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El Toro Mexican Grill, 806 Saint Andrews Road: Thanksgiving 2012   6 comments

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This spot on Saint Andrews Road just east of the I-26 interchange has been much restauranted over the years as you can see here, here, here and here.

In general my theory is that it's too hard to get back to I-26 from this spot, or indeed to do anything requiring coming out of the parking lot and going westbound on Saint Andrews Road. In this case though, there may have been other factors in play as sadly a security guard was shot and killed here on 25 August 2012 as detailed in this State story. While it appears the culprits were caught, that incident certainly has to have given people pause. And while it appears to have been related to a late-night switchover to night-club operation, still I would have hesitated to go myself after that even during the day. I certainly would not have taken any kids.

At any rate, the place seems to have kept on until Thanksgiving at which time they closed down, and did not re-open as planned. Curiously letters are already peeling from the roadside sign, and missing from the rooftop marquee.

UPDATE 27 Jan 2013: Added the bouncy-castle picture of the Grand Opening.

Written by ted on January 5th, 2013

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San Jose Restaurante Mexicano, 801 Sparkleberry Lane: October 2012 (temporary?)   3 comments

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I haven't eaten here too often, but it was fine the times I did, and it has certainly managed to outlast most of the other restaurants in the Sparkleberry Crossing development, so I'm a little curious about what's going on at the San Jose on Sparkleberry Lane. I take it that the place will reopen after the facade work currently in progress, but I'm puzzled as to why it's being done in the first place. As I recall it, the building looked nice enough, and rather southwestern, with its stucco exterior. I can't see that adding bricks over that will improve things (though from the work around the side windows, it will still have a bit of southwestern flair), and it certainly can't be cheap.

UPDATE 13 December 2012: Updated the closing date from "December 2012" to "October 2012" based on commenter Sidney's info.

Written by ted on December 10th, 2012

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San Jose Foods Inc Distribution & Warehouse, 1160 1st Street South Extension: 2010s   no comments

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Given that the San Jose Mexican restaurants are still around, I suspect their supply operation has moved rather than closed, but I noticed this warehouse for sale in an industrial park off of Bluff Road the other day (the park is where you see that huge flag flying on the side of I-77).

Written by ted on November 7th, 2012

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El Monterrey Restaurante Mexicano Bar & Grill, 2219 Broad River Road: August 2012   15 comments

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Continuing yesterday's Mexican theme -- I have often noted this El Monterrey on Broad River Road, just North of I-20, and thought to myself that it was in an awful location: very close to the I-20 interchange (which is busy, and backs up) but without access to a traffic light.

That turns out not to be exactly true, as I found out when I stopped to take these pictures. In fact, the back of the parking lot has a cut-through into the Economy Inn parking lot, and thence to Briargate Circle, which does have a stop-light. It even looks as though they got enought business from the hotel side (or expected to get enough business from the hotel side) to set up the back of the restaurant with a second facade.

Apart from the access situation, I was never tempted to stop here because in my experience the local Monterrey chain comes in behind the Casa Linda, San Jose and La Fogota chains -- nothing drastic, just not one of my preferred marquees. (And if I was in the general area, I would probably hit El Chico anyway).

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

UPDATE 8 April 2014 -- Well, this place tried to open as La Reyna Del Sur, which I take to be a nightclub concept. Literally it means "Queen of the South", and is also the title of a famous Telemundo telenovela (and the novel it is based on). Just from the picture of the lady in question, it appears she was from *very* far south. At any rate, the sign went up, but the club never opened, and now the building is for sale:







Written by ted on August 24th, 2012

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Qdoba Mexican Grill, 6070-A Garners Ferry Road: Late July 2012   4 comments

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Here's another Qdoba gone. I know the chain has also lost two stores on the Grand Strand in the last few years, so I have to wonder how well they are doing overall. I have to admit that I have not been impressed the three or four times I have stopped at a Qdoba. In particular, the burritos tend to fall apart quite easily and spectacularly, something that almost never happens at my favorite chain in this category, Moe's. (Barberitos is pretty good too, though we have none locally). On the other hand, commenter mamarose who reported this closing says that the Five Points store is doing quite well.

As of 21 August 2012, the electronic billboard near the Rosewood / Garners Ferry intersection was still advertising for the Woodhill location.

