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NBSC / Synovus, 1311 Pendleton Street: 29 May 2020   5 comments

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This old Synovus branch at the corner of Sumter & Pendleton Streets really never made an impression on me. I'm sure I couldn't have told you it was there had you asked, and the building dates to 1972, so I would have walked by there many times while I was on campus.

My phonebooks aren't really helping me to say when it closed, but obviously long enough ago that it's already looking a bit dingy, and the lot has already been rented out for parking.

You can see it with the NBSC branding still up in this LoopNet listing.

UPDATE 25 August 2020: I forgot to put a date on the post title. Since the NBSC ==> Synovus reflagging happened in 2018, I'm going with that.

(Hat tip to commenter Dan R.)

UPDATE 4 February 2021 -- I went by the drive-through window, and a definite closing date was posted there, so I have updated the post title date from "2018" to "29 May 2020":


Also adding the map icon.

Written by ted on August 24th, 2020

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Dirt Parking at the State Fair, Fairgrounds: 2008   2 comments

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I suppose it's a silly thing to get pre-nostalgic about, but to me as a child, a big part of the adventure of going to the State Fair was the getting there. The first years I can remember, my father decided that he didn't want to face the hassle of fair traffic and parking fees, so we would catch the SCE&G Fairgrounds bus at, I believe, the corner of Main & Blossom. These were the only times we rode the bus as kids, and it was very exciting!

Later, I think my mother was less than thrilled at riding the bus and we started to drive, but it was still an adventure -- sort of an imperfectly organized chaos where you followed a bunch of cars, hoped you were in the right lane, and then tried to figure out which guy waving a flashlight you were supposed to follow as they invented a parking lot on the fly. Of course if it were dry, the dust would be flying everywhere, and if it had been wet, it was a long slog through the mud, but it never really occurred to me that the Fair should have anything other than a dirt/grass lot.

As you can tell from the pictures though, that's about to end. It appears that next year, we will have a "real" parking lot at the Fairgrounds. Oh well, as long as they still have the rocket and the handwriting analysis computer, my childhood won't be totally gone!


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