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Auto Money Title Loans, 700 Crowson Road (4701 Devine Street): 4 October 2015   no comments

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Many of these pictures were originally part of my Great Flood of 2015 entry Devine / Crowson / Fort Jackson Boulevard. I have decided to break the Auto Money Title Loans building (and later the Subway) out as separate posts to make them easier to find in the future as these two building, along, and even moreso, with the TitleMax building have become somewhat iconic images of the flood. The old posts will remain, and some photos are duplicated.

Anyway, both of these buildings sat on the bank of Gills Creek and in the 1000 Year Flood were filled with water up to the roofs. In addition the creek bank under the backs of the buildings was undermined to the point that with everything, the buildings were total losses.

21 October 2015:

Here we see the buildings a couple of weeks after the flood, when I got back to town from the beach and the roads were open enough for me to go picture taking.






19 June 2018:

Here both buildings have been fenced off, but have not yet been torn down as the FEMA process was still ongoing.


13 March 2019:

Here the Subway has been taken down, and the Title Loans building is next up.


18 March 2019:

Here are some driveby photos of the Title Loans building coming down.







28 March 2019:

Here is the current vacant state of the lot. The Free Times says:

"After extensive information gathering and a lengthy application process to FEMA, the city received Hazard Mitigation Grant Program assistance from FEMA to purchase afflicted homes and the former Title Loan property," a police department release said. "In purchasing the properties with federal grant funds, the city is required to demolish the structures in accordance with FEMA’s conditions, and return the land to green space in perpetuity."

That link also has a good picture of the pre-demolition state of the back side of both buildings.


UPDATE 21 June 2019 -- Here's a picture I took for some reason in 2013 showing the place in operation:


Moneygram Unlimited Mobile & Payment Center, 9900-D Two Notch Road, December 2013   no comments

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I first noted this location on Two Notch near Baskin Robin when it was empty after having been Express Check Advance. Since then, Moneygram has started up, and now, vacated this little storefront.

Written by ted on January 4th, 2014

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Mexico Transfers, Inc., 1945 Decker Boulevard Suite 8: 2012   1 comment

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How can you go under when your product is money? If you look through the Alphabetical Closings, you'll find it's easier than you might think.

Written by ted on May 8th, 2013

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