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Wilder Realty, 5078 Sunset Boulevard: 2021 (Moved)   no comments

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I noticed this vacant storefront in McCauley Square on Sunset Boulevard last weekend.

It appears that the realty office has moved to Old Rapids Road, and given that the creation date for the PDF flyer is 28 December 2021, I am guessing that the move took place sometime before that.

The LoopNet listing has quite a nice aerial view of the place, with the signage still up.

Written by ted on March 21st, 2022

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Happy China Buffet, 2250 Sunset Boulevard Suite I: 2021 (Moved, Reflagged)   1 comment

Posted at 10:57 pm in closing

Happy China Buffet was in the Westland Square storefront which used to house Gooney Birds. Last year they moved into the new building built on the old Quincy's lot a few blocks down Sunset towards Lexington.

According to this ColaDaily article, they originally planned to keep the same name, but in the event, they reopened as Blossom Buffet (you can see that the phone numbers are the same).

Here is the new building:


In the meantime, an Olde Country Buffet is to open in the old location:




Written by ted on March 2nd, 2022

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Perry Insurance & Financial Services, 4586 Sunset Boulevard: Early 2022 (Moved)   no comments

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I noticed as I was going to Uno recently that this Sunset Boulevard Nationwide office downhill from I-20 on the way into Lexington had moved. It looks like they are now at 5464 Sunset.

Next into the building will be a Kenneth Shuler branch.

Written by ted on February 7th, 2022

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Synovus, 7851 Garners Ferry Road: 14 January 2022   no comments

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This Synovus out on Garners Ferry Road is on the countdown now for a closure in Mid-January next year. Commenter Joe Shlabotnik notes that the suggested alternate location for this branch's customers is quite a drive from here. I suspect many people will make other arrangements.

(Hat tip to Joe Shlabotnik)

Written by ted on December 13th, 2021

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Hudson Brothers LLC, 4779 Sunset Boulevard Suite B: Fall 2021   1 comment

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I don't know anything about this used car lot in Lexington, other than it was in a nice little legacy brick house, and they had somebody with a sense of humor doing their art.

Currently the lot is for sale -- and will be, I'm sure, another bit of development for this burgeoning corridor.

(Hat tip to commenter JohnR)

Written by ted on November 23rd, 2021

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Northwood Baptist Church, 5236 Sunset Boulevard: 2021 (Moved)   no comments

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I had held off posting anything about this church move on Sunset Boulevard because I was never sure if they had already moved, or were continuing to hold services in this building until they were able to sell it. Last month a sign for a new church moving in went up, so I think it is safe to say they have completed their move. Google suggests they now meet at 218 Blackjack Oak Lane.

At any rate, it is a nice large property, one that could hold a couple more buildings, and one where kids could play some nice games of Capture The Flag. I am glad to see that, so far as I can tel, it is not to be broken up for retail.

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Written by ted on November 3rd, 2021

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Trident Pain Center, 4711 Sunset Bouleveard: Fall 2021 (Moved)   no comments

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I thought I would be able to read the "move" date from the door sign, but in the event my picture came out to be more of my hands and the camera than the actual sign. At any rate, Trident Pain Center has moved from this office park on Sunset down the hill from I-20 to 176 McSwain Drive.

Which leaves only the question: What have they got against Robert Carter?


Food Mart & Grocery / Secret's Convenience Store, 11409 Garners Ferry Road: 2019   1 comment

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I'm guessing this building was at one time a "country store" type place that made the switchover to "convenience store". As near as I can tell from google reviews, it was Food Mart & Grocery as recently as three years ago, and the roadside sign suggests it reopened as Secret's sometime after that, though the length of the grass suggests that incarnation didn't last too long.

Written by ted on September 9th, 2021

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Anyday Inn, 2770 McCords Ferry Rd (Eastover): 2019   no comments

Posted at 11:07 pm in closing


This legacy motel on US-601 at the Sumter Highway interchange has been here many years, and had a certain amount of fame as the Coronet Motel, which was the home of the The Circus Room -- A nightclub in an old circus bigtop tent.

In more recent years it has been a generic family run motel with a convenience store added in the office to bring in a bit more business (which has been in decline ever since Interstates became a thing). The only time I ever stopped was for a much needed comfort break on my way to the beach. I had previously been to the gas station on the other side of the intersection, and had been well less than impressed. In the event I probably should have take that option again. It turned out that the bathroom was unisex, and despite the fact that it had a perfectly good door lock, the exceedingly large woman on the pot when I opened the door had not engaged it. It was an encounter which I don't think did either of us much good..

I noticed a year or so ago that the place had finally given up the ghost and took these pictures a few months ago. Unfortunately many were taken against the sun, but since I doubt I will ever get by there in the morning, so it is what it is.

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Written by ted on September 8th, 2021

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Fred Anderson Toyota, 2136 Sunset Boulevard: May 2021   4 comments

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Some time ago, the Toyota Center franchaise moved from Airport Boulevard to Sunset Boulevard and branded as Fred Anderson Toyota. As reported by commenter Alan, the franchaise is now Peter Boulware Toyota. I can't find any media stories about this online, but it apparently happened around May of 2021. Fred Anderson appears to still have dealerships in at least Charleston & Raleigh.

(Hat tip to commenter Alan)

Written by ted on June 30th, 2021

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