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Toys 'Я' Us, 140 Columbiana Drive: Spring 2018   8 comments

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So fare there are no signs advertising big closings savings at the Toys 'R' US Columbiana Mall outparcel site in Harbison, but it's just a matter of time as the firm officially threw in the towel last week and says it will not emerge from bankruptcy.

I missed the golden age of Toys 'R' Us, and in fact don't think I've ever been into a store. For us, the big thing was the Sears Christmas Wishbook with wonders on every page, here's an appreciation from someone who was not too old for the golden age, along with some reminders that Toys 'R' Us has been in and out of trouble for a long time.

The funny thing is that while TRU doesn't sell as many toys as it used to, it still sells a *lot* of toys, and you have to wonder how bad the debts must be if you have bankruptcy protection and can't come up with a viable plan for the way forward while you are still selling lots of toys.

A few links:

According to CNN, the timing of closing sales and the final closing have yet to be determined.

A trademark collector may be bringing KB Toys back as popup stores due to the TRU bankruptcy.

Amazon may buy some of the stores though I wouldn't hold my breath for the Columbia area.

I have to say this store does not look appealing to me. It looks a bit run down, boxy and not 'fun'. I realize there are limits to what you can do with stodgy Columbia codes, but to me something like *this* says TOY STORE!


And finally, thanks, guys, for that whole backwards 'Я' thing. Not.

Written by ted on March 19th, 2018

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8 Responses to 'Toys 'Я' Us, 140 Columbiana Drive: Spring 2018'

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  1. I recently read an article in Bloomberg that said many big box retailors could be following Toys R Us into bankruptcy because of the high amount of debt that they are carrying. To make matters worse for them, they have acquired new debt to refinance the old debt creating a vicious cycle that they might not be able to get out of. Also Amazon has replaced Wal-Mart as the new "bad guy" in retail.
    On a different note, I feel sorry for all the parents who are going to have to deal with upset children now that Toys R Us is going away.


    20 Mar 18 at 3:21 pm

  2. I feel like I can count on one hand the number of times I set foot in this Toys R Us but I've read a bunch of comments in different spots of people that will greatly miss them.


    20 Mar 18 at 11:46 pm

  3. Liquidation at this Toys R Us begins on Thursday, March 22, 2018 according to the signs inside the store.

    I was never a "Toys R Us kid," and I did not like their business model that allowed them to get the hottest toys before anyone else, but there is something sad about Toys R Us being the last (or one of the last) remaining "toy stores". I remember Children's Palace (not sure if they had one here in Columbia) when they went out of business in the late 1980s or early 1990s, then it was KB Toys. I mean these stores carried a lot of toys that you can't get a Wal-mart or Target and I feel like there is still room for a store that specializes in just carry toys of all sorts.

    James R

    22 Mar 18 at 1:08 am

  4. kB toys is supposedly coming back in some form.

    The toy companies sell a lot of toys through toys r us. Surprised they didn’t form some company and take over toys r us.


    22 Mar 18 at 5:35 pm

  5. WIS is reporting that the liquidaiton sale has been postponed...


    22 Mar 18 at 5:49 pm

  6. Andrew

    22 Mar 18 at 6:00 pm

  7. Yep. My mother in law was there this morning to find the liquidation was postponed. Apparently there was a big crowd, and a lot of people were not happy...


    22 Mar 18 at 10:34 pm

  8. That store was never crowded except on the holidays and Black friday.

    Matthew Benjamin

    24 Mar 18 at 5:04 pm

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