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Hursey's Trading Post & Loan / Advance On Checks Inc., 2920 Two Notch Road: Fall 2014   9 comments

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Checking my phonebooks, I see that Advance On Checks goes back at least to 2005, which really surprised me as I had not noticed in all that time that Hursey's Trading Post was gone. I never stopped in there, but I remember the signs that cheerfully promised loans on any item "except guns".

The real estate listing says this little building at the southwest corner of Two Notch & Beltline dates back to 1960, and looking at it, I can believe that. I also believe it must have been some sort of restaurnat at one time, but I have absolutely no memory of what it might have been.


Written by ted on October 28th, 2014

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9 Responses to 'Hursey's Trading Post & Loan / Advance On Checks Inc., 2920 Two Notch Road: Fall 2014'

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  1. I remember it being a gas station in the 1960s, possibly a Gulf.


    28 Oct 14 at 6:49 am

  2. I think in the 80s for a while it might have been a Jiffy Lube.


    28 Oct 14 at 3:02 pm

  3. Hmm. I would not have thought there were room for pump islands if it were a gas station. I guess I can see it as a oil change place, but if so, the bays have been pretty effectively covered over.


    28 Oct 14 at 11:08 pm

  4. In the 60s Beltline was only two lanes, not sure about Two Notch. I also want to say that this place may have been a muffler shop too.


    29 Oct 14 at 10:04 am

  5. Odds are that when this was a gas station, it had to be either a Texaco, Gulf or Phillips '66. But I don't remember for sure since we rarely came over to this side of town unless we went to the Atlantic Twin Theater or the Drive-In that used to be up from there.


    29 Oct 14 at 10:40 am

  6. If I remember reading on here at one time ( I think) that there used to be three gas stations in this area right across the street from each other. This one, then one where Ekerds/Childrens Dentist building is, and then one across from there. Then of course there was the A&W Drive-In on the other corner where McDonalds is now. But that was around 50 years ago..and I don't remember things all that well now.


    29 Oct 14 at 10:44 am

  7. @CayceKid- The gas station across the street from where Ekerds/Childrens Dentist is was there as late as 1974. If I remember correctly it was a Phillips 66. It may have been an Esso.
    At that time the owner was the same guy that had previously owned an Esso Station on Leesburg Road where Carl's Auto Wash and Window tinting is now in the Leesburg Plaza Shopping Center. When he owned the gas station on Leesburg, which I lived about a block away, he would take me on wrecker calls with him.
    In 1972 I started working at an electronics repair shop about 3 blocks down Beltline next to where Dick Smith (Datsun), as it was called, was located. The name of the electronic shop was "AAA Electronics". That is where I learned car stereo.
    Anyway, I remember the owner of the Esso on Leesburg selling out and taking over the station at the corner of Two Notch and Beltline. There WAS an A&W Root Beer place back then across the street, and a Chappys Fish and Chips. This was about the time the Arab Oil Embargo was taking place.

    In 1976 or 77 the gas station was closed and 3 guys from Athens Georgia opened a Car Stereo Shop in that location. The stereo shop was called Continental Sound. See my comment under that post on this site with the commenters name as Mark, That was me. My middle name is Mark. At the time I made the comment I did not want anyone from Continental Sound, that might find this site, to identify me, now I don't give a damn.
    Thinking back about Hursey's Trading Post, I remember it being a gas station. In 1976 I also remember Chappys Fish and Chips having a double decker bus from England that flipped over after a tornado came through. I was working at Burger King across from Dutch Square at the time and drove past there 6 days a week. I left Burger King and got a job at Continental Sound, that's why I know so much about them and was able to make the comment I did as "Mark".
    I eventually went on to work for Custom Car Stereo, Rogers Car Stereo and then opening my own car stereo business at the location across from Chappys and the Ekerds/Childrens Dentist where Continental Sound was located, but not before I opened in Five Points where Harpers Restaurant is now in an old Gulf Gas Station. This was after Continental Sound moved to a new building across from Columbia Mall with the Stereo on the front of the building in the mid 80's.


    29 Oct 14 at 12:36 pm

  8. @ Rick. I remember most of what you're talking about. I very well remember Continental Sound and that commercial that drove me crazy everytime I heard it where it cut off the beginning of where the girl says " OUNDS REAL GOOD". I worked with one of the original managers from A&W at the West Columbia Walmart back in 2009 before I left after 9 years there. I remember after A&W burned down and Chappys took its place with the double decker bus. I don't rembmer the gas station on that corner though. I don't remember that Gulf Station on Harden on the corner either for some reason, and I know I had to pass it all the time back then. I seem to remember AAA Electonics though..but that's been quite a while back.


    29 Oct 14 at 9:42 pm

  9. I've got one story about the Hursey's. Not the ones that ran the Trading Post but one of their kids. One of their sons was a bartender at a place I used to hang out and he had gotten evicted. I offered to let him crash on my couch until he could get back on his feet. He rummaged through my house and stole some checks out of the middle of some books and proceeded to cash them. I got hold of his parents and they explicitly told me that they had disowned the POS SOB (you can translate) and that I was on my own. I eventually got my money back from the bank. No idea what happened to that a-hole!!!!


    3 Nov 14 at 2:09 am

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