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Bar-B-Que Breakfast, Mccords Ferry Road (US-601) at the Sumter Highway (US-76)   no comments

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The intersection of Mccords Ferry Road (US-601) and The Sumter Highway (Garners Ferry Road / US-76) used to be a rather important cross-roads back in the day when "US" routes meant something and there were no Interstates. (The nearby historical marker dates Mccords Ferry Road to Colonial times). Even today there is a legacy motel hanging on there along with a fading country-store/Exxon gas-station/restaurant.

This building is on the north-west side of the intersection, and has been out of business for a good while, around ten years, I think. My memory is that it was the barbecue/breakfast place (which certainly had an actual name, but I don't know what it was) for many years, then that place sort of half burned down, and when it was rebuilt, it never went anywhere.

The parking lot of the building now seems to be used for roadside vegetable and boiled peanut sales from a truck, but there does appear to be some renovation work being done inside. (Note also the old sign warning against profane language..)

Written by ted on March 3rd, 2010

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