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Which Wich?, 928 Main Street: Late 2023   1 comment

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Which Wich was in this Main Street storefront which was the last location for The Basil Pot.

I never went to this location, but my experiences in two other locations for the chain were subpar. The fact that my order was wrong is a one-time thing, but not having fresh-brewed ice tea is a deal killer. Anyway, the place is now setting up to be a Substation II, which is also not one of my favorites.

The street is currently torn up all the way from the Capitol to Blossom street because apparently it was to easy to drive on and had too many parking spaces, so they are fixing that.

(Hat tip to commenter Payne)

Written by ted on February 7th, 2024

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The Basil Pot, 2721 Rosewood Drive / 928 Main Street: 2004-ish   28 comments

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The original location on Rosewood Drive:

The final location on Main Street:

I've already done one post on this storefront which was the former home of Tio's Mexican Restaurant before its move to Sumter street.

Before Tio's, however, 928 Main Street was the home of The Basil Pot vegetarian restaurant. There may have been other vegetarian places in Columbia, but The Basil Pot was the most prominent. The place was founded in 1973 by Basil Garzia and was originally on Rosewood Drive before moving to Main Street. I don't know the exact year it closed, but one 2007 Free Times article mentions that it was "more than 3 years ago".

I could easily be a vegetarian if I didn't like meat. However, while I enjoy many meatless dishes, going to an actual vegetarian restaurant is something I've never done. I guess that's because I've always had the feeling that while I might go there (if I actually went) to enjoy a meal, the rest of the patrons might be there for deep philosophical reasons which it would annoy me to hear them discuss. Yep, I'm shallow.

I really can't think of a vegetarian restaurant in Columbia after the passing of The Basil Pot, though the new tenant Which Wich can make a decent veggie sandwich..

UPDATE 17 Nov 08: Thanks to commenter Dennis for the black and white picture of the original Basil Pot (and staff) on Rosewood!

UPDATE 21 December 2023: Fixed bad linke for Basil Garzia article, update tags, add the Rosewood street address & add map icon for the Main Street location.

Written by ted on November 15th, 2008

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Tio's Mexican, Main Street to Sumter Street: 2008 (moved)   12 comments

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The thing about Tio's is that it is open late. However, that's not enough in my opinion. I went there a few years ago when it was after 10pm and not a weekend night, so my choices for Mexican were severely limited. I was a bit encouraged by the place featuring dozens of bottles of different kinds of hot sauce, but unfortunately, they didn't seem to actually use any of them in preparing the food. When I was on campus recently, I picked up a copy of the student newspaper, The Daily Gamecock which had a less than positive review.

Anyway, I mention Tios because it has moved from Main Street at the base of the Capitol to Sumter.

UPDATE 21 December 2023: Adding map icon, updating tags.

Written by ted on October 24th, 2008

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