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Wildewood Centre Drive: 2000s   2 comments

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Written by ted on April 15th, 2011

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Dunkin' Donuts, Wildewood Centre Drive: Finally Open   5 comments

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Wildewood Centre Drive is a little I-20 frontage strip off of Clemson Road on the Northwest side of the interchange. It appears that everything down there is professional offices with the exception of this one retail building.

As you can see, the place is not quite finished, and there are no signs, but it was going to be a Dunkin' Donuts, and was
one of a number of local stores being built by Kainos Partners.

Apparently that operation was one of those classic cautionary tails about getting over-extended. One year, it was a top player in the Dukin' franchaise world, and the next year it was bankrupt.

The store on Main Street got a little further along than this one did, which I suppose was actually a little bit worse in the long run since the Dunkin' sign was actually presiding over the pre-funct operation in that case.

There are still a number of non-Kainos Dunkin' stores in town, so you can still get your cuppa and pastries. I can think of ones at Boozer Shopping Center and Big Lots on Two Notch, and I'm sure there are others.

UPDATE 16 May 2011 -- The new franchaisee has nearly completed work on the building, has put up the sign and appears almost ready to open:

UPDATE 2 July 2011 -- Well, it's finally open!

Of course by the time they finished it and opened, a totally new Krispy Kreme has been thought of, built, intalled and opened just up the block (and arguably in an easier to get to spot):

Changed post title date from "Never Opened" to "Finally Open"..

Written by ted on June 17th, 2010

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