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Charlie's Wings & Seafood, 2509 Forest Drive: February 2019   no comments

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Charlie's took over fairly seamlessly from Nick's, and has now in its turn yielded to King's Pizza, though the sign changeover is less than finished.

I'm not sure if this is the same King's Pizza which replaced Chickadees on Marshall Street, but it would be an odd coincidence if not.

(Hat tip to commenter David Edwards)

Written by ted on March 12th, 2019

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The Color Amber Salon, 1390 Senate Street: February 2019   no comments

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I've noticed Claire Tower at the corner of Senate & Marion Streets from time to time over they years because it stands out as not typical for the area, the section of Senate Street between the State House and Pickens Street which is an area I have always thought of in connection with the old museums and planetarium as well as the State Library.

I did not know that a hair color salon was in the street level of the towers, but it was, and got quite good Yelp reviews.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

Written by ted on March 11th, 2019

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Payless Shoe Source, Columbia Mall: February 2019   5 comments

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Well, this happened sooner than I figured, and this store was completely gone by the time I got around to visiting Columbia Mall.

Of course, it appears to have been a failry small store, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As you can tell if you click through on the mall directory, Payless was on the lower level just two storefronts down from the former Sears. The storefront to the left of it is also vacant, though I'm not sure what it was.

As a reminder, Payless declared bankruptcy on 14 February 2019 and all the chain's stores have closed or will be closing soon.

Written by ted on March 9th, 2019

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Crazy 8, 470 Town Center Place Suite 7: March 2019   7 comments

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I did not know this, but Crazy 8 was part of Gymboree, with the second bankruptcy of that chain taking out these stores as well.

According to Wikipedia:

Crazy 8 was started in August 2007. It features lower priced clothing and is Gymboree's direct competitor for The Children's Place and Old Navy.

In the event, I guess that didn't work out too well.

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

Written by ted on March 8th, 2019

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Arkos, 109 Old Chapin Road Suite K: January 2019   no comments

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Here's a vacant restaurant space in the Flight Deck complex. I was not familiar with this place, but the description google gives is

Vibrant hangout featuring contemporary Latin dishes, handcrafted cocktails & a rooftop bar.

Doing some more googling around, it appears that the original Arkos changed ownership some time ago, and at closing the place was officially Stella's At Arkos. In general, the reviews seem to have dropped after the changeover.

(Hat tip to commenter Brian)

Written by ted on March 6th, 2019

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The Picnic Table, 2538 Two Notch Road Suite B: 2018   no comments

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I've featured this little walk-up restaurant on Two Notch at Covenant under, I believe, four different names in two different posts.

Apparently the last incarnation was The Picnic Table.

Judging from the new lettering on the marquee, it was apparently trying to become an ABC store, but ran, at least for now, into a zoning snag of some sort.

Written by ted on March 5th, 2019

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Bi-Lo, 2916 Emanuel Chruch Road: March 2019   8 comments

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Well, I would rather not take pictures through the passenger side window just to keep the camera semi-dry, but those are the conditions that prevail lately..

This Bi-Lo is on Emanuel Church Road in West Columbia in a spot where I am fairly sure I have never been before. In fact, I drove out there last week, headed down that branch of Emanuel Chruch Road, decided that things were petering out and turned around and went the other way.

This store is part of the latest round of Bi-Lo & Harveys closings, and presumably will be gone by the end of the month as these closeouts don't usually take too long.

Written by ted on March 4th, 2019

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