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Jimmy John's, 4712 Forest Drive Suite A: 30 August 2022   3 comments

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Well this is unfortunate. While I wouldn't say I was a regular at this spot, I did like to get a JJ BLT and eat at the outside tables from time to time during good weather. I guess Groucho's will do that duty from now on.

UPDATE 14 November 2022 -- Add the first two pictures, of Jimmy Johns in operation from the First Cellular closing.

Written by ted on September 28th, 2022

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Jimmy John's, 5910 Garners Ferry Road: 12 June 2022 (Open Again)   2 comments

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I got a bit of a surprise today when I decided I wanted a JJ BLT for lunch.

It seems that yesterday, somebody drove a car into the front of the Woodhill Jimmy John's. I presume it was an accident, since you would not expect to find a lot of cash in a sandwich shop. According to the door sign, nobody was hurt, which is the important thing, and they expect to reopen as quickly as possible.

UPDATE 28 September 2022: This location is open again. Also updating tags.

Jimmy John's, 10008 Two Notch Road: December 2019   no comments

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I like Jimmy John's, and I go there every now and then for the JJBLT. I do wish they had nicer booths, and let you keep the bread core they trim when hollowing out the rolls, but it's a decent sandwich. I was recently in Pensylvania for work, and ate dinner at an Indian restaurant that was a former Jimmy John's and still had the whimsical (and mildy risque) plaques in the men's room -- wonder what the customers actually from India who might not have recognized the branding made of that..

This location replaced a Quiznos in 2013. I honestly thought it was more recently than that. I'm not sure exactly when it closed, but there are reviews from the last few weeks, so it was either last month or this. The place is currently being gutted, so perhaps something new is already on the way.

(Hat tip to commenter Matthew Benjmain)

UPDATE 28 September 2022: Updating tags.

Written by ted on January 18th, 2020

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Jimmy John's, 2015 Devine Street: May 2018   4 comments

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Jimmy John's is pretty much my goto sub chain(*). I have walked into Jersey Mike's several times, never seen anything I wanted to eat and walked out, Sub Station II doesn't have unsweet tea, Subway is OK, but the one I had most access to for several years kept the thermostat on sub-zero and I had to stop going. The only issue I have with Jimmy John's is the way they core out the bread for your sandwich. If they are going to do that, you ought to get the bread core too -- you paid for it.

That said, I have never eaten at this one as Forest Drive is closer and has parking. At any rate, as reported by commenter MB, it is now closed. I find it curious how completely it is stripped as they were still doing Facebook postings as late as 19 May.

The only other things I will note about this location is that my cousin worked there at one time, and that it was robbed at gun (or maybe finger) point in 2016.

(*) Here: At the beach, Dagwoods in Surfside is the holy grail.

(Hat tip to commenter MB)

UPDATE 12 March 2019 -- Now a Sub Station II:


UPDATE 28 September 2022: Updating tags.

Written by ted on May 21st, 2018

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