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Dirt Parking at the State Fair, Fairgrounds: 2008   2 comments

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I suppose it's a silly thing to get pre-nostalgic about, but to me as a child, a big part of the adventure of going to the State Fair was the getting there. The first years I can remember, my father decided that he didn't want to face the hassle of fair traffic and parking fees, so we would catch the SCE&G Fairgrounds bus at, I believe, the corner of Main & Blossom. These were the only times we rode the bus as kids, and it was very exciting!

Later, I think my mother was less than thrilled at riding the bus and we started to drive, but it was still an adventure -- sort of an imperfectly organized chaos where you followed a bunch of cars, hoped you were in the right lane, and then tried to figure out which guy waving a flashlight you were supposed to follow as they invented a parking lot on the fly. Of course if it were dry, the dust would be flying everywhere, and if it had been wet, it was a long slog through the mud, but it never really occurred to me that the Fair should have anything other than a dirt/grass lot.

As you can tell from the pictures though, that's about to end. It appears that next year, we will have a "real" parking lot at the Fairgrounds. Oh well, as long as they still have the rocket and the handwriting analysis computer, my childhood won't be totally gone!

Written by ted on April 23rd, 2009

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  1. When I was little there was a horse racing track in that field, with ancient wooden bleachers.


    24 Apr 09 at 4:22 am

  2. I remember the racing, too. The big one was called the Palmetto Trials. My parents took me for a few years. Max Hirsch was a well-known trainer who wintered his racing string at the fairgrounds. Somewhere in between the races, there was a donkey race, with local business leaders riding and trying to get the donkeys to run in the right direction. Of course, hilarity ensued. I still have the printed programs somewhere around here.


    24 Apr 09 at 12:13 pm

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