(Hat tip to commenter mamarose)

Written by ted on August 23rd, 2012

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Continental Bar & Grill, 2628 Decker Boulevard: Spring 2012   2 comments

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I kind of screwed up the pre-closing pictures of Continental Bar & Grill by splitting them between the closings for Zorba's and Patrones (largely because I forgot about Patrones, I think..). Anyway, most of them are duplicated above, along with shots from 11 July 2012 confirming that the place is definitely now defunct (something that apparently happened quickly enough to keep the patio umbrellas from being bussed..)

I don't know anything about this incarnation of the old Captain's Kitchen building other than it was a Mexican restaurant and lounge apparently run by and for Mexican expats, and that it didn't last too long.

UPDATE 26 September 2013 -- Well, *something* is happening here:



Written by ted on July 12th, 2012

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Fever, 1202 Main Street: April 2012   18 comments

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This little space on Main across from the Capitol and next to WOLO has been a number of restaurants, for instance the Cat & Cleaver and The Capitol Cafe (not to be confused with the Capitol Restaurant) -- Then it was *almost* a Dunkin' Donuts.

After Dunkin' fell through, the place was vacant for a while then Fever started a (protracted) setup process, finally opened and rapidly went under.

I have to admit that though the place sounded to be something I might like, I purposely did not check it out as I strongly felt that the owner's role in the Taco Wars was unhelpful. Outcompeting someone -- fine. Trying to use City Hall to shut down a competitor -- not so much. I wonder if other people sharing that sentiment was an element in Fever's demise, or the fact that the last two restaurants there closed as well means that the location is just not that good.

(Hat tip to commenter Payne, and to tonkatoy for the "Taco Wars" link during the Have Your Say discussion)

Written by ted on May 31st, 2012

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Mi Pueblito / Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, 205-F Columbia Avenue (Lexington): November 2011   5 comments

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It looks like a lateral move for this Lexington storefront, which has now switched from one Mexican restaurant, Mi Casa to another Mi Taco. I don't know if the Mi in both names signifies the same ownership, but it seems plausible. I'm afraid I haven't eaten at either incarnation as I still get over to Lexington very rarely.

UPDATE 23 February 2012: Added Mi Pueblito to the post title based on the comments.

Written by ted on February 23rd, 2012

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La Costena Mexican Restaurant, 2470 Main Street (Elgin): late 2011   no comments

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I leveraged a trip out to Sandhill the other day to go past Clemson Road and into Elgin. This is a little town (the kind where you will find an IGA) just over the county line that we used to drive through all the time down US-1 on our way to Hartsville -- before I-20 came through (ie: It's been a while!). At that time, the points that stuck most in my mind were the ramshackle looking pottery outlet (still there..), the Elgin Watch factory (the reason the town is not now called Blaney) and the Blaney Drag Strip.

I would still drive through from time-to-time when I lived in Fayetteville, and the double-nickel was still in force making the non-Interstate time penalty less than it is now. On one memorable late night drive, I found an overtuned car and had to ride off to summon help.

All of which is neither here nor there except to the point that I haven't gone through there much in the daytime since the 60s, and I was a bit surprised to find that I-20 has put it almost in the metro area. In particular, I saw a branch of a Columbia Mexican chain San Jose on White Pond Road heading to I-20, and I wonder if that had anything to do with the demise of La Costena on Main Street.

Commenter Miz T says:

They closed down a couple of months ago, which is quite sad. We frequented the place quite often and the workers knew my youngest daughter ever since she was a baby and called her by name. They had a mural of the history of Elgin painted on the side of the building. It is now a fruit and veggie stand.

You can see the produce stand in these pictures, though it is not clear to me if it is using the whole building or just the porch.

(Hat tip to commenter Miz T)

Written by ted on February 7th, 2012

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La Estrella #2, 2630 Decker Boulevard: 5 January 2012   4 comments

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Well, the curse of 2630 Decker Boulevard seems to have struck again.

La Estrella #2 after opening sometime after March 2010 has closed as of 5 January 2012. The sign on the door suggests that it will be back, but given that no date is specified, and given that the place was remodeled extensively already very recently, I am not optimistic.

I may have missed some, but I believe La Estrella #2 is the fifth Mexican restaurant to be in this building.

UPDATE 18 April 2013 -- Well, it's been obvious for some time that La Estrella is not coming back, but it's now official, with all the chain branding painted over, and the building up for lease:




UPDATE 29 June 2014 -- Hope springs eternal, Northeast Market & Coffee House is now open here:


Written by ted on January 15th, 2012

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