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Michaels Jewelry, 4840 Forest Drive: March 2021   1 comment

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I noticed a sign for a 50% off closing sale at this Trenholm Plaza jewelry store when I was coming up Trenholm from Decker the other day. I don't believe I have ever been in this store, but it has been there quite a while as a Columbia Star profile indicates this location opened sometime around 2004. I can't find anything online about the closing, but there was this story about a 2013 robbery that I can't ever recall hearing about before.

This closing will bring the count of vacant storefronts on this north wing of the plaza to four by my count.

UPDATE 15 February 2021 -- The closing signs are up:



Written by ted on February 9th, 2021

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LensCrafters, 3400 Forest Drive Suite 2050: Fall 2020 (Moved)   5 comments

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LensCrafters in Richland Mall was on the upper level across from the barbershop, in the far left of the first picture. I had another picture of the facade, but it didn't come out, and Richland Mall is locked on weekends now, so it will be a while before I can get another.

They moved to Cross Hill Market in an outparcel across from Duck Donuts sometime in the fall. I believe that with this move, the barbershop is now the only business in Richland Mall which does not have outside access.

J. Crew, 4840 Forest Drive: 24 January 2021   no comments

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J. Crew apparently has the distinction of being the first major retailer to file for bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 infestation, and this store at Trenholm Plaza, which was the only Midlands location, closed as a result of that.

ColaDaily has the story, as does WLTX which also points out that this leaves the shopping center with four vacancies.

(Hat tip to commenter Heath)

Written by ted on February 1st, 2021

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B.L.D. Diner, 4840 Forest Drive Suite 26: December 2020 (Open Again)   7 comments

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The B.L.D. Diner is the follow-on operation in this Trenholm Plaza space to Hooligans (which was a follow-on to Edisto Dairy). The name is an acronym for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, but the one time I went there, they were still ramping up, and started closing during my late lunch.

I presume this closing (which is "until further notice") is due to our old friend COVID-19. I hope they do come back, but Trenholm Plaza has certainly taken some unexpected hits this year, and this is one more.

(Hat tip to commenter Larry)

UPDATE 17 May 2021 -- Open again:


Written by ted on January 16th, 2021

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The Happy Cafe, 4525 Forest Drive: December 2020   no comments

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I last wrote about this space in 2008, on the closing of The Happy Bookseller. Even before that venerable institution closed, the Happy Cafe had been inside functioning as a bookstore cafe. After that they went standalone, and have had a good long run.

Unusually in this snakebit year, they are not closing due to the pandemic, but to move on to new ventures, including selling the cafe's well known caramel cake online. This ColaDaily article has the story and says:

Hodges and Reynolds said they would love to see customers dine-in, order to go and stock up on favorites like the pulled chicken barbeque, casseroles, and Sue's famous caramel in the coming months. They said their plan is to close the cafe on a celebratory note.

That would come near the end of the year. I really should try to get over there and eat lunch before 3:00 for once.

UPDATE 23 March 2021 -- As reported by The Free Times, this is to become burrito spot Boca Grande:


Written by ted on October 9th, 2020

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Little Caesars Pizza / Yummy Chinese Restaurant II, 4600 Forest Drive Suite 10: Summer 2020   7 comments

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I'm not sure how long, Yummy II has been here, but quite a while I while, I think. Initially I thought there was a real estate sign in the window, but in fact it is simply a placard for the construction company which is doing the asbestos removal and interior demolition.

Google has Yummy II marked as "termporarily closed" so I am going with that in the post title, but the absence of any "See you soon!" type of sign is not a good omen.

(If there is still a Yummy I, I don't know where it is.)

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

UPDATE 9 September 2020: I have taken the "Temporary?" notation off the post title as it appears from the comments while that was the hope for Yummy at the start of the crisis they are now gone and this is to become a Kudzu Bakery. I have been in the Litchfield & Georgetown locations of that chain a few times and recall both of those spaces as larger than this. Also commenter Thomas calls out the previous occupant in this storefront as Little Caesars, so I have added that to the post title.

UPDATE 23 March 2021 -- Kudzu Bakery is now open in this spot:


Written by ted on September 8th, 2020

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Fatz Cafe, 5590 Forest Drive:   9 comments

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Judging by reviews, this Fatz may have been closed on a temporary basis since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, but now they have made it permanent.

To the best of my memory, this location is the only Fatz at which I have eaten. It would have been while I was living out of town, in the late 1980s, or early 1990s I think, and I was not impressed. I remember distinctly thinking something like Secret Sauce?: Mayo!

Now, I may have come on the wrong night, or ordered the wrong thing, because the Yelp reviews of the three Fatz locations I have looked at (this one, the one on Broad River Road and the one in Conway) show plenty of people who used to love the chain. They also show a recent precipitous decline in perceived food quality, service levels and physical plant maintainence. I just guessing here, but there seems to be a viscious circle going on with declining income leading to a decline in the things that bring in income. (By the way, what's up with both Yelp and Google showing reviews in other than newest first order? The recent ones are kind of the most important!)

It will be interesting to see what happens to this location, because while it is at an Interstate exit, it really isn't that easy to get to.

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

UPDATE 25 May 2021 -- This spot is now setting up to be another crab restaurant, The Juicy Crab:






UPDATE 13 September 2021 -- The Juicy Crab is now open in this spot:




Written by ted on August 31st, 2020

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Forest Drive Market, 2522 Forest Drive: 2020   1 comment

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This little off-brand convenience store has been here for as long as I can remember, though I seem to recall it used to be a bit more open-air. We never stopped there while I was growing up, but out of curiosity, I did stop by once when I started driving. What I recall most (I was a teenager) was a big wall-rack of magazines your mother wouldn't want you to look at. I noticed recently that both this and the adjacent ABC store seemed to be closed, and now there is a realty sign on the property (though the co-located beauty store is still open).

Written by ted on August 22nd, 2020

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Stein Mart, 4840 Forest Drive: September 2020   2 comments

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As noted by commenter Andrew and others, Stein Mart filed for Chapter 11 on 12 August 2020 and is expected to close most or all of its 281 stores across the country.

This story focuses on the Trenholm Plaza store, pictured above. A list of all of the announced store closings is here.

To the best of my recollection, I have never been inside this store, at least as Stein Mart. It is hard to say after so many years and upfits, but I believe this is the space once occupied by Tapp's Twig, a "smaller than a branch" storefront run by storied local department store Tapp's. If so, I would have been inside a number of times growing up.

Looking at the store closing list, I see the other local store is in Lexington, and I will try to get by before it is gone. In the meantime, the closing sale is already on, so we'll see if this location lasts into September.

(Hat tip to commenter Andew)

UPDATE 21 September 2021 -- Now a Spirit Haloween:


Pizza Hut (Takeout/Delivery), 4711 Forest Drive Suite 26: 2020   4 comments

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I was at Baskin Robbins the other day, and noticed that the adjacent Pizza Hut delivery/take-out storefront was empty. I'm not sure when they left, but I know for sure they were there this time last year.

I used to go to Pizza Hut all the time, but I don't think I've been in one during the last five years, and didn't even consider this place for takeout during the crisis. I'm not sure when exactly they fell off my list, but there are so many options now. (For instance, I did use Marco's up the block several times for delivery during the lockdown -- it's not bad).

This plaza used to be called Forest Park, but I'm not sure it still is. The roadside marquee used to have an "FP" logo, but lately it has been replaced by whatever grocery store is in the main slot at the time.

Written by ted on July 8th, 2020

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