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Main Event Sports Bar, 2401 Percival Road: Spring 2019   no comments

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After this place tried and failed to open as Nuvo Rest.Bar, it opened as Main Event Sports Bar.

Driving by several times recently during the hours you would expect a sports bar to be open, I have come to the conclusion this place is now gone as well.

Written by ted on March 29th, 2019

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Nuvo Rest.Bar, 2401 Percival Road: Spring 2018 (if it ever opened)   no comments

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When I did the closing for Latino's Bar & Grill in this location, it appeared they were setting up to open as an urban club Nuvo Rest.Bar. However, I don't think that ever actually happened. I could be wrong, of course, but I drive this stretch of Percival at least several times a month, and I don't recall ever seeing the building lit up under that name.

At any rate, they are now definitely open as Main Event Sports Bar.

UPDATE 28 March 2019: Add map icon.

Written by ted on June 28th, 2018

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Latino's Bar & Grill, 2401 Percival Road: 2014   4 comments

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Driving back from Sandhill the other day I noticed some construction debris and a new sign at this latin nightclub at the apex of Percival & Old Percival Roads. Judging from the sign, the new name will be or is Nuvo Rest Bar, and judging from the fact that the event sign is in Spanish, I guess it is still a latin club, but maybe with a more hip-hop flavor.

UPDATE 29 March 2017 -- Commenter Homer mentions he thought they had been closed much earlier than the "March 2017" I put in the post title. I was sure I had seen it open recently, but apparently I was wrong. They list in the Feb 2014 phonebook, but not the Feb 2015 one, and there's a user post on their Facebook page from 2015 asking if the phone number had been changed, so I changing the date to 2014.

UPDATE 28 March 2019: Add map icon.

Written by ted on March 28th, 2017

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Davis Open Air Market / Percival Quick Stop, 2401 Percival Road: 2000s   no comments

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This building, at the intersection of Percival Road and Old Percival Road, which loopnet says was built in 1960, has been a variety of things over the years. I used to be aware of it peripherally in the 1970s when I started to drive, and would go out to Bell Camp via Percival Road, and later when I would take Screaming Eagle Road to the beach. The only two tenants I can locate via google are Davis Open Air Market, which I kind of remember, and Percival Quick Stop which I do not.

I'm not really sure when the last business closed here, but I think it's been vacant for several years. The next incarnation, a Latin sports bar, looks nearly ready to open.

UPDATE 28 March 2019: Add tags and map icon.

Written by ted on March 10th, 2010

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