012

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Houston's Low Country Grill, 3800 North Main Street: 2 July 2012   15 comments

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Well, we've been talking about this today in Have Your Say, but let's make it "official": Houston's Low Country Grill on North Main closed on 2 July.

That makes it the second restaurant that I know of in North Main plaza to close. Restaurants close all the time, this site is full of them, and while it is always a shame when somebody's venture fails and people are out of work, that is just the way things sometimes work out in the normal course of events: People get new jobs, maybe the owners try again later with more success. What makes this closing a bit different is that as I understand it, the city used tax dollars to build North Main Plaza and tax dollars to recruit and subsidize tenants. There's certainly nothing wrong with a business taking the best deal it can find, but perhaps those tax dollars could have been better spent than in offering it.

(Hat tip to commenter Jimmy)

Written by ted on July 10th, 2012

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Stone Manufacturing Company /, 3452 North Main Street: 2011   1 comment

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Depending on if you believe or LoopNet (which has a nice aerial view), this building was built either in 1942 or 1939. Either way, it's an old one, and has a little character, at least from the front side.

I'm not entirely sure if the Stone Manufacturing Company is defunct or has just moved. They are still listed in the February 2011 phonebook with the notation "undwr" which coupled with the fact that the location is, or was, somehow involved with the still extant internet underwear retailing site, I take to mean that it is or was a textile operation making underclothes. There's probably a joke in there somewhere about how people in glass houses shouldn't wear Stone's..

Written by ted on February 16th, 2012

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Burger King, 3403 North Main Street: January 2012 (open again)   6 comments

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Here at the corner of North Main & Sunset Drive is another Columbia area Burger King not serving hamburgers.

However in this case, unlike many cases where a "remodeling" sign is more a fond wish than a hard fact, I think we can expect this store to be back in business before too long as there is actual work underway inside and out.

Heck, even the french fries are being remodeled!

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 8 March 2012 -- Repainting has started:

UPDATE 24 October 2012: I've got some pix somewhere, but I shouldn't wait to find them to say that this Burger King is done remodeling and is open again.

McDonald's Hamburgers / King's Chef Chinese Restaurant, 1217 Sunset Drive: January 2012 (open again)   11 comments

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Driving down Sunset to North Main the other day, I noticed that King's Chef Chinese Restaurant is closed -- closed and fenced off, to be exact. I'm not entirely sure when this happened, but I drove by a number of times in December and didn't notice anything wrong, so I'm guessing January.

Just from looking at the building, it was evident that it had been a chain fast-food place of some sort before King's Chef moved in, and a glance at my 1997 phonebook confirms that the original tenant was McDonald's. I don't recall when that closed (and don't have the directories at home to research it), but I think King's Chef has been there a good while, so I would guess early 2000s.

King's Chef is not the only re-purposed fast food in the area. Almost directly across the street is a Long John Silver's which has been turned into a TitleMax. (And of course, the Family Dollar next to King's Chef is a re-purposed Eckerd Drugs.)

UPDATE 6 February 2012: Commenter Thomas notes that there was a fire here and that they are rehabilitating the building, so I have appended "temporary" to the post title.

UPDATE 18 September 2012 -- It's open again (and has been for a while):


Written by ted on February 6th, 2012

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