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Hall Marine/MarineMax, 7459 Broad River Road: 30 September 2019   no comments

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Apparently, Hall Marine was bought out by MarineMax. The link does not give a date for the sale, but commenter Mitch reports that the local Hall closed on 30 September.

With Lake Murray in the area, I would have expected this meant that they were consolidating at another nearby MarineMax, but instead it appears they have exited the Columbia market entirely. From their store finder, it looks like the closest (and only SC) outlet is in Charleston.

I find the 7459 Broad River Road address a little curious as the place is obviously well off Broad River Road and appears to be on Western Lane.

(Hat tip to commenter Mitch)

Written by ted on November 6th, 2019

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SEAYCRAFT Boats / Diamond's Liquor Store, 3132 Two Notch: 1950s/late 2010s   no comments

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Facebook is a weird animal. I get a lot of hits from there, but unlike a normal website, I can't check to see what people are saying when they link here becuase you have to be a facebook member to access almost anything. Likewise there's a lot of content on Facebook that's probably interesting to ColumbiaClosings readers, but in general it is not accessible outside of Facebook and never gets indexed by google. The exception is that for some reason or another, content often leaks out of foreign language Facebook subsidiaries.

A case in point is this posting which leaked through the Korean site:

Pat Seay Garvin다음 장소에 게시Georgetown Wooden Boat Show (Georgetown, SC)
2010년 10월 10일 오후 2:22 ·

Looking for any old SEAYCRAFT wooden boats made at 3132 Two Notch Rd. in Columbia, SC in the 50's. My uncle Tom Seay owned a boat shop and made several models of wooden powerboats. My father worked for him when I was little, and I remember those boats well. Would love to see an original still alive.

It's an unlikely little storefront for a boatwright, but I suppose they may have had the whole building at the time, and probably a back lot.

Long after that, during the era when the other part of the building was Mr. B's, 3132 was
Diamond's Liquor Store.

Written by ted on January 19th, 2013

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