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NBSC, 4840 Forest Drive (etc): 19 June 2018 (reflagged)   6 comments

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Hmm. When I saw the signs being changed out at this NBSC driving by Trenholm Plaza today, I assumed that the bank had been bought out recently and I just had not heard of it (I don't bank there, so in general, I wouldn't).

As it actually turns out, according to Wikipedia, NBSC has always been a local nameplate for Synovus (nee: Columbus Bank and Trust Company), which operated under different names in different states and

In early 2010, Synovus consolidated their thirty separate state charters into one Georgia state banking charter and is transitioning to operate as a more centralized single bank.

I guess they are doing South Carolina now.

UPDATE 21 June 2018 -- Check the comments for some details, but apparently the Wikipedia info about is, at best, imcomplete. NBSC was apparently originally a local bank and not part of Synovus until (historically speaking) recently.

Written by ted on June 20th, 2018

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BB&T, 2500 Charleston Highway: 2017   1 comment

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These are some not very good drive-by pictures of this branch at the corner of The Charleston Highway and Old Dunbar Road. There is a much better one in the real estate listing here.

I had it in my mind that the building had been vacant for longer, but it is listed in the February 2017 phonebook, so most likely it closed during 2017 (though as I said a few posts ago, the accuracy of phonebook information is dropping).

At any rate, the process of banks de-branching (pruning?) continues.

Written by ted on February 7th, 2018

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Carolina Collegiate Federal Credit Union, 4480 Rosewood Drive / 710 Pulaski Street: 3 October 2017 (reflagged)   1 comment

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This one's a puzzler. I've been a Carolina Collegiate FCU member for decades, since my father opened an account for me while he was a USC professor, and I have no complaints -- they're a good instution to do business with. What I don't understand is how they seem to have been bitten by the same bug that got into the RCPL a few years ago: The sudden urge to change a historic and evocative name to something less so.

If you're in Columbia, and especially if you have some connection to USC, the name Carolina Collegiate invokes warm fuzzies. Caro just sounds like syrup..

Written by ted on October 3rd, 2017

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ATM, 6000 Garners Ferry Road: July 2013   11 comments

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It appears someone made a big withdrawal.

Like the Automated Post Office before it, this vanished ATM sat in the parking lot at the Shoppes At Woodhill (The former Woodhill Mall).

I noticed one day last month when I was having lunch on the patio at Jimmy John's that it was gone, and I cannot now recall what bank it was affiliated with..

Written by ted on August 14th, 2013

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