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Best Rent A Car, 5317 Two Notch Road: Summer 2022   1 comment

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I considered renting a car here once, as it is within walking distance from my home, but in the event ending up taking a taxi to the airport instead. I noticed in the last few months that there were no cars on the lot, and finally looking at the door sign confirmed that the place was closed. There appear to be two suites in this building, but I don't recall any other business signage other than "Best".

Written by ted on October 25th, 2022

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Thompson's Grand Rental Station, 7809 Two Notch Road: 2011   2 comments

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I noticed recently that this place, next to the old Galaxy World arcade was vacant, but had no memory of what it was.

The sign was inside propped up against the window, but I didn't want anyone thinking I was fooling around with their car, so I didn't get out. Google says it was a party rental store, Thompson's Grand Rental Station.

I'm sure that wasn't the first tenant though. The building is another one of those buildings "of a certain age" in Columbia with rock facades, and the odd little bay-window nook on the back side looks as thought it may have been a drive-up window at some point.

According to my fuzzy memory, this little stretch of road, now elevated above Two Notch proper was once Two Notch itself before I-77 was cut through. I also think there was a little locksmith kiosk up there for a long time, even after Two Notch moved.

UPDATE 12 September 2012 -- It's now a Harley store:



Written by ted on November 18th, 2011

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