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Harveys Supermarket, 3315 Broad River Road: Spring 2018   3 comments

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Well, it seems that whenever I have gotten by this Widewater Square Harveys lately, I have either been shooting against the sun, or it was dark. You can see some slightly better pictures of this store in the closing for the Bi-Lo it replaced. (In fact, I don't actually have any pictures of the Bi-Lo there at all).

I don't have anything special to say about this store, just that it is part of the general closing of Columbia's Harveys locations, and that I have heard no plans for the future of the building. Of course it is early yet for that.

Written by ted on April 25th, 2018

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Bi-Lo, 3315 Broad River Road: 15 November 2016   2 comments

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Well, here is the second of the three Columbia area Bi-Los recently reflagged as Harveys. This one is in Widewater Square at the corner of Broad and Saint Andrews Roads.

I see Harveys has been "trading" since 1924. Not bad for an intangible rabbit.

Written by ted on November 23rd, 2016

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Larry's Giant Subs / Steve's Subs, 3315 Broad River Road / 7546 Garners Ferry Road: Feb 2010   4 comments

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According to this Loopnet posting, there were three Larrry's Giant Subs up for sale at the same time, either retaining the Larry's franchaise, or as restaurant space. I would guess then that they were all run as part of the same operation.

I have not checked the Sunset Boulevard location, but both the Broad River Road and Garners Ferry locations have already been taken on by Steve's #1 Sub Contractor. In the case of the Broad River Road operation, this puts Steve's back very close to to their former location at Broad River & Saint Andrews.

I find it a little odd that the places flipped from one "guy's first name" chain to another "guy's first name" chain!

Also look how Steve's has pulled the "Giant" from the Garners Ferry sign. I know that it's just because it's not part of their branding, but it almost leads one to think that perhaps the size of the subs will be decreasing..

(Hat tip to commenter Alicia.)

UPDATE 28 Oct 2010 -- Well, Steve's didn't last long at all:

UPDATE 23 October 2011: Well, I wish I would have done this post as two separate entries, one for each location, but the Garners Ferry Steve's location is set to become Japan Grill:

UPDATE 3 November 2011: Well, it turns out I did do a separate entry for the Garners Ferry location, but never indexed it. What a mess! I'll copy the Japan Grill pix over there too and index it, but it will still be a mess!

UPDATE 25 October 2018: Add tags for both locations, but still a mess.