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Spam Attack   no comments

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If you have looked in on the blog today, you will have noticed lots of spam comments. I've been cleaning them out every time I check in, but this is by far the worst spam attack I've yet seen. And it's weird spam too -- It just seems like randomly generated garbage which isn't even trying to sell anything or bump the link counts of spam blogs.

At any rate, it finally just got too bad to keep up with, and I have broken down and installed the "WP-Spamfree" plugin, which is supposed to be very good about blocking spam comments from "bots" without rejecting comments by legitimate humans. We will see!

If you think it is blocking your comments by mistake, let me know at closings at columbiaclosings dot ocm

There is still a list of words, by the way, that will get your comment sent to the approval queue so that I have to manually let it go through. This includes lots of brand names for medicines, the words"insurance", "poker" and a number of others -- If your comment doesn't go through immediately, wait a bit, and if it's legit, I should approve it from the queue next time I check in. This is *not* related to the spam plugin, and has been in effect for months.

Written by ted on July 15th, 2009

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