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Urban Cookhouse, 1072 Lake Murray Boulevard: 27 October 2018   5 comments

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I think the concept of Urban Cookhouse, as I understand it, is interesting: Fresh cooked meats done over a charcoal grill with fresh local vegetables and bread as well. I'm a little surprised I don't see a burger on the menu; that would seem be be a natural. At any rate, I have never gotten around to an Urban Cookhouse, either this one in the old Atlanta Bread building on Lake Murray Boulevard, or the other one in Shandon.

I still think this is an attractive building, and hope they find something that sticks.

(Hat tip to commenter Heath)

Written by ted on November 1st, 2018

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Atlanta Bread Company, 1072 Lake Murray Boulevard: 12 May 2008 (Closed Again)   25 comments

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I never visited the Atlanta Bread Company on Lake Murray Boulevard, though I did do a closing on the one at Sandhill and do visit the one on Sunset every once in a while. In general, I consider ABC a step down from Panera but perfectly acceptable (though both chains skimp on the AC outlets..)

The first thing I would say about this ABC is that it's a very attractive building, especially in the evening sun.

The second thing is that I don't believe I have ever seen a closing note as extraordinary as the one taped to the door here. In its own bland and elliptical way, it's pretty devastating, especially considering the source!

UPDATE 26 September 2011: I'm marking this one as "open again" based on commenter julie's report. Presumably all the problems the first iteration had have been worked out.

UPDATE 30 September 2011 -- COmmenter Andrew sends this picture of the We Are Back sign:

UPDATE 1 April 2017 -- Finally getting around to noting in the post itself (already noted in the comments) that this place is closed again, and in fact a new operation Urban Cookhouse is now up and running:


Written by ted on October 11th, 2010

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