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Al Amir, 629 Main Street: February 2015   2 comments

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I noticed an odd ad for Al Amir in the Free Times the other week, the wording of which was unusual enough that I suspected that one of its Main Street locations, at University Corner across from the the old Towers was gone. Driving by the other night proved that to in fact be the case. The spot is now occupied by another Middle Eastern restaurant, Sahara on Main. I thought I had a good shot of Al Amir here, but all I can locate now is a shot where you can barely see it in the corner, so I'll just go with these pix of the new storefront.

The other Al Amir on Main, The Epicurean by Al Amir at 1734 in the old The Elite Epicurean location is still there.

Written by ted on March 10th, 2015

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Bits & Pizzas / Universal Copies, 631 Main Street: October 2013   6 comments

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After eating at Moe's last week, I noticed that Universal Copies in the little bi-level University Corner strip-mall, is closed and papered up.

Then, when I went to make this post, I looked back on the University Corner post and realized that I had missed the closing of the place before Universal: Bits & Pizzas.

Written by ted on November 1st, 2013

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Jasmine Deli & Cafe, 601 Main Street: January 2013   no comments

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Jasmine Deli & Cafe was the follow-on operation to Baker Brothers American Deli in the Addesso building at the corner of Main and Blossom. I'm unsure if it was connected with the Jasmine Buffet on Two Notch or not.

At any rate, they have moved out and Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint is moving in.

Written by ted on January 25th, 2013

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Firehouse Subs, 633 Main Street: 1 July 2011 (not closed)   10 comments

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Hmm, this is the reverse of the situation on the Grand Strand. There businesses close when school is in session, but this closing is because (I assume) school is out of session. At any rate, the Firehouse Subs in University Corner over the old Varsity Billiards and next to the old Stuffy's and Big Bird has closed its doors for "the summer" as of Friday.

UPDATE 6 July 2011: As commenter E points out I have completely misinterpreted the sign, which mearly states that during the summer they close at 9PM.
So, as Emily Litella would say: "Never Mind!"

UPDATE 30 September 2021: Add map icon, update tags.

Varsity Billiards, 1128 Devine Street & 1132 Devine Street: August 2010 (open again)   5 comments

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I was hitting Moe's at University Corner on Main the other night (in the old Big Bird slot) and parked down on Devine Street, between Main & Assembly.

I couldn't help but notice that Varsity Billiards is closed. The lighted sign has always been a retro treat, and it's a shame to see it dark. (The first two,lighted, pictures are from February 2010).

The phone does not seem to have been disconnected, and the building permit is for "repairs", so perhaps they will be back. I'm not a pool player, but it would be a shame to see Varsity behind the eight-ball.

UPDATE 20 July 2017 -- Well, this is unexpected: The Free Times says Varsity is open again.

Stuffy's, 629 Main Street: 2000s   29 comments

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Stuffy's was a sandwich shop in the University Corner retail block at Main & Devine streets, across the street from the old Towers dorms (now the new Honor's Dorms).

This picture was taken recently walking up the hill on Devine Street from Assembly Street, and is of the back side of the Stuffy's building. (The front side sign is gone). I might have walked up on the landing to get a better shot, but just as I had finished taking this one, someone walked out onto the landing to take a smoke-break. I presume this was one of the servers from Al-Amir, which now occupies the 629 Main Street space. For some reason, I neglected to get a new picture of the front, but you can see the space (rather poorly) at the University Corner link above.

I have to admit that I never ate at Stuffy's. I'm not sure why except that while I was in college I was on the "meal ticket" plan which put me at The Russell House and Capstone more often than anywhere else. Also, the sandwich I want is rarely exactly what's on a menu-board. From google, it appears that there are still Stuffy's open in Richmond Virginia. This is the only web page I could find. It's not very good, but it is good enough to confirm that the Main Street Stuffy's was in the same chain -- I can remember that guy-eating-a-sandwich from the Columbia ads.

UPDATE 27 December 2012: Corespondent wblood1 sends this 1980 picture of Stuffy's and The Big Bird. You can also see a bit of the demolished 7-11 on the left:

Written by ted on March 9th, 2010

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