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Holly's Famous Hot Dogs, 1955 Augusta Rd: Summer 2017   1 comment

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Judging from their Facebook page, Holly's Famous Hot Dogs sadly had a death in the family last summer, and have not reopened.

(Hat tip to commenter Kc)

Written by ted on July 21st, 2018

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Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 1334 Knox Abbott Drive #A: Late July 2011   5 comments

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The first two pictures above come from a post noting changes in the surrounding plaza that I made last November.

At the time the whole plaza was for sale apparently as a bank forclosure. Since then, the place has been bought by East Point Academy charter school: "The first South Carolina Chinese Immersion Elementary School". (I'm not sure how that kid on their home page really feels about that Panda -- I'm reminded of a South Park episode..). Anyway, as a result, Sandy's and whoever else was still in the plaza had to get out.

Sandy's Facebook page calls this location Cherry Park, which I had never heard before, and notes that "we will open a new location soon", which I take to mean in the same general area.

(Hat tip to commenter tonkatoy)

UPDATE 5 April 2012 -- The Chinese immersion charter school which took over the whole plaza is now up and running:



Written by ted on August 26th, 2011

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Sandy's Plaza, 1344 Knox Abbott Drive: 2010   3 comments

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For Sale By Bank the sign reads at this colorful strip mall on Knox Abbott Drive.

It appears that Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs is pretty much the only business left here, and I'm sure they will probably continue under the new owners when and if.

I'm not exactly sure why this place didn't prosper. I find it rather attractive, with all the bright colors, and it's not particularly hard to get to, or to get in and out of.

I don't believe the Taco Bell building on the west side of the plaza is officially part of it, but its re-incarnation seems to have gone wrong, leaving it empty as well.

UPDATE 27 August 2011: The plaza has been sold and Sandy's is gone.

UPDATE 5 April 2012 -- The Chinese immersion charter school is up and running:



Written by ted on November 6th, 2010

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