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Piggly Wiggly / Pier 1 Imports / Hines Furniture, 7007 Two Notch Road Suite B: September 2019   20 comments

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I think somebody once commented on the site that this building was originally a Piggly Wiggly, but I can't find that comment right now. I don't remember that, and I don't really recall it being a Pier 1 either, though I think that may have been when I was living out of town.

At any rate, it has been furniture store Hines for a good few years now, and apparently would have continued so if the owners were willing to renew the lease.

That they were not implies they must have another tenant already in mind -- I don't think this is an area where you give up a sure thing on just the speculation that you can do better. I guess we'll see.

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

UPDATE 2 October 2019: Based on the comments, I have added Piggly Wiggly to the post title.

UPDATE 30 June 2020: Update tags.

UPDATE 12 August 2022 -- Commenter Jimmy Freeman sends this shot of the building as a Pig saying

This is Piggly Wiggly that later became Pier 1 Imports, the Pig moved next to Kmart then later back to this location when building was remodeled, years later went out of business and Pier 1 opening.

Piggly Wiggly first moved due to church stop letting customers park in their parking lot due to the Pig selling alcohol


(Also added a closing date to the post title, which I had forgotten to do).

UPDATE 13 August 2022 -- Here are two more pictures from commenter Jimmy Freeman. He says he expects some dispute but that it is the same store:



Written by ted on September 30th, 2019

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Value City Furniture, 201 Columbia Mall Road Suite 91: 13 June 2019 (Moved)   2 comments

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Value City Furniture has relocated from The Meeting Place (formerly Capitol Centre) behind Columbia Mall and has opened in the old Toys 'R' Us in Harbison.

I believe this whole complex is now owned by The Meeting Place church, so I don't know if they will seek another retail tenant, or use the building for church functions. I did not see any indication that it was for sale or lease.

Just as a note, there seems to be some confusion on whether the road around the mall is Columbia Mall Boulevard or Columbia Mall Road. Google maps uses "Road".

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Frontline Hair Designs, Columbia Mall: March 2019 (Moved)   no comments

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I noticed in my visit to Columbia Mall back in March that there was an empty storefront on the upper level for Frontline Hair Designs.

As it turns out, they have moved, and have been open again since April in their new location at 9557 Two Notch Road Suite H. This is in the Sesqui Center shopping center just east of Spring Valley. You can check out their Facebook page here.

MaNo's Dogs, Burgers & More, Columbia Mall: 2018   1 comment

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Here's another empty counter in Columbia Mall's food court. I don't know anything about it, but google does suggest that there was a Mano's Express in the Dutch Square food court. It seems an uncommon enough name that I suspect they were related, though the other one seems to have focused on soul food, while this one went the burgers & dogs route.

China Max, Columbia Mall: 2018   3 comments

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I noticed when I was in the Columbia Mall food court recently that China Max was closed. It's been quite a while since I was at the mall last, so I'm just tagging the date as 2018 for lack of anything more precise. I presume this China Max was connected with the China Max at Richland Mall, but I don't know for sure.

What I find especially interesting is the sign proclaiming that the place will soon be a King's Pizza. This pizza chain seems to be making a big splash all of a sudden, with a store on Forest Drive in the former Charlie's Wings, one opening here, and one opening in the old Chickadee's Diner on Marshall Street.

Written by ted on March 22nd, 2019

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Charlotte Russe, Columbia Mall: March 2019   1 comment

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According to Wikipedia, which has what seems to be a reasonable summary, Charlotte Russe filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 4 February 2019, in the event, no rescue was forthcoming, and the chain announced on 7 March 2019 that it would be closing all its stores.

There are two Charlotte Russe stores in the Midlands. This one at Columbia Mall and another at Columbiana Centre. The Columbia Mall store is centrally located on the upper level, in between the old Dillards and Macy's above the mall's center court.

I'm not sure what's going on with the lights dangling down in center court. I guess they could be leftover Christmas lights. At any rate, I'm sure they would be more attractive if they were lit rather than hanging there dark like that.

Payless Shoe Source, Columbia Mall: February 2019   5 comments

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Well, this happened sooner than I figured, and this store was completely gone by the time I got around to visiting Columbia Mall.

Of course, it appears to have been a failry small store, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As you can tell if you click through on the mall directory, Payless was on the lower level just two storefronts down from the former Sears. The storefront to the left of it is also vacant, though I'm not sure what it was.

As a reminder, Payless declared bankruptcy on 14 February 2019 and all the chain's stores have closed or will be closing soon.

Written by ted on March 9th, 2019

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Burlington Coat Factory, Columbia Mall: January 2018 (moving)   30 comments

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As mentioned in the comments by several people, Burlington Coat Factory is closing their Columbia Mall store to relocate to a newly built building at Village At Sandhill. The final sale has now started.

Burlington occupied the first floor of the former Columbia Mall J C Penny location after Penny's itself moved to Sandhill (I don't appear to have done a closing for that for some reason). The second floor was never repurposed and remains vacant. This move will leave that side of the mall without any semblance of an anchor store. In fact, all of the former anchors, save for Macy's are now gone, and Macy's as a chain is having its problems as well. The idea has recently been mooted for Richland County to buy the whole property for offices. I don't know -- I think at this point, razing the buildings, plowing the parking lot and planting trees might be the way to go. Charlton Heston could ride through on a horse..

UPDATE 7 February 2018 -- Here is the new Sandhill building (not yet occupied):



Written by ted on January 25th, 2018

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Best Buy, 7006 Two Notch Road: 28 October 2017   15 comments

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How have the mighty fallen..

This Dentsville Best Buy across from Columbia Mall used to be my go-to place for quick buys of computer and networking equipment when I had my previous job. It was also a good place for DVDs & CDs, back when those were a thing. Lately I have had much less need to test various networking configurations or throw together new linux & Windows installs, so my visits had become much more rare. I did feel that the merchandise was starting to rattle around in this huge building a bit as they kind of thinned out the inventory. I also felt it was becoming much more common to find unstocked gaps on the shelves where tags indicated your item *should* be, and for finding items which seemed to be completely untagged or priced..

Of course the root cause of all of those symptoms is the ongoing "creative destruction" of retailing as we have known it. It's simply the case now that I will only hit a Best Buy if I need something *today*; otherwise it's Amazon. That said, I'm still surprised they didn't stay open through the holiday shopping season.

Here's The State story announcing the closing.

UPDATE 22 March 2021 -- As mentioned in the comments, this place is being converted into a church:






(Also adding a map icon).

Written by ted on November 15th, 2017

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Verizon Wireless, 7007 Two Notch Road Suite A: Summer 2017 (moved)   12 comments

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I noticed the other week that this almost-outparcel by Columbia Mall (and almost across from Best Buy) was vacant again. Verizon was a follow-on in this building to Coconuts Music, though I think it may have had several other businesses in between those two. Apparently this store has moved to Woodhill at 6118 Garners Ferry.

You can see the store with the Verizon signage still up . There is a dumptster outside now, so perhaps something else will be moving in soon.

Written by ted on October 14th, 2017

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