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Chapter Two Books, Trenholm Plaza: 1990s   9 comments

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A while back I realized that I had over 30 years of 35mm negatives that were going to need to be digitized at some point, not to mention 126 Instamatic and 620 Brownie negatives dating into the 1960s. I figured I could nickle & dime myself to death gradually getting them scanned at Ritz or, or I could bite the bullet, get a negative scanner and do it myself. I ended up with this Nikon negative scanner, and on the whole I've been quite happy with it. The resolution is much higher than I was getting from commercial scanning, though it also takes much longer to scan a roll of negatives than I was expecting.

So anyway, my sister dug up some old negatives from a 1987 signing for her first book, and asked me to scan them. As soon as I saw where the signing was, I knew I was going to want to use some of them here. My second question to her, after asking if I could use the pictures was whether she wanted her name and face blurred, but on reflection that a pretty stupid one. After all, she is an award winning children's book author with her own web site who, as all authors do, would like you to know her name and buy her books, especially her latest one!

Chapter Two Books was in Trenholm Plaza most of the time I was growing up. It was a fairly small storefront on the Edisto/Holligan's side of the plaza next to the barber shop. In the days when I would get $3.00 for mowing the lawn, I would take the money down there and buy a new Tom Swift, Jr. book. Unlike Browz-A-Bit and Walden's at Dutch Square, science-fiction was not a major category here, and the selection of SF paperbacks (and paperbacks vs hardbacks in general), was pretty small, so aside from Tom Swift, I usually ended up spending my strictly limited funds at one of those stores rather than here, but I do distinctly remember that Chapter Two sold me the last $0.50 paperback I ever saw, a copy of Robert Heinlein's classic Young Adult novel Farmer In the Sky.

Although it was not the intention of any of these shots, if you look out the windows (on the click-through versions especially), you can see a good bit of the old Trenholm Plaza landscape: Tapp's Twig, The Banker's Note, A & P and Standard Federal. By this time the original "steeple" A & P had been torn down and replaced with a more modern design (which was itself torn down for Publix), and the current Books-A-Million location was several storefronts.

I'm not sure exactly when Chapter Two closed. If I didn't have this evidence that it was still there in 1987, I would have guessed then or earlier. In any event, I believe it was gone before Books-A-Million arrived, and I have the vague feeling that the owner decided to retire and close the shop.

UPDATE 29 March 2010: Here is the current occupant of the Chapter Two storefront:

Written by ted on March 27th, 2010

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9 Responses to 'Chapter Two Books, Trenholm Plaza: 1990s'

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  1. I forgot all about that store!

    I only went there a few times in the 70s. I did enjoy looking at th cars that were once ubiquitous when i was in college, but are gone now. Saw what looked like an 87 IROC, is that about the time of the pictures?


    29 Mar 10 at 6:54 am

  2. Yep, 1987.


    29 Mar 10 at 11:11 am

  3. I loved visiting Chapter Two after visits to Humfrey's Barber Shop next door when I was young.


    29 Mar 10 at 5:53 pm

  4. So ... it turns out that your sister had the stash of "missing" Trenholm Plaza photographs all along. Wonder where she keeps the old Richland Mall negatives? ;-) Seriously though, what a neat thing for your sister, that's so cool.

    One potential money-maker with the Coolscan: you could charge people to scan all their old slides and negatives; it's certainly a professional-grade unit. The key is learning the ICE software, that's the difference between average scans and truly stunning scans. ICE is supposedly one of the best bundled editing suites in the history of scanners of any type.

    Michael Taylor

    30 Mar 10 at 4:25 am

  5. Those pictures turned out amazingly well. I might have to look into getting one of those negative scanners.


    30 Mar 10 at 6:31 am

  6. I remember an old coin shop next to Hoolihans in the 1970s. Is this the same space?


    29 May 12 at 11:03 pm

  7. That sounds familiar and I think you're right. It was also Corma's health food


    30 May 12 at 12:11 am

  8. I remember the book store well. I would sometimes get a book after having my haircut at the barber shop. I can remember going to that book store around 1988, but I don't think it survived to make it till 90.

    Mr. Bill

    9 Feb 22 at 1:45 pm

  9. Mr. Bill

    9 Feb 22 at 1:50 pm

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