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Aeropostale, 486 Town Center Place Suite 5: June 2016   1 comment

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This closing is a fallout from the chain's bankruptcy which includes the shuttering of 113 of its 739 US stores:

If you're a teenager shopping for clothes, you're probably not going to Aeropostale, a fact that became glaringly obvious when the apparel retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday.

Maybe they shouldn't have put stale in their name..

The location of trees in front of this Sandhill storefront, and the desire not to be in the window's reflection made getting good pictures iffy, but you can see the standardized Store Closing and discount placards that show up at many of these managed sell-outs.

(Hat tip to commenter James R)

Gandy Auto Sales, 5602 Two Notch Road: 2015   1 comment

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It's curious since I drive this stretch of road several times a week that I have no memory of ever seeing this building in operation as Gandy Auto Sales, but Google Street View has the image, and the phonebook confirms they were there at least since 2008.

There appears to be some sort of land clearing going on in the lot just adajacent to this one on the east.

Written by ted on May 12th, 2016

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Nancy's Nook, 5445 Two Notch Road: May 2016   2 comments

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As I believe I've said before, I think the name of this Two Notch couples' store is about a syllable short..

This place was for many years a risque book, magazine and video store, which rebranded in 2012 and was open at least through Cinco de Mayo 2016 (NSFW).

Written by ted on May 11th, 2016

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Dick Smith Ford, 2800 Two Notch Road: early May 2016 (moved)   no comments

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I remember once finding a whole joke book of "Ford" (ie: Model-T) jokes at my aunt's house once. At this remove, I can only recall two of them:

Q: Why do all new Fords now have to be painted red?

A: Because the law says any tin can filled with gasoline must be red.

Q: Why is the Ford the only car to be mentioned in The Bible?

A: Because no other car can ascend to Heaven "on high".

I'm not sure new cars are better than the Model-T, but jokes have come a long way.

Anyway, as of early May 2016, Dick Smith Ford has relocated from their Two Notch home out to 7201 on the Sumter Highway, the old Marion Burnside and Jim Hudson location:


Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ted on May 9th, 2016

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The Ape Hanger, 5937 Two Notch Road: Early 2013   no comments

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This is another place I had meant to go by in the daytime, but I was there when I was..

The Ape Hanger was the leftmost of the three very similar buildings in this little hardluck plaza on Two Notch a bit east of Fontaine. It was the followup operation to The Bargain Warehouse.

From what I can tell, they were a moped, motorcycle and ATV store. The Bargain Warehouse signage was still up late in 2011, so apparently they opened in 2012, and their last Facebook posting is 20 November 2012, so I'm going to say they closed early in 2013.

Written by ted on May 5th, 2016

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Cartridge One, 7382 Two Notch Road: late 2015   8 comments

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It seems a number of toner refill stores have closed recently. This one, at the corner of Two Notch Road and O'Neil Court closed, I believe, late in 2015. I am pretty sure it was not flood related as this side of Two Notch was relatively unscathed.

The last time I needed toner for my LaserJet 1300, I had the cartridge refilled at Forest Park, but when I needed it again last week, I found a new cartridge on Amazon for under $30, so perhaps the business model works less well than it used to.

Written by ted on April 21st, 2016

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Boost Mobile / Sprint, 7360 Two Notch Road: 2015   no comments

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Can you hear me now?

Written by ted on April 19th, 2016

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The Locker Room, 6201 Two Notch Road: Mid 2000s   no comments

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I noticed a real estate sign in front of this Two Notch building the other week and in checking further found an old Administrative Law Court decision that established this building was once The Locker Room, a name that sounds somewhat familiar to me, though I could not have placed it in this area.

The decision is somewhat interesting in that it is a denial of an ABC permit, mostly for the reason that the club's only idea for parking was a cockamayme scheme for valet parking to a lot two miles away.

I'm not sure if this The Locker Room was associated with the one in Eastover.

Written by ted on April 16th, 2016

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5 Star Rental Purchase, 7372 Two Notch Road Suite A: 2015   no comments

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I noticed the other night that this rent-to-own store in Tillman's Plaza is gone. I think the logo looks alarmingly like Patrick. Ah, I see I made the same observation when the place opened in 2012.

Written by ted on April 15th, 2016

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The German Meat Market, 8502 Two Notch Road Suite D: April 2016   3 comments

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I'm not sure if this place on Two Notch next to Tiffany's is closed yet, but it was in the final stretch when I took these pictures a few weeks ago. Apparently the owner is retiring. They opened on 4 April 2006, so that's a ten year run, not bad at all.

(Hat tip to commenter Amy)

Written by ted on April 14th, 2016

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