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India Pavilion, 2011 Devine Street: June 2010   4 comments

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Well, I believe the only Indian restaurant downtown is now gone. There is no goodbye sign on their door, but the web site is gone, the phone is disconnected, and fairly major work is being done inside. I suppose it could be a remodel, but in that case I would expect a sign to that effect.

As things worked out, I only ate at the India Pavilion once. Growing up my father had occasional "American faculty mentor" relations with visiting foreign students. At one time, this included an Indian couple. They were nice and we had them to the house for dinner a few times (my father duly explained that my sister's guinea pigs were not being raised to eat..) and they returned the favor by having us to their apartment once. Now, I was a very finicky eater with very narrow tastes, but I was informed by my parents that I would try whatever was offered to us. The only thing I can remember about it is that part of the meal was some sort of chutney, which I thought was the worst thing I ever tasted. I'm sure that it was well made, and that I would probably like it now, but at the time it made such a strong negative impression on me that I never even considered Indian food as an option until I was in my 30s, walking in Charleston and thinking Hey! That smells really good! with no preconception of what type of food it was.

So, anyway, with a childhood dislike, then living out of town and then generally going someplace with parking, I go most often to the Indian places on Bush River & Saint Andrews Road. Still, the time I did make it to India Pavilion it was fine, and it's a shame to see another longtime (an archived version of their web site says founded 1990) Five Points restaurant go.

(Hat tips to commenters Joel & Luke).

UPDATE 2 Sept 2010 -- It's to be another Pho Viet restaurant:

Written by ted on June 17th, 2010

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4 Responses to 'India Pavilion, 2011 Devine Street: June 2010'

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  1. Yah this is where the new Vietnamese place is going in.

    Mike D

    17 Jun 10 at 11:18 pm

  2. They sold the business to the new owners Pho-Viet..and moved back to India.

    Going to miss them..but the food @ Pho-Viet is Awesome


    21 Jul 10 at 8:57 pm

  3. wooow didnt know they were downtown before, t wud hav been close than the other indian places that are far from me. Dont they have a vietnamese restaurant now on decker blvd. near mcdonald's?

    Aliina Jackson

    4 Feb 11 at 10:00 pm

  4. Yes, the Pho Viet on Decker is here.


    5 Feb 11 at 3:14 pm

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