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Rooftop Pizza Pub, 4478 Rosewood Drive: November 2017   1 comment

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I never managed to eat at this place, former location of Moe's Grapevine, although I tried once. As I recall, I stopped by one Friday evening about 9:50 and found the place in the process of closing. I was quite surprised that a "Pizza Pub" would close at 10PM on a Friday night. To be fair, they offered to make me a pizza anyway, but I really dislike being in a place that is actively trying to close, especially if I am the only customer, which I was, so I passed.

In retrospect, being empty on a Friday evening was not a good augury for the longevity of this place, and unfortunately that now seems true.

Here is The State story on the pre-opening of the place, and here is the Free Times story on the finalized "Detroit Pizza" theme.

And in the meantime, Well, well:


(Hat tip to commenter badger)

UPDATE 21 May 2018 -- Eric's San Jose is now open in this location:




Written by ted on November 13th, 2017

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  1. The rooftop portion never opened as planned. San Jose will need it if they draw the crowds of their prior location. The "Detroit" style was a thick (like an inch), spongy crust. Didn't care for it; toppings weren't thick enough.

    Midnight Rambler

    14 Nov 17 at 8:35 pm

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